The problems with eyesight are very ordinary to lots of people. The most serious degree of such problem is blindness. Persons who face these diseases often feel indifference from other communities. The problem is so serious that it was decided to initiate a special day when such patients would be paid attention to. When is World Sight Day in 2022?


According to the worldwide statistics, the cases of visual impairment become more frequent due to various reasons. During the last years lots of people spend their time at their computers. Scientists warn everybody about this threat. Nevertheless, the problem can’t be solved at one moment.

Ill persons experience various difficulties. Local authorities don’t provide all necessary conveniences for every blind person. The problem became so obvious, so a special occasion was initiated to involve the society into helping these men and women.

It was counted that there are more than 60 million individuals who have faced the problem of blindness. There is an obvious dependence of such diseases on living conditions. The statistics says that the majority of blind persons live in poor countries. It is admitted that almost 90% have a low income.

World Sight Day

Another aim of initiating the occasion is to help the elders. Almost 50 million ill men and women are more than 50 years. They are almost helpless. They don’t get the needed care. Lots of patients need certain medicine and care. Procrastination of medical treatment always leads to blindness.

The first World Sight Day was led in 1998 in October. This occasion was set on the 8th of October. The event was decided to be an international observance. People all over the world should understand the importance of care and concern to those persons who need them. The organizers decided to involve non-political and non-medical organizations.

If you ask your friends “What day National Sight Day in 2022?”, you will get the answer “On the 10th of October”. The occasion isn’t set on the strict date. According to the tradition the event is observed on the second Thursday of every October.

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Every year many groups and organizations take part in this observance. Professional organizations also participate in the annual observance. Medical centers and corporations are always involved into the event.


What does Sight Day mean for every person who has got problems with their eyesight? This occasion is considered to be the most significant event for every doctor, patient and other people who are involved into the sphere of illness treatment.

It is a date when everybody can test his own sight and get a medical care as soon as possible. The main aim of initiating the date is important. Every person should understand the need of common care. If your relative or neighbor is blind or has other problems with eyes, you should think over care and concern. Everybody can participate in the occasion making various kind acts.

The date is high time to make financial donations or to express the attitude to the problem by giving support to people with such problems. These issues must be paid attention to despite of the territories of living. People have such diseases in many countries. Rich and poor people can be blind. The only difference is that a wealthy person has more chances to prevent the last degree of the illness. They have more possibilities to get good treatment and care than a person without money.

Developing countries can’t give their citizens great conditions of life. Medicine in such areas is developing too. The quality of analyses and medicine isn’t very good. The occasion is a very important reason for people who need attention. When is International Sight Day 2022? It is on the 10th of October.

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The name of the holiday doesn’t set any problem to people. They usually understand that their task is to control the eyes. They are to protect their eyes and to follow the best recipes to make the sight stable. They may not know that the day is also devoted to the process of development of research centers and medical establishments. Local authorities are to participate in the event when they hear about its coming.

The word appeared earlier than the 12th century. The title of the holiday may be difficult to differentiate for foreigners. The situation can be explained by many definitions given to the concrete word form.

People name any thing that can be seen as a sight. Another meaning concerns any thing that people should see as something interesting for them. If you want to see interesting places, buildings, you should see the sights of the city.

The definition which concerns the date means the physical function that helps people and animals to see the objects. It is a part of perception. What is the date of World Sight Day 2022? It is on the 10th of October.


The day is observed across the whole world. It is accepted in all countries. It is concentrated on the problems of sight within the world. Many people suffer from vision impairment and blindness. The event’s initiators attract the people’s attention to the common problem of sight. It also should provide care to this problem.

Many health organizations are to participate in the occasion. The United Nations’ health organization makes several various events across the countries, such as festivals and events. Other activities are initialized by IABP which was initiated to prevent blindness. These two organizations make everything they can to help the humanity in its struggle with blindness.

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World Sight Day

The next purposes are followed during the day:

  • People are paid attention to the problem;
  • Governments of the countries and health organizations are to be influenced during the occasion;
  • Lots of groups are educated according to the aim of the occasion.

Due to various governmental programs a serious support is given to medical establishments. People are educated through educational TV and radio programs devoted to this problem. School and universities propose their students the ways of testing the sight. It is especially important in those countries which haven’t got the developed medicine.

Another ways are widely used for developing the public awareness. Booklets and bookmarks, posters and other informational cards are proposed to children and adults. If you want to participate in the observance in your country, you should follow its schedule. Ask the organizers “When is Sight Day in 2022, calendar of events”.

National sight Day Facts

It is simple to understand the importance of the occasion through the majority of its facts:

  • Every 9th blind person lives in a very poor country and has a low income;
  • Almost 300 million people have bad sight or are blind;
  • Lots of children have such problems. It was officially counted that almost 20 million children are to be treated from this problem.
  • The problem of blindness is very frequent across the world. There are almost 40 million blind adults and children.
  • It is said that 8 cases of 10 can be avoided or prevented.
  • Prevention of sight problems is obviously worth of cost. It is considered that the most of patients can be treated well.
  • During the last two decades blindness and other problems with eyes have their origin in infectious causes.
  • The amount of patients, who have such illnesses and are older than 50, is incredible. They make almost 70% throughout the world.
  • The risk of blindness among elder people is higher than among children.


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