National food sometimes is a subject of pride. People like to name various ordinary things a special item for a holiday. Itโ€™s a way of promotion. This method helps various producing companies to develop their sales. One of such food products is a peanut. The peopleโ€™s love to this thing is so great that there are two holidays devoting to this natural thing. Thereโ€™s a holiday in March (National Peanut Butter Day). Six months later people recollect a peanut again. When is National Peanut Day in 2022? How can an ordinary man celebrate the date?


The origin of the day is impossible to be found. Nevertheless, such holidays are usually organized by various cafes, restaurants or even producing factories. The reason to observe such events is to make annual sales larger. Psychologists can evaluate peopleโ€™s habit to buy a product when it is pronounced as an item of a holiday.

A peanut is thought to be found more than 7 thousand years ago. The chronicles say that the original territory of this product was South America. The remains confirm that it wasnโ€™t cultivated then, though later people used the process of cultivation for the rise of these podsโ€™ production. Ancient Peruvians cultivated peanuts due to dry climate of their territories.

National Peanut Day 2018

These pods were depicted in many ancient cultures. When the conquistadors arrived to the American continent, they tasted peanuts. Thus, the product was taken to Europe. It spread there very quickly. From those times peanuts has been cultivated in warm countries with subtropical and tropical climate.

The most developed plantations are in Asia. It has become a mainstay in the local agriculture. Asia produces peanuts for the largest part of the world. Though Americans used these pods for feeding animals in the 30s of the 20th century, they later became one of the most valuable agricultural items. Cooks have developed lots of recipes in which a peanut is a very important element.

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Nowadays peanuts are so important that it was decided to initiate a special holiday. If you ask โ€œWhat day National Peanut Day in 2022?โ€, youโ€™ll get the next information โ€œOn the 13th of Septemberโ€.


What does Peanut Day mean for the majority of people? The day isnโ€™t a real official holiday. People go to work on the date, unless itโ€™s a week-end. The schedule doesnโ€™t provide the lessening of the working time. Nevertheless, the date is taken for granted by many people. The popularity of the reason has made the occasion a national holiday.

There are many funny events in various cities and countries, especially in those ones where peanuts have a concrete value. The local authorities try to make different events and festivals to involve the society into the development of this agricultural item. They try to persuade people to take the nutritious value of the product into account.

Families can use the occasion for their own value. They usually spend the day communicating with their children and other relatives. It is a high time to develop culinary skills. It is a great chance to promote them among other people. Children can also develop their interest in making food. They can spend the whole morning or evening with their mothers helping them with difficult recipes.

Agricultural companies can use the chance to make new recipes, new food and new tastes. The date is the best motive to promote a new product.

When is International Peanut Day 2022? Itโ€™s on the 13th of September.


When we hear the name of the occasion, we understand exactly what the subject of the event is. The ways of celebration donโ€™t matter. Everybody can choose his own way of observation. Everybody has eaten a peanut once. But almost nobody knows exactly what this pod is.

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Despite its name, peanuts arenโ€™t nuts, though the majority of people think it is. People dig a new harvest from the ground. Nuts can be found on trees. It is related to beans and peas. This herb is annual. Its flowers are yellow. Its pod usually contains maximum three seeds. They are oily.

The word is very interesting itself. Itโ€™s used to describe a person who is thought to be insignificant. It also can mean a small amount of money. People also make peanuts for packing things. In this meaning the word describes a special material made of polystyrene. These are small balls used to save fragile goods from breaking. The word is also used for barbiturates. The word dates to the 18th โ€“ 19th centuries.

Peanuts are rich in many nutrients, so people began widely using them. The plant includes zinc, selenium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin E and others.


People usually have lots of ideas of the dayโ€™s observing. They can stay alone or gather for parties. There are several interesting suggestions of the following this event:

  • There is a very continuous debate what peanut butter to choose. Lots of people prefer a creamy variant, others vote for a crunchy one. There is even a special website where people can leave their answer. The best way to persuade in your own likes is to taste both variants.

National Peanut Day

  • Making cookies which contain peanuts is the best way of following the tradition for every housewife. Women can also make a small contest for the best recipe. Various communal picnics may be held during this date.
  • If you donโ€™t want to make cookies yourself, you can buy them. There are several charities which sell the cookies to the public and give the money to people in need.
  • You are to try the Presleyโ€™s sandwich. It is a several-sliced sandwich. It is made of bread, peanut butter and banana. It usually contains crisp bacon. Another way to taste an interesting kind of food is to taste boiled peanuts.
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One of the most wonderful occasions, which are to be visited, is an Alabama festival. The event was initiated to praise all farmers of the state. The reason is the harvest season. The place of observation is Dothan. It is considered to be the so-called capital of peanuts. Almost all these pods grow nearby. The first festival took place in 1938, though it took place in November. What is the date of National Peanut Day 2022? Itโ€™s on the 13th of September.

Peanut Day Facts

The most popular food made of peanuts is the peanut butter. It is a very spread product. Itโ€™s interesting to know odd facts about peanuts:

  • This kind of butter needs more than 500 items for 12-ounce portion.
  • There is a strict demand for every producer of this butter. It must contain minimum 90% of pods.
  • The most favorite kinds of candy bars always contain these pods or butter made of them. The US people adore peanuts.
  • The US market is full of these pods. They pretend to occupy 2/3 of the whole market of snacks with peanuts.
  • Carter and T. Jefferson originally had farms with these plants.
  • Peanut is a very popular word for Americans. They named 6 cities by this plant.
  • Almost 95% of the American families regularly buy this kind of butter.
  • The statistics shows that every boy and girl eats almost 2 thousand sandwiches before graduating high school.
  • The most popular recipes are Tagalongs and Do-si-dos.

If you ask โ€œWhen is Peanut Day in 2022, calendar of festivals?โ€, you will get the answer โ€œOn the 13th of Septemberโ€.


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