When is National Freedom Of Information Day in 2020? – Are you ready to answer this question without our help? Unfortunately, as a rule, contemporary people are not able to do it, even when they understand the exceptional role of this category in the life of any modern man or woman. Here is an explanation, why we have made a corresponding decision to discover the special occasion in details. Are you with us? – We are starting!


Discussing the question “When is International Freedom Of Information Day 2020?” we want to talk about many things, which can be interesting for our followers. As a rule, the historical background is in demand among the curious readers.

From the very beginning we would like to mention that March 16th is not an occasional choice for this holiday celebration. This event is an every year date, which is held annually during Sunshine Week.

Up to the present moment it is held on the birthday of President James Madison. This person is known quite well as the “Father of the Constitution”. He was the foremost advocate, who struggled passionately for openness in the country government. The person wrote the draft of the famous US Constitution and is considered to be an author of popular American Bill of Rights. This leader was sure that the individual rights as well as the freedom of the important facts access were of high importance.

Freedom Of Information act

Also we would like to mention that the 4th American President was born on March 16, 1751. It happened in Port Conway, Virginia.

The final and the contemporary version of the document was established in 1966.


What does Freedom Of Information Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide. In the situation like this, you have to find out whether this point is important in your life or it can be quite forgotten.

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The specialists are sure that there are two main principals of this direction.

The first one tells that the activities of the state and other subjects of the popular sphere should promote universal social and economic development and be implemented in accordance with the objectives of maintaining stability and security, respect for human rights and freedoms.

The second means that at the same time, the state and other entities should have equal rights to protect their corresponding resources and vital structures from illegal use or unauthorized information interference.


Discussing the matter concerning what day Freedom Of Information Day in 2020 is, we would like to tell our readers as many interesting facts concerning this direction as it is possible.

For many centuries, humanity has been discussing and solving the issues related to freedom. As a rule, they include the freedom of human being in general, personality and citizen in particular. At the same time we shouldn’t forget about such categories as economic, social and political independence. In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, this category in different state structures and at various times is also important.

The questions devoted to receiving, disseminating and exchanging necessary facts are in demand as well. All in all, this sphere is vital to a person, as without it, he/she can’t make any choice.

In general the freedom of the access includes the right to obtain data, its interpretation and execution in contemporary society.

Freedom of information isn’t restricted by the function of individual information obtaining. All in all, this category is an integral part of human independence and influences its implementation. For its realization a person fills in the available facts, for example, by exchanging them with other people.

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In UN Resolution 59 (I) 1946 it is noted that it  is a fundamental human right as well as  a criterion for all kinds of the state, the protection and the support of which the United Nations has devoted itself to.


When is Freedom Of Information Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind, so there are no any reasons for being worried about if you want to be involved or to participate in something special. The holiday is celebrated on March 16th. The date is fixed that is why it won’t be difficult to remember it.

As a rule, this day you can take part in various meetings and discussions. They may be organized by local government, various clubs, different organizations and libraries. It is up to you to decide whether to participate or to organize this kind of leisure activity. And to tell you the truth you will have a lot of fun in any case. Just do it with pleasure and enjoyment!

You can also devote your March 16th to discovering the matter from various points of view. You see, nowadays there are a lot of documentaries, movies, articles and forums about this directions. The choices are really endless and you can choose something special and amazing for your level and world perception.

Here we would also like to mention that up to the present moment in more than 115 countries all around the world, there have been laws that require officials to make any non-secret information public. Of course, even in the states where there have been no such laws, it makes sense to request the various kinds of data. Nevertheless, there is an advantage when the law on access to facts still exist. In the contemporary society it is also called the law on freedom of information, on access to data, as well as the right of citizens to know something and have the real opportunity to discover something special.

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National Freedom Of Information Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of Freedom Of Information Day in 2020?” we want to touch a lot of various matters.

In accordance with the contemporary principal the modern state should seek to contain various threats in the field of information security, and for this purpose it has to refrain from:

  • development, creation and use of means of influence or damage to corresponding resources and systems;
  • deliberate use of information to influence the vital structures of the entities;
  • psychological manipulation of the population in order to destabilize society;
  • unauthorized interference with information and telecommunication systems and influential resources, as well as their illegal use;
  • attempts to dominate and control the facts;
  • prohibiting the providing to the latest technologies and creating a situation in which subjects fall into the technological dependence that is contrary to their interests in the given field;
  • drafting and adopting plans and doctrines that provide the possibility of unleashing information wars and capable to provoke an arms race and causing tension between the states;
  • use of corresponding technologies and tools to harm human rights and freedoms in the field, which has been mentioned above;
  • manipulation of data flows and different kinds of disinformation, which are used to damage the psychological and spiritual situation in society and to destruct some cultural, aesthetic, moral and ethical  values of the definite nation;
  • expansion and establishment of a monopoly on mass media and telecommunication infrastructures of another state, including the conditions of their functioning in the international sphere.


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