When is National Vodka Day in 2022? Are you ready to answer this question, which concerns one of the most popular drinks of the contemporary world? No? โ€“ Please, donโ€™t worry. We are going to tell you as much as possible.


Of course, in order to reply, what day World Vodka Day in 2022 is, it would be better to discover the historical background of this special occasion in details. However, unfortunately, we havenโ€™t been able to achieve successful results in our attempts to find out who the establisher of this holiday was as well as why this notable date is celebrated nowadays on October 4.

All in all alcohol has been called “the thief of any mind” since ancient times. People knew about the intoxicating properties of alcoholic beverages in about 8000 BC, when they were made them from honey, fruit juices and wild grapes.

It is assumed that the winemaking originated before the beginning of cultural farming. The well-known traveler Miklouho-Maclay observed the Papuans of New Guinea, who were not able to obtain fire yet, but already knew the methods of making intoxicating beverages.

National Vodka Day

The pure alcohol began to be obtained in the VI-VII centuries by the Arabs and called it “al-kogol”, which means “intoxicating.” The first bottle of vodka was made by Arab Papez in 860. Distillation of wine to get alcohol sharply exacerbated drunkenness and it is possible that this was the reason for the ban on the use of alcohol by the founder of Islam, Mohammed (570-632). This ban was later included in the code of Muslim laws – the Koran and since then, for 12 centuries in the Muslim countries, alcohol was not consumed, and the apostates of this law were cruelly punished. Despite this, the cult of wine still flourished and was sung in poems in Asian countries.

In the Middle Ages in Western Europe also learned to get strong spirits by distilling wine and other wandering sugary liquids. The first person to complete this operation was the Italian monk-alchemist Valentius. After trying the resulting product, which intoxicated him, the alchemist declared that he had discovered a miracle elixir, making the old man young, tired of cheerfulness, yearning for the merry.

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What does National Vodka Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide. Some people donโ€™t even know about this holiday existence and never drink this beverage.

In our turn we would like to mention that some ancient and at the same time rather respectful sources, got from the reliable reports informs that so-called white bread wine wasย  initially brought to Russia from Scandinavian countries in about 16th century. Other specialists are sure that it happened 100 years earlier and that the drink came to Russia not from Scandinavia, but from Genoa.

There are also reports that in Russia strong drinks were consumed already in the 11th-12th centuries. By the way, the strength of vodka in Russian Federation has never been a dogma, as it is sometimes mistakenly thought. Traditionally, they produced different grades – 38, 45 and even 56 degrees. Now, as it is known, there are also stronger varieties.

We would like to mention that strong alcoholic beverages have spread rapidly across the world, primarily due to the ever-growing industrial production of alcohol from cheap raw materials – potatoes, sugar production waste and so on.

Alcohol went so quickly everyday life, that almost artist, writer or poet did not bypass this topic. The volatile liquid obtained as a result of distillation of the fermented wort was perceived as a concentrate – the “spirit” of wine (in Latin spiritus vini).

By the way, the term “vodka” was officially fixed in the decree of Elizabeth I on June 8, 1751. Before that, the drink was called “bread wine”, “semigar”, “moonshine”, etc.



So you have already known that the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Vodka Day 2022โ€ sounds like October 4th.

The reason for the emergence of this unofficial holiday was the defense of the doctoral dissertation “On the connection of alcohol with water” by Dmitry Mendeleyev, which took place in the distant 1865 in the Russian city of St. Petersburg.

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The specialists are sure that the first vodka appeared in Russia more than 500 years ago. This fact was discovered thanks to the exhibits, showed in the Moscow Museum of the Russian Vodka History. Nowadays we are sure, that it was D. Mendeleev who was managed to find the so-called “ideal” proportion for creation special forty-degree vodka.

All in all now it is a special drink, to reveal the taste of which without a nourishing and brackish snack is simply impossible. Therefore, vodka should be accompanied by the following dishes – hold caviar, fresh sturgeon and so tasty salmon and smoked meat. Some contemporary people prefer to have it with pickled mushrooms, cold herring and boiled potatoes.

It is interesting that in the middle of the XVIII century vodka was considered an elite drink in the whole world. Until 1885, the minimum portion of vodka, which could be bought for take-away in a tavern, was a bucket, i.e. 12.3 liters.

Usual vodka bottle appeared in the late XIX century (patent for it was issued in 1894) and was named “Moscow Special”. It is interesting that the most valuable quality of vodka is the lack of taste.


When is Vodka Day in 2022, calendar is always ready to remind you. The only thing you have to remember is when the October 4th comes.

This day it is recommended to try something really new.

National Vodka Day

The strongest vodka in the world is produced in Scotland, at the factories of Pincer. Its fortress is 88.8 degrees. Such vodka is made for the Chinese market, since in China the eight is considered a lucky number. The cost of a bottle of this drink is about 140 dollars.

Perhaps, you havenโ€™t known, but the factory of the German company G-Spirits released a special batch of vodka, which was on the bare busts of models Playboy. The drink is poured onto the breasts of the beauties, gathered back and was bottled, each of which has its own number and autograph model.

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However, the day of this world famous drink, you should mind that alcohol is harmful to health. This is confirmed by a lot of scientific research, and the warped lives of not only those who abused alcohol, but their loved ones.

It is no accident that in 1985 the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized alcohol and tobacco as narcotic substances. And in Fyodor Uglov’s book โ€œThe Truth About Allowed Drugsโ€ notes that 45 grams of alcohol, regardless of the culture of consumption, will definitely kill 1000 neurons of the brain.

Vodka Day Facts

As a rule, trying to find the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Vodka Day 2022?โ€ contemporary people are going to get some pieces of information about the drink itself as well as about the notable event connected with the beverage, which is considered to be among the most popular ones on the planet.

Here is our list:

  • The weight of one liter of vodka is 953 grams;
  • In a bottle of vodka 1175 kilocalories;
  • Regular consumption of vodka is the fastest way to get alcoholic addiction. Other spirits, even more strong, cope with this task more slowly. There is an interesting fact: to get drunk to death, it is enough to get a liter of vodka in 5-10 minutes.
  • The production from the sale of vodka is comparable to the income from sales of oil and gas. It used to be that vodka revenues amounted to one-third of the Russian treasury.
  • Russia and Poland are fighting for the title of homeland of this beverage. In the years 1977-1982 it even went as far as international arbitration, which resolved this dispute between Poland and the USSR in favor of the latter. So officially Russia was recognized as the birthplace of vodka. Proud Poles never admit this.
  • The previous point is related to another interesting fact about vodka: in French, two words are used to refer to this drink: vodka and wodka. The first is used for Russian vodka, and the second for Polish.


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