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🏞 When is National Wildlife Day 2020

According to one of the definitions, “wildlife” or “wild nature” is a self-regulating, self-developing, independent habitat of wild animals and plants. This place, left largely unmanageable and unchanged by people, is in its self-willed, self-determining, self-ordered, uncontrolled state. Since our childhood we’ve already known that we’ve to save the surrounding world. But could you, please, answer “When is National Wildlife Day in 2020?” just immediately? Unfortunately, a great amount of contemporary people aren’t able to do it even after a serious thinking.

That’s the reason why we’ve decided to discover this matter in details.


Of course, we understand that it’s almost impossible to reply, what day World Wildlife Day in 2020 is, without the explaining the amazing historical background of this event.

This unusual special occasion was initially established during the 68th session, organized by well-known UN General Assembly. This happened on December 20, 2013. However, it was not a spontaneous decision. The notable date was predetermined by the initiative of the numerous participants, who came to the CITES Conference, that was held in distant Thailand in the beginning of the spring of 2013.

National Wildlife Day

We can’t but mention that this notable date was not chosen by chance. On that day but 40 years before, in 1973, the special CITES Convention was signed. According to the information from its pages there are approximately 33,000 species of plants and animals on the planet. Today, 175 countries are considered to be the active parties to the convention.

The first state reserves that protected natural communities were created in the 16th century. However, the first park on the national level was opened only in the late 19th century, in the USA. This truly high honor was given to the unique Yellowstone plateau, which is rich in geysers and hot mineral springs. In 1916, the National Park Service was established in the USA. And nowadays such American interesting places as the Grand Canyon, Jasper, Olympic and others are now well known outside of North America.

Since then, many parks have been opened on all continents. The first European national park was created in 1914. It was founded in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. Then in 1922 the Italian national park of Gran Paradiso was opened. The very first park of this level, but in France was Vanoise, established in 1963.

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What does National Wildlife Day mean? In general situations, of course, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to keep this date or, perhaps, vice versa, to forget about its existing completely.

The reply to the set question “When is International Wildlife Day 2020?” is usually interesting for those contemporary brave men and sophisticated women, who are in love with their surrounding nature and are going to save it for the future generations.

This notable event calls for paying attention to the existing diversity and sophisticated beauty of wild representatives of our fauna and flora. But that’s not everything, of course. It also helps to raise the human awareness to all the available benefits that modern people receive from environmental activities. In addition, we should mention that the action itself reminds us of all the needs, which are necessary for strengthening the fight against any kinds of wildlife crimes that are able to provoke global economic, huge environmental and important social consequences.


The recent appearance of such a holiday became possible because of the understanding of all the possible needs aimed at the preservation of global biological diversity. Organizing this notable date for the whole planet, the establishers thought and worried about the preservation of the great amount of the representatives of contemporary fauna and flora, which are considered to be endangered nowadays, as well as all the possible global consequences of their complete extinction. The day should also encourage the not indifferent people from political, scientific and the economical sphere of our life as well as all ordinary guys and ladies around the planet to unite their efforts in order to save what’s largely lost due to the severe human interference in the nature world.

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Fortunately, more and more adults and children think about the importance in the Earth life. They understand that this world is not only for humans, but for each living being, no matter what it is an animal or a plant.

This holiday as well as the participation in some events makes it possible to expand the horizons of knowledge of the world for quite ordinary citizens. The organizers also show people all the beauty of the wild nature. They are sure that the surrounding nature has to teach a person to live in absolute harmony with the surrounding world.

Some people’s awareness about the beauty of the planet, its diversity and the uniqueness of each individual species should contribute much into this harmonization process. All in all the change of consciousness and attitude to the wild nature, refusal of the idea of  the limitlessness of natural resources will allow our children or even grandchildren to find the most harmonious way of coexistence with the wild nature that will enable them to enjoy the beauty and splendor of this miracle!


When is Wildlife Day in 2020, calendar usually reminds you and helps not to forget and in the case of necessity will tell you about it without any problems, but do you want to find out how to hold this event in a proper matter?

In general, unfortunately, there aren’t any particular customs and rules for March 3 keeping. However, it isn’t a problem for those, who’re going to hold this notable date in a wide way. You see, you can always invent something amazing for yourself, your family members, relatives or even colleagues from work.

National Wildlife Day

The skilled holidaymakers recommend to spend this day as close to nature as it’s possible. Of course, in the very beginning of the spring the weather is usually rather changeable, so you have to be very lucky to fest it in the open air or to visit a reserve somewhere nearby. But in most cases you can easily change it into the zoo excursion.

Some contemporary people like watching documentaries on March 3, discussing the most interesting facts, drawing animals or plants and reading amazing books or periodic about wild inhabitants of our planet.

If you organize this holiday carefully, it will turn to be an unforgettable moments for the whole family or friendly cycle.

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World Wildlife Day Facts

So, you’ve already got the reply to “What is the date of Wildlife Day 2020?” but are you going to find out something amazing about this? Let’s discover something especially terrific.

First of all we’d like to remind that the fauna of our Earth is very unique, on the planet there’re many animals that aren’t similar to each other, but in general every representative of the wild nature has its own unique abilities.

In the popular films we often see the situations when the main character is trying to survive in the wild nature. Have you ever asked yourself whether you’re able to do it? – Frankly speaking, the reply can be positive or negative. It is up to you to decide how to spend your leisure activity. But the experienced travelers recommend to pay attention to the most important rules.

So as soon as you understand that you’re alone with the wild nature, the first thing you should do is find a safe place, which will protect you from heat or rain, as well as from wild beasts and cold.

After that, you should think about the way, which will help to report other people about your place of stay. In order to achieve the requested results, you may light a fire (if there is such a possibility), hang a bright object or a rag somewhere on the tallest tree you can get. It’s necessary to economically use all the available reserves of drinking water and food, certainly, until the time you find a source to receive them.

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