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The question concerning the matter what day National Heritage Day in 2020 is, involves some amazing facts, which should be obligatory introduced to our readers. The holiday was initially established a long time ago. In fact it happened in 1983, when the famous Assembly of the International Council. The representatives of this organization do it for the global protection of various monuments and attractive sites. The holiday was declared in 1983, in accordance with the creative initiative established by the Assembly of the International Council mentioned above, as well as the UNESCO Center for Cultural Objects declared.

The Council itself, as an association of professionals, was launched in 1965. Up to the present moment the organization unites 9,500 people, who are considered to be the representatives of 144 countries of the planet, 110 national committees and about 30 international committees of scientific direction.

Heritage Day

The main activities and aims of ICOMOS, aimed at preserving and protecting cultural objects, are founded on the principles established in the distant 1964. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact names of the establishers.

For the first time the holiday was kept on April 18, 1984.


What does Heritage Day mean? Frankly speaking, there are no any people, who are really ready to answer this question instead of you. You see, nobody has the right to force you to celebrate the event, which is not important for you.

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However, in fact this is a unique holiday, created in honor of the past and centuries of emerging evidence of great events and milestones in the life of mankind. Even sad and tragic events must be saved from oblivion in order to avoid their repetition in the future. In addition, the cities in which historical buildings are located and parts of the area should be proud of such peculiar features, which attract tourists from all around the planet.

It’s no secret that nothing will last forever, even the strongest stone will sooner or later break without a trace, but protecting the monuments of culture, architecture and history from vandalism or destruction under plausible excuses is the sacred duty of the modern generation. The ability to preserve and multiply the achievements of ancestors conceals a worthy future for any civilization, and destruction and negligence are eternal companions of chaos and discord.

April 18 is a professional holiday for those whose work is related to the preservation of the objects, which can be brought to the cultural object. A lot of events dedicated to their preservation are timed to this day. Many museums work for free, the doors of historical constructions and architectural complexes open.


Investigating the direction “When is International Heritage Day 2020?” we would like to introduce the followers some facts, concerning the importance of this special occasion. The holiday is celebrated on the same day annually. And it is not an official holiday, of course. In general, each nation must mind its cultural objects, monuments, landmarks, geographical landscapes, protected and historical sites from vandalism and protect for posterity. International Monuments Day is celebrated around the world. The initiators of the celebration were restorers, historians, researchers and museologists. The main task of holding a significant date is to draw public attention to the preservation of the culture and traditions of ethnic groups.

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The main and at the same time the global task of the holiday is to remind the society around of the need to preserve the world cultural heritage, which was created by the efforts of many people throughout the mankind history.

The special occasion provides an opportunity to learn more about the variety of world heritage and the forces that are applied to save and to preserve it, as well as to highlight the vulnerability of constructions and historical sites.

For several years, ICOMOS has offered the motto under which the celebration is held. for example, in 2015, the holiday was dedicated to 50th anniversary of ICOMOS.


When is Heritage Day in 2020, calendar will remind you without any hesitations and it is not a serious matter. You see, even if you forget, it won’t be a problem. The matter is that the holiday is usually celebrated widely and many parts of the contemporary world, especially in large settlements, where there are a lot of different museums or various attractions.

Today, attitudes towards cultural monuments have changed significantly throughout the planet. On this day, events are held dedicated to the preservation of the heritage of the nation. Museums are usually free of charge and they invite everyone to get acquainted with the exciting thematic exhibitions.

Women celebrating Heritage Day

For the holiday day, mass opening of new halls in museums is always timed. In addition, excursions to historical sites and protected areas are organized. The media pay close attention to documentary publications. In their turn, documentary cycles, which are devoted to historical places of the planet, are broadcast on TV. On the eve of the celebration, the monuments are restored and brought into proper form: they are washed, cleaned and painted.

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National Heritage Day Facts

Investigating the direction “What is the date of World Heritage Day in 2020?” we would like to introduce our followers some amazing pieces of information.

For example, not everybody knows that World Heritage is a long list of various objects of value, which are situated all around the planet. It was created in accordance to the international conventions of 1972 and 2003 and at the initiative of the well-known UNESCO. This organization, with the help of invited experts, decides on the inclusion of objects on the World Heritage List and further monitors their condition. In general, it can’t but mention that The World Heritage Site is protected by international law.

The convention concluded on November 21, 1972 protects the material objects selected by the UNESCO Commission – man-made and natural. For 2009, 186 states are participating in the convention, i.e. almost all members of the UN. It concerns unique architectural ensembles, works of art and nature reserves. At the autumn 2009, the list of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage includes 689 cultural sites, 176 natural sites and 25 mixed sites in 148 countries.

The convention of October 17, 2003 concerns the intangible cultural heritage, also referred to as “the intangible heritage of humanity”. These are folk festivals, carnivals, ceremonies and genres of folk art – music, dancing, oral epic tradition, theater, calligraphy, visual arts, traditional crafts and crafts. By the fall of 2009, there are 90 UNESCO-recognized intangible cultural heritage sites created in 116 participating countries.


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