When is National Wig Day in 2020? Can you answer this question? Perhaps you need some prompts from our side. All in all everyone knows that hair is an indicator of health. People are sure that dull, brittle, faded or thin will eloquently tell everyone about the wrong lifestyle, irrational nutrition and the constant stress of its owner.

Needless to mention, that very often climate conditions do not allow hair to be in proper condition: from autumn to spring we have to wear different headgear, in summer there is scorching sun, dry air in rooms (heating, heaters, air conditioners), smoking, daily strong coffee and lack of vitamins plus exhaust gases from cars and various industries and much more. Today we are going to talk about the holiday, devoted to the important part of our appearance.


Certainly we understand that the matter what day Wig Day in 2020 is, needs a lot of various clarifications and explanations.

It is interesting to trace the history of this accessory. Since ancient times, people have sought to resemble externally strong animals, so they decorated their heads with wreaths of grass and leaves. In the tribes those things were made by women or by children.

The animals’ wool, feathers of birds were collected, washed, dried and then wove the wig on spokes like a stocking using wooden sticks. Primitive items were cumbersome, attached to their heads, with the help of resins, stripes and sticky substances and even the litter of animals. Such a wig could not be removed, and after prolonged wearing it was cut with hair.

Girl in Wig

In the Ancient World, in such countries as Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Sumer, Akkad and others, the wig was an attribute of the power of rulers and nobles. During the excavation of the pyramids and burials, the things were made of sheep’s wool, horse hair, yaks and buffalo, feathers of birds were found. The size, shape and color of the wigs indicated the nature and social position of the owner.

Frankly speaking, we donโ€™t know why this special occasion has to be celebrated on March 10th. Perhaps, for the first time it was nothing but a successful marketing decision. It seems like somebody wanted to promote his/her personal business.

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What does Wig Day mean? Oh, well, it is up to you to decide what this day means for you. There are a lot of people, who have never tried these things at all, so it is not a great surprise that they are not going to celebrate. Up to the present moment these accessories are not so important as it was some time ago.

For example, in ancient Egypt, when people reached adulthood, they sacrificed their parts to the deities; head was cleanly shaved and the wig was put on. The rich men and women wore several wigs at once, creating an air layer between them, protecting the head from sunstroke. The items tightly fitted the head, sometimes ladies let out a bang of their hair. Hairstyles on Egyptian wigs were geometric shapes โ€“ trapezium and ball.

Women’s wigs were longer, men’s wigs were shorter. On the sculptures there are wigs of “drop-shaped” form with a clear straight parting, wavy things is intertwined with metal bands. Similar wigs were found on the sculptures of the goddess Gator, so they were called gatoric. Warriors and servants wore dark things of ropes, resembling the nests of birds in shape.

During antiquity in Greece and Rome, these things were worn to hide baldness, then as headgear. In ancient Rome, dark hair was considered a sign of decency and hospitality, so courtesans wore different colors. The Empress Theodora, famous for her scandalous deeds, had several dozen of them of different colors for the exit. In Ancient Japan, China, Korea, wigs were worn by noble persons.


We have already told much about the past of this thing. However, discovering the question โ€œWhen is International Wig Day in 2020?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention the current situation.

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And actually why such an outlandish subject is purchased by an ordinary modern woman who does not have any problems with her hair? We’ll tell you a little secret: you do not have to get bald to buy a nice little wig. Let’s give an example: you want to become a blonde for a while.

It would seem that it is easier – you just need to repaint. Well, if you have a very beautiful hair color and you do not want to restore it later? It is in this case that the item, we mentioned above, is exactly what you need. You can be a blonde, and red-haired, and even a fatal brunette. And this is all without harm to health. It sounds beautifully, doesnโ€™t it?

It is also useful for various thematic parties. For example, you want to obtain the image of Marilyn Monroe. But at the same time you have long hair. You will not cut them off for one evening. But with the help of artificial head of hair to solve this problem is not difficult: you will stay in shape, and the curls will remain unharmed.

Interestingly, in recent years the popularity of artificial hair has increased significantly. Perhaps this is due to the fact that many world-famous fashion designers use them in their shows to emphasize the merits of each outfit.

Or maybe people just became easier to treat life and do not want to spend a lot of time visiting beauty salons. In general, if you want to be different every day, then you can safely resort to artificial hair. They not only give you the opportunity to change in a few minutes, but also help you choose the ideal image for you.


When is Wig Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. It is not a great problem indeed. The date is fixed and you can be involved every year on March 10th you like. But do you know how to celebrate it properly?

Of course, there are no any special ways to spend this day, but you can always invent something special for yourself. What about making your own wig at home?

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Office workers in Wigs

Before you start making false hair, you need to be patient, since such work is very laborious, and the product does not always succeed for the first time.

For manufacturing, you will need special artificial hair, a cap in the form of a mesh, acrylic threads and any object that resembles the head in shape.

Before you start creating your own artificial hair, decide how long hair will be. Perhaps, it is even worth thinking about the future hairstyle, because, for example, for a beautiful braid, the length of the hair just below the shoulders does not fit.

With threads you need to bind individual strands to the grid. If you know the technique of knitting fringe crochet, then problems in the making process you will not arise. And if you do not have such an experience, then use the Internet. On numerous sites you can find a huge number of videos, which clearly and clearly demonstrated what, why and how to do it.

Do not forget about the thickness of the overhead hair. If you overdo it, you will look ridiculous. So make a wig carefully, taking into account everything, even the most insignificant details. But remember that any undertaking may be more complicated than you thought at the very beginning. But do not despair. The main thing, try and then you will succeed.

National Wig Day Facts

Discovering the matter โ€œWhat is the date of Wig Day in 2020?โ€ we would like to give our readers a lot of interesting pieces of information.

All modern wigs have the shape of a head, which ensures a tight fit to the scalp. That is why it is worth paying special attention to the structure of the basis when buying. The base must be sewn from individual ribbons.

If you choose a thing with a parting, then you should pay attention to the presence of a special leather strip on its line. Carefully ensure that the color of this strip does not differ from the color of your skin. Otherwise you will look ridiculous. Today there are items with a structure that is somewhat like a cell. They are mainly used to increase the volume.


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