World Thanksgiving Day

World Thanksgiving Day is celebrated annually on September 21. For the first time, this holiday was celebrated in 1965 in Hawaii, when at an international meeting it was decided to set aside one day a year for the official expression of gratitude and respect for the beautiful things that exist in the world. Already a year later, Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in those countries whose representatives gathered in Hawaii.

You can mark the World Thanksgiving Day with positive thinking and gratitude for anything, for example, for the fact that a new day has come. If you have a pet, it also deserves thanks. You can be thankful for your work that brings money, for a roof over your head, for the health of your relatives and your own health.

  • You can keep a gratitude journal, writing down everything you are grateful for. Social research shows that people who keep such a diary are happier and able to rejoice even in small things: the dawn, a smile from a stranger or a compliment from a friend.

World Thanksgiving Day can be dedicated to those people who are less fortunate in life. It will be appropriate to give them a few unnecessary items of clothing or collect a grocery basket. You can also join any charitable organization and provide financial assistance to those who need it.

World Thanksgiving Day
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