Can you write a computer code? We guess, everyone had the IT classes at school, on which the major half of students was sleeping and the lesser half was doodling in the notebooks, especially during the period when the main topic was a programming language.

Okay, it’s unlikely that you have the kind of magical abilities in creating the abracadabra that will help something run smoothly. But you have to know that one fellow who is perceived as a bit geeky and otherwise-minded since their main friend and colleague is the computer (or, in the modern circumstances, the laptop). Did you ever try to understand the basic principles of their job?

If you didn’t, then this article, called “When is National Programmers’ Day in 2022?” is just for you. Read and learn! And don’t forget to congratulate that eccentric yet genius chap.

Programmers' Day 2017


The invention of programming process as a profession is really hard to date back to the certain time. The first analog of the programmable thing is considered to be the music box and the barrel organ as the program was written on the running shaft. They had about eight specified tunes that changed each other in a row. The true programmable device came about in the beginning of the 19th century, which was the Jacquard machine providing a set of coded instructions to choose the pattern on the fabric with the help of the punch cards.

Then followed the computing device – so-called the analytical engine invented by the lively mind of the English mathematician yet not built. Interestingly, his work was continued by a woman, who happened to be the daughter of the great George Byron. In the middle of the 18th century, she wrote a code for the aforementioned machine – the first one in the history of the mankind. It successfully solved the Bernoulli equation. Ms. Lovelace also introduced the terms such as “active cell”, “cycle”, etc. However, none of the codes she created were ever launched. Instead, she is known to be the very first programmer and one of the programming languages is named after her.

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The first half of the 20th century brought the invention of the computer, related codes and advanced artificial language executed by the gadget. All those ideas and their implementation belonged to the German engineer. Unfortunately, the history is not able to show the names of people who started to code on a professional level, not dealing with the machine’s adjustment.

Today, our world boasts around 20 millions of the programmers, with the expected increase up to 25,000,000 in just two years! No wonder that they have their own holiday. Actually, it started in Russian Federation where the two workers of the web-agency elaborated petition on designating the date for the coders. And it was indeed supported by the government, thus, on September 11 the President of Russia signed the decree that established the long-awaited professional holiday.

The festivity was quick to spread all over the world, and nowadays, the bigger part of the countries is sure to give the right answer to the question – when is International Programmers’ Day 2022?


What does Programmers’ Day mean? It means the time to say thanks to everyone related to the programming stuff, from the code monkeys to the upper-class pros.

Perhaps, every coder was asked at least once in their lives – what’s the point of their job? What exactly they do during the working hours? For the unknown reason, lots of people associate the word “programmer” with the unsociable and obsessive computer enthusiast or the genius yet dangerous and criminal hacker. Still, no one is aware for sure of what this person is into.

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Well, developing of the software – the main field of their focus – might be boring when they work out the simple but numerous algorithms or looking for a mistake in the colleague’s code. However, the routine always dashes every way of the creative process, doesn’t it? Programming is a pure creativity, indeed. It is a strict and logical beauty. Each aficionado is able to show the dozens of example of a truly beautiful code (yet you might not appreciate it to the fullest). But there are so much more of the “ugly” codes that turn the fellow into a sort of detective who searches for the bag again and again.

The ordinary man would think that the word “coding” itself and everything closely linked to that is relevant only for the computer. Well, in fact, almost every electronic device – from the remote control to the industrial machines – felt the hands of the programmer deep in its insides. We hourly see the results of what they’ve programmed. When we are watching the TV, listening to the radio, talking on the phone – we’re utilizing the fruits of the coder. Perhaps, it’s one of the jobs that are so tightly interwoven with our daily life. It becomes more popular and widespread and definitely symbolizes the future of our society.

What do you think, will your geeky friend be able to guess, what day Programmers’ Day falls on? Check it out!

Programmers' Day


A programmer is a specialist who is involved in developing the software for all kinds of computer. They are the consultants performing the intermediary function between the result that the man wants to get and the technologies that the world has to offer.

Generally, they might be divided into three groups.

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The application programmer who is responsible for the development of the games, account programs, editors, messengers, etc. They also partake in the process of working out the software for the video and audio surveillance systems, sprinklers and fire alarm systems.

The system programmer is into creating the operating systems, writing the interfaces for the different databases. Their main task is to develop the software that manages the computer system (including the processor, peripherals and the like).

The web-programmer works with the global network called the Internet. They write the code element for the websites, creates the dynamic web pages together with the web-interfaces for the database.

What is the date of Programmers’ Day 2022? It is the 256th day of the year, which correspondingly falls on September 12.



How can you celebrate the date? Well, since all of the programmers create the code, you can too. Just invent you own verbal code and speak it during the day, involving some friends beforehand.

Throw a geeky party with your ordinary and out-of-ordinary (read: computer enthusiasts) fellows. The mighty Internet can even offer you the dozens of the recipes of the themed cocktails, such as the Python, for example, combining the rum, liqueur, lemon juice and Sprite in one glass. Hold a contest on the best (and the most inoffensive!) joke about the software engineers and think of the interesting prizes.

However, the most rewarding thing you could do in honor of the holiday is, of course, learn how to write the code. Even if you can’t manage that, you at least tried!

Programmers’ Day Facts

  • Barack Obama is the first president in the world who created the code on his own.
  • January 7 is another unofficial holiday praising these workers.

So, carve a space on your calendar, when is Programmers’ Day in 2022, and say big thanks to those who spend most of their day at the computer!


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