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When is National That Sucks Day 2020

Do you have much sucks in your life? The problems can be everywhere. They can be big and small. Sometimes people don’t accept a situation as normal. They try to solve it in another way. Nevertheless, if you try to realize your life, you will understand that there is a solution. Why don’t you try to smile and continue your day? A suck isn’t a trouble or disaster. Just accept that fact. Laugh at your problems during a special occasion.  When is National That Sucks Day in 2020? How can people follow the tradition?


The tradition of observing the date appeared in 2005. It was proposed by Bruce Novotny. The aim of the holiday was to think about the shortness of life and to commemorate that sucks that happened on the date. The occasion was to reflect several unpleasant things which can happen to every person. The day has got a special mystery because of the event which happened many years ago.

The first event took place in the 19th century. It was the death of Abraham Lincoln. The man was shot in 1865, on the 15th of April. He was the American President. His main deed was the slaves’ emancipation. The man is considered to be a very great person in the US history. It’s considered that he changed the history of the country. The President was shot during the theatrical performance.

That Sucks Day

The next event which happened on the 15th of April was the Titanic’s thinking. The event took place more than a hundred years ago, but people remember that disaster. A thousand and a half men and women ended their lives in the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic had to become the most wonderful ship in the history of shipbuilding. The event took place in 1912. At the end of the 20th century J.Cameron created a movie which was devoted to that tragedy.

It may be a coincidence but the 15th of April became the day when the US government insisted on the need of a new law which concerned the taxes. People had to show the whole personal income.

“What day World That Sucks Day in 2020?” The event was announced on the 15th of April.

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What does National That Sucks Day mean for the mankind? The occasion was initiated to show the public the importance of life and the need to think over every action before making it. The event wasn’t a concrete celebration. Nowadays people don’t have festive parties with family traditions on it. Nevertheless, it is a concrete date when many people analyze their life.

It is a day when everybody can remember crowds from Titanic. Many individuals were very rich people who could effort themselves everything they wanted. Nevertheless, the voyage on that ship became their last wish. Abraham Lincoln also was accepted as one of the most successful man in the USA of those times. He was much respected. And he was shot without any pity.

Many persons are unsatisfied with their life. They show their troubles. They admit how severe life is to them. Even a broken cup can be a great problem to these people. These people should observe the event. They can make a photo of every trouble and become famous through posting them in the internet.

That Sucks LLC is a special organization which tries to exemplify every trouble which takes place in the world on the date. The examples of suckage happen are taken into account. If the whole day is full of sucks, it’s even better. If you aren’t lucky, this date is really yours. You can explain all your losses by the impact of stars. When is International That Sucks Day 2020? You should follow the observance on the 15th of April.


The name of the holiday can be understood by people who clearly understand English. If you try to find the holiday in the calendar, you won’t. The event isn’t an official holiday in a habitual meaning. Despite the absence of the date in the list of the governmental holidays, the US people like to observe such holidays in a weird way. Usually they don’t suffer from fear and despair. They try to feel free and calm. If you hear the title of such holiday, try to celebrate it in an opposite way.

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The definition of the word can be found in every vocabulary. The word has got lots of definitions in the meaning of a verb and noun. As the verb, the word means “to draw something from somewhere”, “to drink something”. Sometimes the term is used to describe an inadequate person. But the last meaning is mainly vulgar.

The term, as it’s used in the holiday’s name, always describes something bad. It stands for troubles and disasters. It is used in slang. Official or literature resources don’t mention this word in such a meaning.

The word was mentioned at first at the 10th century. It wasn’t used in a vulgar meaning. Originally the word is Latin. Later it was transformed and taken into Old English. What is the date of National That Sucks Day 2020? It’s on the 15th of April.


The occasoion is traditionally observed by people who want to recollect everything bad which have happened in their lives. These persons are usually like to suffer and complain. They may not have bad life; nevertheless, their wish to get attention of other people is so great, that they feel the necessity of talking of their problems.

If you are an optimistic person, you can provide some useful traditions. You can pay your friends’ attention to good events which took place on the date. April, 15th is the day of birth of Leonardo da Vinci. The man was a real genius. He created a wide range of masterpieces and other inventions. You can visit any museum which presents different masterpieces. It is a good chance to study his biography or to watch movies about the master.

kick me

Emma Watson and Bessie Smith were also born on the 15th of April. Try to watch a movie with the actress or get the information about B. Smith. You should start one good tradition on the date. It can be getting information about positive situations or events in the whole world. The author of the day proposes his own way of celebrating the day. You can hold an Easter egg hunt or play in the park.   

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When is That Sucks Day in 2020, calendar of the events? It’s on the 15th of April.

International That Sucks Day Facts

According to the statistics, there are some situations that are really sucked:

  1. When you set the alarm but you awake before it.
  2. The screen can freeze when you watch your favorite show or a movie.
  3. The most awful suck is he a bad connection of the internet.
  4. The cancel of any event when you have been preparing for it.
  5. One of the most painful things is to hit a toe.
  6. If you wear glasses, you exactly know that trouble when it begins raining.
  7. It’s a suck when you watch a film with your parents and the next scene is a sex scene.
  8. A suck is when your friends are at the seaside and you are sick at home.
  9. A bad makeup product for a great amount of money.
  10. A broken lipstick could be used at least for a month.
  11. You need a cup of coffee, but there isn’t any coffee stall.
  12. If you print a great abstract of a text on a computer, don’t forget to save it. Or you’ll have a suck.
  13. You are eager to buy a piece of clothes, but you can’t find the right size.
  14. You want to order a concrete meal, but there isn’t it in a restaurant.
  15. You need to eat something and you don’t want to cook anything.

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