Natural resources are the source of the peopleโ€™s health and life, thatโ€™s why the problem of its pureness and conservation is very important. The society has to prevent the vanishing and spoiling it. The reasons of harming the natural resources are different. Lots of conferences are held throughout the world to define the main problems of the environment. Many organizations cooperate with governments to prevent serious damage of natural resources. People themselves can do various things to save nature and its resources. The part of these actions can be done during special days which are devoted to the separate resources. When is World Water Day in 2020? What can the society do during the date?


The start of celebrating the occasion happened in 1992. The proposition to initiate a special tradition was at first announced in Rio de Janeiro. UNCED pronounced the need of a special observance. The General Assembly designed the World Water Day. The first occasion took place on the 22nd of March.

The main goal of the occasion is to attract the publicโ€™s attention to the problem of pollution. Another reason to initiate a special occasion was to decide how to manage natural resources on the planet rationally.

Water Day

The tradition to celebrate the event is an annual event. Various organizations across the world are involved to the observance through different events. They organize standard conferences and make other interesting events devoted to the occasion. Besides the organizers of the observance follow the concrete recommendations which are depicted in the Agenda 21 (Ch.18). They were accepted by the UNCED which consider measures of the reasonable use of water resources.

These recommendations propose the countries throughout the world to celebrate the occasion organizing exhibitions and round tables, seminars and conferences and other events. These occasions are held to raise the awareness of the society to the problem of fresh water. It is appropriate to hold events which have a national hint. โ€œWhat day National Water Day?โ€ The occasion is held on the 22nd of March.

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What does Water Day mean for the majority of people and countries? The occasion is held due to the common international demands of preserving these resources. It is a great need to use them rationally. Many countries in the world havenโ€™t got much fresh liquid. People even donโ€™t have a possibility to drink fresh water. They canโ€™t have a shower, wash their faces and hair. They even canโ€™t cook an appropriate meal.

The shortage of these resources harms the state of health of people in many countries. The wide spread of infectious diseases has become a real trouble for governments of India and many countries of Africa and South America.

The events are held to attract attention of departments of ecology, health and even education. Various charitable organizations are also involved into the common celebration. They are proposed to make their own contribution into the realization of the whole agenda and solving other small parts of the problem. Every organization can manage the problem according to its tradition and assignment. If itโ€™s an educational establishment or organization, the best way to take part in the observance is to educate people. Financial and trading companies are usually involved into the observance through funding.

Ordinary people also can take part in the observance. They can use natural resources only on their needs. The saving use is one of the main conditions of preserving resources. If every citizen of a country is rational in the usage, its reserve will suffice personal needs of everybody. If the country suffers from the shortage of resources, itโ€™s necessary to find the way out of the problem. When is International Water Day 2020? Itโ€™s on the 22nd of March.

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The occasion is well-known in the whole world though many people donโ€™t follow its traditions. The meaning of the holiday is also known among many countries. The name of the event is weel0-understood by everybody though the ways of observance are various.

The term itself appeared before the 12th century. It transferred from Latin through many other languages. Thatโ€™s why derivations of this term are noticed in many languages of the world. Different forms of the word were used in Gothic, Dutch, Old-German and Old-English. The word is also used as an adjective which is transferred to the meaning of the noun.

The term has got lots of meanings which are described in the dictionaries. The main meaning is a liquid. It is the main participant of the hydrobiological cycle on the Earth. It is a major constituent of the common life of people, animals and plants. This liquid has got concrete chemical characteristics, such as the ability to freeze or boil. Water doesnโ€™t have any taste or odor, though it is known that some animals have ability to feel the odor or the contents of the substance.

What is the date of World Water Day? It is observed on the 22nd of March.

planet of water


The traditions of observance greatly depend on the traditions of the country or nation. According to the statistics, there are several most popular ways of celebrating the occasion. Many cities hold lots of public events which attract the community to the problem of fresh water. Nowadays different theatrical performances are held throughout the world. People are greatly interested in such shows.

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Main troubles connected with the shortage of resources are discussed throughout the world. They are spent in cooperation with international or national leaders. The involved organizations meet and discuss the main problems of the nature resources during symposia and conferences.

Educational establishments take a great part in the meetings. They also provide a serious program for children of different ages. Teachers make interesting lessons. Children draw, sing and make posters according to the theme of the annual event. The main goal of such educational events is to tell children about the problem of environmental pollution. Children are also taught how to spend resources in a right way.

The tradition of observance also includes various excursions to natural water sources. TV channels show many educational programs and translate conferences online. Various billboards are set in different places of the cities. Internet is usually full of posts devoted to the date. When is Water Day in 2020, calendar of events is spread throughout the world.

National Water Day Facts

  1. It is said that a human body has got almost 70% of water. Babies have got more liquid.
  2. The Earth is covered by 70% of the total amount. Almost 80% of this amount is salt.
  3. Almost a half of the liquid is used to get electricity.
  4. Almost 1 billion people havenโ€™t got any access to fresh resources. People spend some hours to get fresh liquid.
  5. PH of the fresh water is 7.
  6. More than 15 kinds of ice can be numbered.
  7. One of the abilities of this liquid is an ability to stick.
  8. If you take a shower for five minutes, you spend more than two hundred litres.


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