When is Teacher’s Day in 2019? – This is the question, which can be interesting both for children as well as their parents, and, of course, for the representatives of this noble profession.

At the very beginning we should mention that just years ago, namely in 1994, the world famous UNESCO proclaimed the new holiday, which should be celebrated on October 5th.

Some information about holiday history

This day is usually celebrated by people, who have recognized the important and necessary role of teachers on the planet.

Originally this very decision was made on 5/10/1966 at a special official intergovernmental conference, organized by UNESCO. It happened in the French capital city, in Paris, when the Recommendation about situation in teaching was adopted together with some other necessary documents.

Teacher's Day 2017

The official document, which was mentioned above, sets out the teachers’ rights and responsibilities, as well as some definite international definite standards for the initial professional preparation and training, selected recruitment and placement, teaching and working conditions in general. With the Recommendation it was signed an important guideline set aimed at improving the teachers’ status in order to ensure only the education quality.

Oct. 5 is also meant the adoption at the UNESCO General Conference in 1997 the very special Recommendation concerning the special Status of all without any exceptions institutions of Higher education.

The document was first clearly defined the “teacher” concept. This category included teachers, who trained and educated children in primary and secondary schools. Also, the paper described goals and education policy, the procedure for the professional teachers’ preparation and the importance of their skills and professionalism. Nowadays it is difficult even to imagine and to understand, but that important document prohibited the teachers’ right to create a family and to have their own children. It also strongly recommended to help women in those important matters, for example, to organize kindergartens. Women allowed to change the schools and to work with her husband in the same school, if it happened so, that she had got married before she became a teacher.

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The huge deficit of teachers

Before answering the question what day Teacher’s Day in 2019 is, it necessary to give the readers some important information. First of all it is we should inform, that World Teachers’ Day is celebrated under the auspices of the international teachersโ€™ union federation, representing more than 400 organizations from 172 countries of the world.

And every year the special festival is held under a certain slogan, which was created a long time ago. For example, in 2013 it was sounded like: “We need a skillful and professional teacher!” In such a way the international community was trying to attract young people, both men and women, to get this devoted profession.

Nowadays it is not a secret that at the moment teaching doesn’t belong to the popular activities among the contemporary youth. Frankly speaking, it was quite requested in the past century. The shortage of teachers is a serious problem, which is considered to be a global one. The specialists estimated that the deficit of teachers in the world has amounted to more than 5 million. The tragedy is so if the problem is left unattended, it will be no one to teach the children soon.

When is Teacher’s Day 2019? Who will celebrate it and in what a way?

Here we should mention that this date is in the same importance both for modern kids and adults, so for everybody. – Why? – The matter is that each of us had the first teacher in our life and that man or woman has left an indelible mark on our life. That’s the reason why we should honor and respect to all those who’re bringing a sincere love and fundamental knowledge to all people around the planet without any exceptions.

Some information about profession

Let’s think together and find out the answer to the question what the most important features of this profession are. – First of all they’d love and appreciate children.

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There is one important thing, in order to become a real teacher, it is not enough to be just a great expert in this scientific field. You must also be able to find a proper and adequate approach to children. This kind of occupation appeared really a long time ago. The first school, according to legend, was opened after the Great Flood, by Sim, the son of the famous biblical called Noah.

Teacher's Day

In accordance with the archaeological excavations, the first schools appeared in the countries of the Ancient East namely in Babylon, Assyria, Egypt and India. The contemporary historians are sure that this profession appeared many centuries ago and since ancient times, the school has become the basis for the mankind development.

Some interesting facts to remember

Nowadays it’s known well that the common word “teacher” appeared in Ancient Greece. But its definition was not good as well. The Greeks referred to as slaves, who accompanied the master’s children to school and back, and followed them home. By the way, have you ever heard the word “teacher” has a Greek origin and literally in English means “kids’ teaching” or “kids’ education”.ย  In the course of time, the ordinary servant became a tutor.

Nowadays it’s known well that in ancient Sparta boys were educated not only in schools. For a few months they should live in special camps. There they were engaged in sports and had to participate in various tournaments. We want to mention that the conditions were very strict or even cruel. Knowing it, the contemporary people are able to understand the phrase “Spartan conditions” without any additional problems.

Differences in educational process

In Russia, the first state secondary school appeared thanks to Peter the Great. But there were taught only boys aged from 12 to 17 years.

US students, who first came to school, should swear allegiance to America. Now they are swearing, handing on their heart, and until 1942 there had been another gesture, when the first hand applied to their heart, and then suddenly thrown forward. But it was very similar to a Nazi that is why it was made a decision to replace it.

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Teacher's Day Greetings

The answer to the question “What is the date of Teachers’ Day 2019?” can be different in various countries or even in the parts of the same state, because of the local traditions.

For example, in Russian schools it is glorious to be an excellent student, but in the Czech Republic, “five” is considered to be the worst mark, as well as “one” is the most excellent. In France they have a “12-balls” system of evaluation, while in China – “100-balls” system (scores below 60 are considered to be unsatisfactory), and in Norwegian schools children don’t get any mark until they’re in the eighth grade.

The school with the highest student amount is arranged in India. There 28 thousand people study now.

By the way the most expensive schools are located in Britain. It is called “International School of ladies and gentlemen”. The children can study there only in the case you have not less than 80 thousand dollars for monthly payment.

When is Teacher’s Day in 2019, calendar tells immediately and without any troubles, but to feel yourself properly, you should discover a lot about local traditions.

For example, don’t forget that in English schools pupils are allowed to speak only on the right, literary language, even the word “hello” is not allowed. The main goal of this place is to improve the culture of speech and to increase vocabulary of students, who usually become future businessmen and businesswomen.

It is interesting to know that in Japan, almost all teachers are male. You can hardly find a lady teacher there. The strange thing is that on the territory of any educational institution there are no any canteens, that is why the children have to have lunch sitting at their desks.


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