Every one of us remembers this taste of the childhood which canโ€™t be rejected even by the strongest efforts of the will. Thedonut! Orthedoughnut? Well, no one actually thought of the true spelling as we were in a great hurry to eat it up immediately.

Today the good old donut changed. But the taste is still the same โ€“ the fact that we rejoice at. When is National Donut Day Dunkin Donuts in 2022? Letโ€™s find it out.


Weโ€™re ought to look at the history of the deliciousnessโ€™s origin to know whether the recipe stays the same or not. The donut is one of the most ancient and popular desserts in the world that won the hearts of a great many people.

It is believed that the first versions of the dish were invented in Poland in the 17th century. They called it the โ€œpaczekโ€ โ€“ the small sweet pies of the round shape fried in the oil from each side. Although Germany struggles for the laurels of the donutโ€™s inventor, too. People say that during Frederick the Great rule, the personal baker of him came up with the idea of making the little pies in the shape of the cannonballs right on the battlefield. They were fried in the big amounts of the oil and were perfect for satisfying the soldiers.

Donut Day

America went even further. One scientist wrote a book called โ€œGlazed Americaโ€ where he proved that thedessert was born exactly here. Who cares about the Roman Empire that presented the small round buns to the world?

However, no matter the number of the countries claiming themselves the inventors of the donut, since the 19th century, the treat got popular all over the globe and became the hero of every cooking book. But every state has its own name for the donut. We know the berliners, donuts, ringls, etc., but the recipe stays almost unchanged.

The most famous authors of the donuts are thought to be two brave women Margaret Sheldon and Helen Parvians. During the Great War, they arrived on the French territories to encourage the American soldiers to go on until the absolute victory. As something sweet and tasty to support the spirit of the army, they set to give out the hot home-baked round pies and coffee. What was the name of the pies? The donuts!

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When is International Donut Day Dunkin Donuts 2022? It became an official holiday during the Great Depression period when the supporters of the Army of Liberation in Chicago staged the campaign in honor of the warโ€™s volunteers. Sincethen, thedateobtainedthenationwidestatus. The colorful buns with the glaze and different fillings won the hearts both of the children and their parents.


What does National Donut Day Dunkin Donuts mean? It means paying tribute to those prominent experts in the field of the donuts making!

When we talk about the treat, the first name that comes up in the mind is the Dunkin Donuts company, of course. And it definitely deserves it. The international donuts chain entered almost the half of the countries under the sun. Its history started in the middle of the 20th century when a man opened his first cafรฉ in Massachusetts. Today, the eateries serve more than three million of the clients daily. There, youโ€™d see the classic ring-donuts with the strawberry, lemon, banana fillings; or the shell-donuts with the various creams inside; the royal-tarts, the glazed munchkins and the cake-donuts made of the chocolate dough.

Another famous name is Krispy Kreme. For more than seventy years, they gladden us with the baked goods and great coffee. Its founder learned the recipe from the chief of the French restaurant and started to sell them. And has had a big success as we can see.

Today, the things are so popular that the doctors and dietitians are concerned about the effect of the foodโ€™s uncontrollable consumption. The usual donut is about two hundred calories rich and more than half of them are the trans fatty acids while there is no any of the nutritional value. Getting into the stomach, the thing cause the fermentation damaging the mucous coat and being digested for quite a time. The glazed ones contain not only the trans fats but also the carcinogens and big number of the chemicals. Besides, it could contain the harmful coloring agents.

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Regardless of what day World Donut Day Dunkin Donuts in 2022 falls on, remember that this is not the healthiest option for your diet!


The sweetest pie covered with the glaze is, of course, the donut. What are the other names of that deliciousness? InIsrael, theyarecalledlikesufganiyah; in Ukraine โ€“ pampushka, in Bosnia and Herzegovina โ€“ krofne; in Croatia โ€“ krafne; in France โ€“ beignet; in the US โ€“ well, you know.

As in any long story, that of the donuts has a lot of the interesting moments. For example, once upon a time, the American fans of the healthy eating together with the company Donut King created the biggest treat ever. It weighed the incredible three and a half tons and reached six meters in diameter. It was made of the fifteen layers of the donuts with the total amount of ninety thousand pies! Certainly, itenteredtheGuinnessโ€™s book immediately.

In New Zealand, there was a monument built in honor of the pink donut from the Simpsons TV show. In such a way, they marked the anniversary of the series.

Box with Donuts

In fact, the tasty donuts are not so difficult to make. The recipe would be a good add-on to your home cooking book. To make the tastiest, youโ€™ll need the deep fryer or the deep stewing pan with the thick bottom and sides. It should be heated properly, up to one hundred and eighty degrees. If not, then the treat would soak in the oil. Abouttheoil, donโ€™tspareit. Of course, you should pour little by little but the dough is to sink in the oil. While frying, they have to be turned from side to side to bake evenly. The all-ready things should be placed on the sieve to let the spare oil to trickle down. Then they could be sprinkled with the sugar powder or covered with the glaze.

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What is the date of National Donut Day Dunkin Donuts 2022? It happens on June 1st.


The tradition is as simple as that. You are ought to make the donuts!

What youโ€™ll need is this: five hundred grams of the flour, hundred grams of sugar, two hundred milliliters of the milk, the yeast, the unsalted butter, two eggs and a tad of salt. Melt the butter on the medium heat and sift the flour. Make the hollow in the hill made of the flour while diluting the yeast in the warm milk. In the hollow, put the salt, sugar, pour the milky yeast and add the butter and eggs. Then knead the dough until you feel the elastic and even mass. If you want to make the typical donuts with the hole inside, then roll it out centimeter and half thick. With the help of the two glasses of the different diameters, cut the rings. Place them on the baking tray or any other surface and leave aside. If you want it all quick, then from the small balls and put them on the tray in the warm place.

Fry them in the boiling vegetable oil. Throw several of the things at once not to make them glued to each other. Itโ€™s better if the temperature is medium for the dough to get brown and properly baked on the inside. The fried deliciousness is placed on the paper towel to remove the extra fat and sprinkled with the sugar powder.

The best dessert ever is ready. You feel the flavor?

International Donut Day Dunkin Donuts Facts

  • Americans are number one nation who consume the treat in the huge amounts.

Mark in the calendar, when is Donut Day Dunkin Donuts in 2022, and let yourself be wild on those! But just for a day.


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