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🤝 When is World Humanitarian Day 2022

Frankly speaking, it is rather difficult to answer what day National Humanitarian Day in 2022 is without giving the definition of some important points.

That is the main reason why we have decided to discuss this matter in details.


Every day, overcoming dangers and various serious problems, humanitarian workers help millions of people in countries affected by the war or experiencing a natural disaster. Taking into account the historical background of the question “When is World Humanitarian Day in 2022?” we can answer that this special occasion is kept on August 19 annually. But this date was chosen not occasionally. – The establishers wanted to recollect those strong men and brave women who helped other people sometimes at the risk of their own lives. This notable day was proclaimed by the General Assembly, as the anniversary of the terrible bombing, which happened in 2003 in Baghdad, which’s the capital of Iraq. At that time the UN headquarters were seriously hurt and a great amount of people was suffered.

World Humanitarian Day

The explosion was caused inside the building, belonging to the Canal Hotel, which was used as the UN headquarter residence. At that time nearly two hundred people worked there. The disastrous explosion was performed by a suicide bomber, who was driving a cement carrier. In accordance with the information, received from eyewitnesses, that huge truck crashed into the building at a high speed and exploded almost immediately. At that time no one took responsibility for the attack. Earlier, UN spokesman called Fred Eckhard said that he was sure the explosion organization exactly against the UN office, and in particular, against Kofi Annan, who was official representative in Iraq.

As the latest information, the accident occurred just next to Sergio Vieira de Mello’s office and the man was seriously injured. Three months before this 55-year-old Brazilian was appointed to the post of the UN Secretary-General special representative in Iraq on May 23 that year.

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According to official announcement, among the wounded there were both Iraqis and foreign citizens.


What does World Humanitarian Day mean? Entering this date into the calendar and making the answer to the question “When is International Humanitarian Day 2022?” available, the UN has identified the task of raising public awareness of humanitarian assistance activities around the contemporary world.

In addition, this day establishment means the importance of international cooperation in this field, and also pays tribute to all those who have worked and continue to work in it.

According to experts, over the past decades the ability of the community to respond quickly and effectively to various crises and catastrophes caused by natural or human factors, as well as to predict them, has increased noticeably.

This happened largely due to the selfless work of many thousands of people who have chosen to work in the field of humanitarian assistance.

In general their occupation is a perfect illustration of the fact that assistance to the needy must and can be provided regardless of religious, racial or gender identity, the UN resolution stresses.

Humanitarian aid is an essential additional source of resources for the primary survival of victims in emergency situations.

Humanitarian assistance is an activity carried out to alleviate the hardships and privations of the population, especially when local resources do not allow it to be provided with vital means of surviving in emergency situations.


In large-scale emergency situations of natural and man-made nature, humanitarian disasters of various types, humanitarian assistance can be provided through the so called humanitarian operations.

The content of this kind of aid basically coincides with the directions of the priority life support of the affected population. Among these areas the most important ones are the provision food, including one, prepared especially for children, basic necessities, clothing, the construction of temporary dwellings (tents), creation of energy sources, etc.

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International assistance can also be provided in the form of actions performed in the disaster zones.

All in all we can’t but mention that humanitarian activity in emergency situations in modern conditions is considered to be an effective form of international cooperation and mutual assistance of all structures within the state, as an integral part of the world order, which is based on the safety of the human person, regardless of the place and conditions of his/her dwelling.

World Humanitarian Day


When is National Humanitarian Day in 2022, calendar will help you not to forget, but do you know how to celebrate this special occasion properly. First of all, let’s talk about official events. So on August 19, all around the planet there are a lot of various programs, which are organized in order to pay special tribute to the great amount of workers, who deal all around the Earth. In NY, where there are some UN Headquarters, and there you can take part in the honorable ceremony, organized by local authorities and charity organizations. But that is not everything, of course.

In August it’s possible to take part in a very unusual campaign help in the popular social networks, where you’ll be able to look at amazing and rare photo image exhibitions and some screening of documentaries. All in all these events are created in order to draw the public attention to the difficult situations, happened with people, who need immediate and in most cases professional humanitarian assistance.

World Humanitarian Day Facts

So, you have already known the answer to the question “What is the date of World Humanitarian Day 2022?” but would you like to know some interesting information as to this theme?

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Services and material resources in the framework of humanitarian assistance in emergency situations are provided to the population in distress, free of charge, in a charitable manner. Humanitarian aid is provided on a voluntary basis and should not pursue other benefits and goals other than humane motives and the desire to help the victims.

Over the past decade, 300,000 children have been recruited as soldiers, and during that time, 2 million kids have been killed in the wars, and another 6 million have been seriously injured or disabled. Various wars and civil disorders have also been also created the emergence of 13 million internally displaced children and 10 million small refugees, many of whom are separated from their parents. UNICEF focuses its efforts on meeting their needs, providing them with food, drinking water, medicines and, of course, shelter.

In addition, based on the desire to promote the protection of boys and girls in situations of armed conflicts and to provide them with the most needed services, UNICEF developed the concept of “Children as a zone of peace” and proclaimed “Days of peaceful life” and “Corridors of peace”.

There are many incredible stories, how people literally on the verge of their possibilities have saved each other or even animals, guided only by self-conscientiousness and the desire to help and without demanding anything in return. Therefore, humanitarian workers deserve incredible respect! And this is a fact!

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