At school, everyone was considered to be a humanist or a technocrat as such templates are often set in any education field. But following the path of life, many of us rotate from one point to another and actually most of us are mixed in our abilities and working sphere. So, today we gonna talk about one of such template – techies. Let’s find out when National Techie Day in 2022 is and what it really is?

Well, National Techie Day is held annually on 3rd of October and is organized to support and recall such part of us as techies. Many festivals and competitions are held on this day in order to highlight the most powerful techies all over the world. It should be kept in mind and we have to support such events as it globalizes our world.


Actually, the creator of the day is not found yet, but we will gather some knowledge and find out what day Techies Day in 2022 is.

Techies Day

So, when parents or teachers start talking about the choice of a child’s profession, very often as an argument they use the pupil’s knowledge to be a type of “humanists” or “techies”. So usually they say: “He is a typical techie: he is easily given mathematics and computer science”. These words easily help to decide what to choose between technical and humanitarian specialties. But many remain unclear: can the “humanities” study in a financial institution? Or is it worth the “techie” to contact the profession of a biologist? What makes a person a technician or a humanist?

Let’s talk about what stands behind these definitions, and what are the real capabilities of people with a clearly defined type.

Usually, evidence that the child is a humie or a techie is considered to be his successes in the relevant disciplines in combination with his interests and certain traits of character. There are stereotyped images of humanities and technicians, but the individuality of a certain person does not always fit into this framework.

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It is believed that a bright humanist can get almost any assessment in mathematics or physics; he even has no time to manage more than the “B”. And even C or D for him is completely forgivable, as it is commonly believed that the humanities have absolutely no abilities for mathematics. Their success lies in the study of languages, literature, and history. They, as a rule, are fond of art, like theater or cinema; they often easily perform publicly, because they “speak well”. Their high sensitivity allows them to experience classical literature and engage in creative activity. They are vulnerable, emotional, inclined to a romantic perception of reality. They have developed imagination and imaginative thinking. Sometimes they say that the humanities are dominated by the right hemisphere, and technicians are leftist.

In contrast to humanities, technicians are often considered more mundane, more energetic, and active. They are characterized by purposefulness and perseverance; techies are often credited with higher self-confidence. Their thinking is clear, consistent, and fast. At school, they are successful in computer science, mathematics, and physics. Despite the self-confidence, they prefer live communication to the Internet.

Is it true?

First of all, a good teacher should make a creative atmosphere in the classroom, suitable for the development of even very modest childish inclinations. And the lack of interest and love for the subject often destroys even brilliant talents. It can happen that the child’s success area does not match his potential. It is very important that the student really had the opportunity to try his hand on all fronts.

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Secondly, any human activity rests on a whole complex of abilities. Mathematical abilities, of course, are of great importance to a person’s success in technical specialties, but one should not forget that for most of these professions, at least good spatial intelligence and a high level of development are needed. Actually, mathematical thinking rests not on one ability, but on a complex of them: analytical, arithmetic etc. They can be expressed unequally in different people. Thus, an individual style of thinking is built. A mathematician, engineer, programmer, and energy specialist must have different types of abilities. The same can be said about the humanities: success in this topic. For some professions, good memory and the ability to analyze (for example, for a lawyer or a historian) are very important, and for others – well-built speech and vivid imagination (for a journalist, writer, teacher). In addition, there are professions in which the most brilliant development of abilities does not succeed, if there are no necessary properties of the character. These are such professions as a psychologist, speech therapist, philosopher or art critic.

Thirdly, there are people whose strengths cover both humanitarian and technical activities or lie somewhat in other spheres. People with mixed abilities usually work in an interdisciplinary field. The study of linguistics and sociology requires skills for mathematics and language, and for the teaching of technical disciplines humanitarian abilities are needed. For the development of economic specialties, basically, both types are needed in varying degrees of severity. A bright humanist or the same bright techie is better not to choose for him the economy as a sphere of activity: this is really an interdisciplinary area. The same can be said about the sphere of “public service and management” (by the way, the most popular among applicants).

Techies Day


What does Techies Day mean is partially mentioned and now we will deepen our knowledge. So, when International Techies Day in 2022 is prepared, the main target is to congratulate all the logician friends and relatives and let them feel their importance this day. They shouldn’t be forgotten as they are the part of our life. Also, you can ask them whatever you want about mathematics, physics, programming etc. All mentioned above will strengthen their positions and will let them be more self-confidence. Moreover, don’t forget to make photos and post the social media.

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We had just definite the issue what is the date of Techies Day 2022 by virtue of a calendar that has helped us in getting information.

The festival means you should take all such friends out of their houses and computers in order to socialize as much as you can. Make them feel their superiority in the society. If you are an adherent of this type of thinking then you can participate in many competitions held all over the world to compete for the title of the most powerful one in the area. So, don’t miss such an opportunity to socialize and get crazy emotions and feelings.


It is obvious that each country has own traditions in celebrating different events and national days. On Techies Day, it’s highly recommended arranging group meetings of friends in order to compete for the title of the smartest. Actually, all the traditions are those you wanna see and experience. So, just keep in touch with the latest events and be in trend.

Day Facts

  1. The sum of all the numbers on the roulette in the casino equals the number of the devil – 666.
  2. In Russian mathematical literature, zero is not a natural number, and in the western mathematical literature, it belongs to the set of natural numbers.

Well, you should not miss such an opportunity to develop yourself with positive emotions and feelings.


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