A famous dish of Italian cuisine that is loved by millions of people all around the world is pizza. The contemporary specialists have even performed a special survey, the results of which have shown that 78% of respondents called pizza their favorite dish. That is a miracle, isnโ€™t it? Are you a pizza lover too? Yes? Really? But could you answer the question โ€œWhen is National Cheese Pizza Day in 2022?โ€ then?

Unfortunately, a great amount of modern people are not able to do it and that is the reason, why we have decided to discover this matter in details.


Of course, we know that it is rather difficult to answer the set question โ€œWhen is International Cheese Pizza Day 2022?โ€ without the historical background of this event. It is a pity but in this situation we havenโ€™t been able to find out who the establisher of this special occasion was and why September 5 was chosen as a date of its celebration.

However, it would be rather interesting to mention that the first prototype of pizza is considered to be the Egyptian cake with various filling. Why? โ€“ All in all it was the country where the yeast dough first appeared. But that dish was unlikely to be very similar to the contemporary one, served in Mediterranean region, including Italy.

National Cheese Pizza Day

The specialists are sure that the way to bake a pizza has been almost saved. In ancient Egypt some dough was poured onto a hot stone slab, a layer of toppings filled with vegetables as well as olive oil was added to it.

In ancient Rome, a flat cake with a filling was called “placenta”. The filling could be varied, the main ingredients: cheese, olives, onions, as well as any vegetables and spices.

At that time cheese pizza was the food of poor people. Its rustic name is “focacia”.

Everything radically changed in the middle of the 16th century, when tomatoes were brought to Italy. These vegetables quickly began to be used as a filling for pizza, most likely because of this dish was fond of the Italian nobility.

The appearance of the first pizzerias in Italy is customary to refer to the 18th century. These institutions had everything they needed: a special oven with a ceramic stove, a hall in which people could enjoy their favorite dish, and a showcase with the goods for sale.


What does National Pizza Day mean? โ€“ Frankly speaking, there is no any definite answer to this question. Why? โ€“ The matter is that in this case it is up to you to decide whether this Italian dish play an important role in your life or not.

However, we should mention that in general the inhabitants of the United States as well as the numerous guests and visitors have an occasion to celebrate something special almost every day with rare exceptions, of course. In this country local people adore to hold the so-called informal “gastronomic” holidays, devoted to popular dishes or products. For example, the reply to what day World Cheese Pizza Day in 2022 is, sounds like September 5.

We would like to mention that the Italian national dish, which is a flat cake made from dough with various fillings, has become popular in many countries of the world, especially in the USA, where it was brought by Italian immigrants. Pizza in America is one of the most popular types of fast food, and many varieties of American pizza have a very distant resemblance to the Italian original.

It sounds really terrific, but every second in the US about 350 pieces of pizza are eaten.

All in all one of the main ingredients of any pizza is cheese. Not surprisingly, there was a cheese pizza. Usually for its preparation not only mozzarella, but also several other kinds of cheese are used. Cooks try to find the perfect combination of different types of cheeses, as well as seasonings. Especially perfect taste this dish obtains with oregano, rosemary, red and black pepper.

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On the day of cheese pizza you can order pizza “Margarita Bianca” with mozzarella, Parmesan and basil, any other cheese pizza or even pizza with other fillings, but with additional cheese.


If we go out into the street, we will for sure notice somewhere a sign with the word Pizza.ย  In the head immediately appears an image of appetizing, delicious dish, lavishly decorated with vegetables, herbs, cheese and other goodies. And if we are hungry, our feet themselves will carry us to there.

Have you ever wondered where the name of the pizza came from? The most famous version is that the name came from the Latin word โ€œpinsaโ€. This word is translated into English as flat cakes. And it is well known that the basis of any pizza is just a flat piece of dough. Without it, the dish will lose all meaning.

By the way, one more fact tells us that the very first pizzeria was founded in 1830 in Naples, and it was called “Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba”. This pizzeria exists there to this day.

Of course, since then, much has changed, but the word โ€œpizzaโ€ invariably continues to decorate proudly all the signs of pizzerias, not only in Italy, but also in other countries.


Certainly, when is the date of Cheese Pizza Day in 2022, calendar will remind you without any problems, but do you know how to celebrate this day in a proper way?

The best way to remember September 5 is to treat yourself, your friends, relatives or even some office colleagues with pizza, of course.

National Cheese Pizza Day

Have you ever heard that the most famous Italian pizza is “Margarita”, named after Queen Margarita of Savoy? This pizza has patriotic overtones. It is tri-color, like an Italian flag. For its preparation the contemporary cooks use tomatoes, light, almost white cheese and basil.

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In the 20th century pizza finally deservedly became the main Italian dish. The most popular filling is mushrooms and anchovies.

In America pizza appeared in the time of emigration of Italians into the United States. The dish was appreciated by the local people. And one after another pizzerias began to open. However, Americans even have slightly modified the popular cake with the filling – the edges of their pizza are very high, which allows you to put a lot more stuff on the cake.

Now in the world there are many varieties of pizza, here and there its recipe has been changed almost beyond recognition, the Italians even introduced a special kind of quality for the national delicacy. So, the basis for a real pizza must be fashioned by hand (without the use of a rolling pin), and the bread should be baked only on wood at a certain temperature.

Cheese Pizza Day Facts

Everyone can choose a pizza to his/her taste, as there are a lot of different ingredients and fillings. It is difficult to believe, but worldwide around 500 million pizzas are eaten per day. Such figures were obtained from the data provided by cafes, restaurants and pizzerias.

And here is our list of the most interesting pieces of information, which will help you to answer the question โ€œWhat is the date of Cheese Pizza Day 2022?โ€ properly:

  • Vegetarian pizzas are eaten by women in two times more often than by men;
  • In the US, since 1987 the month of October has been officially considered the month of pizza;
  • As the statistics show, in America every second 350 pieces of pizza are eaten;
  • Pizza Hut is the name of the largest pizzeria network in America;
  • At least once a month 93% of the US inhabitants take pizza for food.


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