There is a very popular proverb that the size does not matter indeed. Of course, as a rule, it does not apply to the high buildings or so called skyscrapers. But at the same time we canโ€™t but mention that the contemporary people haven’t abandoned their attempts to reach the heavens from biblical time started with the Tower of Babel construction. All in all we should mention that the tallest buildings amaze with their grandeur and technical novelty, donโ€™t they? We are sure that our readers are not the exceptions, but could you answer the question โ€œWhen is National Skyscraper Day in 2024โ€ immediately and without any serious thinking?


We understand that in fact it is impossible to find out the answer to what day Skyscraper Day in 2024 is, without discovering the historical background of this event.

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t been able to introduce some facts about the holiday establishers, but it has become known that this date wasnโ€™t chosen occasionally. September 3 was the birthday of Louis Henry Sullivan, who was a talented architect and whose name was inextricably combined with American modernism and the world history of building skyscrapers. High-rise buildings were built by Sullivan’s contemporaries too, but only he managed to make a theoretical effort: this man formulated universal rules for erecting skyscrapers and created convincing samples.

National Skyscraper Day

Until the 19th century, the increase in the building height had meant a thickening of the walls, which were supposed to withstand the structure weight. The creation of elevators and metal frames for the walls freed the hands of architects and engineers, allowing them to design and build higher and higher buildings, increasing the number of floors.

In New York in the 1920s, many skyscrapers were built, and several buildings claimed to be the highest in the world. One of them was a high-rise, arranged on Wall Street, 40, whose builders, shortly before the end of the work, changed the design and built a spire of 38 meters high inside. As a result the skyscraper Chrysler Building became the tallest winner. Opponents were not ready for that decision, and the final height of 319 meters allowed the Chrysler Building to outrun not only all the skyscrapers of New York, but the Eiffel Tower in height.


What does National Skyscraper Day mean? Of course, in this case, it is up to you to decide. However, for many people all over the world it is an additional opportunity to find out something new about these interesting or even amazing constructions.

For example, in 1912, near the American town of Wichita Falls, oil was discovered. And this fact provided the growth of local population as well as the significant economic growth. The city began to lack office space, and finding investors for the project, engineer McMahon thought about the construction of a 480-foot-tall skyscraper (about 146 meters). However, the height was indicated not in feet, but in inches, which the customers did not notice. As a result a four-storey building of 12 meters high appeared, and the poor investors could not prove the fact of fraud in court. Now this building is called the smallest skyscraper in the world.


In the modern world there is a great amount of various high buildings and you have already obtained the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Skyscraper Day 2024?โ€ but what exactly do you know about these terrific places?

Some contemporary specialists think about the glory of the well-known record-breaker in Dubai rather philosophically. In the emirate people understand quite well that after some time someone will build a taller building and their record will be beaten in the same way as all previous ones.

Also it is necessary to mention that that the neighbors of Saudi Arabia are going to break this record, which has held by the Dubai team. One of the richest people on the planet, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, plans to build a Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, which will surge into the cloudless Arabian sky for more than a kilometer. The height is traditionally kept secret, but it is assumed that it will be much more than 1000 meters.


When is Skyscraper Day in 2024, calendar will remind you without any problems, but do you know how to celebrate September 3 properly?

Of course, the best way to do it is to visit one of the highest buildings of the planet. If it is not possible, try to climb the tallest construction in your town. You see, it will be an interesting and rather amazing experience.

Nowadays the absolute record among the super skyscrapers belongs to the Dubai high-rise Burj Khalifa, the height of which was 828 m. It is said that this construction can be seen from a distance of 100 km. People from all over the world try to visit it and to take pictures from here.

You can also watch some thematic movies or to read the corresponding literature. Some men and women give preference to documentaries and they usually organize amazing parties on September 3. For example, you can draw together something with your children or play puzzles.

Skyscraper Day Facts

So you have already known the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of Skyscraper Day 2024?โ€ It will be celebrated on September 3. But would you like to find out some amazing pieces of information about this matter?

National Skyscraper Day

Here is our list:

  • In Manhattan at the address 33 Thomas Street there is a skyscraper, which is 167.5 meters high. Why is it so amazing? โ€“ You see, it doesnโ€™t have any windows. This skyscraper in the style of brutalism is considered to be an automatic telephone exchange station, two parts of which are owned by AT & T, and another – Verizon.
  • The architects of some skyscrapers incorrectly calculate the configuration of the windows, because of which they act as parabolic mirrors on a bright, sunny day. Focusing and reflecting in them, the sun’s rays can bring significant harm. So, in 2013, the windows of the 37-storeyed building in London were the cause of the molten side panels of a parked nearby car and the burning of the rug near the store. And in 2010, several tourists in Las Vegas received burns and scorched hair from behind the windows of the Vdara hotel.
  • Empire remained the tallest building of the planet for about 41 years. Even now the symbol of American wealth and power has its own postal code – 10118. It has 6.5 thousand windows, 73 lifts, 1860 steps, which are climbed every year by curious participants. According to the number of employees, 21 thousand people, Empire is second institution of the planet after the Pentagon in America. The most popular site is located on the 86th floor and it is visited by 110 million people.
  • Burj Khalifa, which has been already mentioned above, became the first record-holder as a place, where people live. 700 apartments that are located between the 45th and 108th floors were sold out within 8 hours despite the high price – 38 thousand dollars for the square mater. Under them there is a hotel, designed by Giorgio Armani. And at the top you can find numerous offices. On the 123 floor there is a hall, and on 124 – a so called viewing platform. The building is created for the simultaneous stay of 35 thousand people. And also we canโ€™t but mention it is decorated with one thousand paintings, sculptures and other works of art.


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