In the modern world there is a great amount of holidays, which used to be religious, but have turned to be contemporary and appreciated all around the planet. For example, we can’t even imagine our winter without Christmas, as well as this holiday is impossible without traditional songs, called carols. Do you agree? We are almost sure in positive reply, but are you able to answer “When is National Go Caroling Day in 2022?”

Unfortunately, as a rule, people have never heard about this memorable date. So why not to discuss it in details? Ready? – Let’s do it together.


Certainly, we are sure that it is almost unreal to investigate, what day Go Caroling Day in 2022 is, without mentioning the distant past of this holiday.

Where does this custom originate? Where were the sources of the origin of Christmas songs?

Frankly speaking, until now, it has been impossible to answer these questions accurately. Scientists haven’t even come to a common opinion about the name.

But anyway, and this word as well as its derivatives, is known for many peoples. Czechs and Bulgarians, Serbs and Slovaks, Ukrainians and Byelorussians are equally waiting for the advent of days of fun and prepare gifts for carol-makers in advance. Everyone celebrates the holiday, but first and foremost, the youth, that’s why there is so much noise, laughter, colors, songs and games.

People in costumes singing Go Caroling

Initially caroling was in close connection with the pagan traditions of the Slavic peoples. Butgradually it lost its pagan character. When the memory of the pagan festival of Kleda was quenched among the people, the songs that were sung in honor of the holidaywent out of use and were replaced by new ones, composed in the Christian spirit. In such a way Christmas carols appeared. And the carrioners were also called christians.

In the south-west Europe, Christians gave special importance to Christmas spiritual songs. The order of caroling was administered by special spiritual brotherhoods, and the proceeds from this singing came to the church parish. This contributed to the establishment and wide dissemination of the caroling custom. The clergy had manuscript collections of Christmas spiritual songs (from the so-called “Theologian”), which were sung on the feast of the Christ Nativity.


What does Go Caroling Day mean? Oh, you see, we are not able to give you a proper reply to this kind of question. Why? What is the problem? – The matter is that we consider this date of December 20th to be rather individual for every person. So we can’t order our readers to celebrate it or to forget completely about its existence in the calendar.

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For a great part of contemporary Earth inhabitants Christmas and New Year are the most “musical” holidays from all available throughout the year. In addition to globally known “Schedrika” and “Jingle Bells” there are dozens of songs that traditionally sound like a Christmas ones in different countries of the world.

The main purpose of this composition is to acquaint men and women with the traditions of other nations and make the New Year holidays truly fun and unforgettable.

For instance, attending Czech Republic you would get a perfect chance to listen to “Pujdem spolu do Betlema”. All in all in every Eastern European country there is favorite Christmas carols and New Year’s songs. For example, the mentioned above Czechs have “Pujdem spolu do Betlema” (“On the road to Bethlehem”). Nobody remembers when and under what circumstances this song was sounded for the first time. That is the reason, why it is considered to be a national song nowadays.

In Spain, for Christmas, Ríu Ríu Chíu has long been heard. This performance is an echo of the Renaissance, a song with a untranslated name symbolizing the nightingale’s trill. It is performed by academic choirs, folk ensembles and popular artists. In general, all who can and can sing.


Trying to find out the answer to the set question “When is International Go Caroling Day 2022?” we should the definition to this item itself.

Carols is a ritual song with the wishes of wealth, good health and perfect harvest. These performances were acted mostly on Christmas Eve. The hosts gave the artists various treats, and those wanted all the best. The custom arose even with paganism, and in the course of time the Christian church successfully adapted it to its religion.

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All in all the compositions of this kind are combined of the same theme. For example, not everybody knows that in Israel you can listen to “ Sevivon Sov, Sov, Sov”. According to the local tradition, when Catholics have Christmas, the Jews have Hanukkah. And this special occasion is greeted with the traditional “Sevivon Sov, Sov, Sov”, which is sung with the children. In general sevivon or dreidl is a tetrahedral top with which children are used to play for coins, apples and nuts.

In the Asian, in South Korea to be more precise, the locals are trying to keep pace with Western civilization. Perhaps that’s why the New Year songs in Korean are so touching. There is the local hit “Snow Candy” performed by K-Stars Starship Planet stars, which sounds to be really romantic.


When is Go Caroling Day in 2022, calendar won’t allow you to forget. The main thing you have to remember is when December 20th comes. As a rule, it is not difficult as it happens every year before the best and the most appreciated winter moments of the year.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a list of rules and customs of this holiday celebration. But you can always invent something special.

For example, some people prefer to spend this memorable date in different ways every year, choosing the models of various countries as the examples. It sounds amazingly, doesn’t it?

For instance, you have already known that Santa Claus typically lives in Finland, so, as a rule, the New Year is the main national holiday here. And it is no surprise that there are plenty of New Year songs. One of the most popular Christmas carols in Suomi is “En etsi valtaa loistoa”, the poem of Zacharius Topelius to the music of Jan Sibelius.

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Young People singing Go Caroling

National Go Caroling Day Facts

In the contemporary world there is a great amount of methods to celebrate the holidays. Of the answer to the set question “What is the date of Go Caroling Day?” sounds quite the same: “It happens on December 20th annually”, but the content of these musical compositions can be quite different indeed.

Here is out list:

  • Austria “Stille Nacht”

The Austrians take pride in the fact that they, in the person of the humble teacher Franz Gruber and the parish priest Josef Mor, presented the world the famous Christmas anthem “Stille Nacht” (known to us as “Silent Night”). The town of Oberndorf-Salzburg was part of the German Empire at the beginning of the 19th century, so the Germans feel involved in this history either.

  • Germany: Fröhliche Weihnacht überall

At the same time the Germans have something to be proud of beyond the example, given above. The classic work “Fröhliche Weihnacht überall” (“Merry Christmas”) has been an integral part of the Catholic Christmas traditionfor several centuries

  • Mexico: La Fiesta de Pilito

The residents are well as numerous guests of South America find Christmas and New Year the best moments of the year. That is the period, when the noisy streets are full of festivities. But all in all they can’t even imagine these days without the songs a la “La Fiesta de Pilito”, which is very popular in such countries as Mexico, Brazil and Puerto Rico.

  • Puerto Rico: Nino Jesus

Puerto Ricans have another imperishable hit, the ancient Christmas carol called “The Infant Jesus”. One of the best options for its performing belongs to Jose Feliciano.


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