On the sweltering sun, you do want the ice cream, donโ€™t you? But the one from the groceries is not that rosy; instead, itโ€™s full of the fat, sugar, and the laundry list of the chemicals on the back. Donโ€™t be so sad, there is a great substitution for that โ€“ the frozen yogurt! So light, so refreshing, with the pleasant sourness, and the structure just like that of the real ice cream. The true festivity of the healthy bacteria and proteins. Besides, itโ€™s perfect for those who care about the centimeters on their waste.

When is National Frozen Yogurt day in 2020? Letโ€™s see!


During the last years, the frozen yogurt โ€“ or the froyo โ€“ gained a lot of popularity as the healthy snack or the alternative to the all-too-common ice cream. First, the world got to know the dessert in the 70โ€™s yet back then the consumers didnโ€™t like the taste. But the manufacturers didnโ€™t lose hearts and improved the recipe of the frozen deliciousness. Today, Europe and America have thousands of the cafes and eateries that serve the froyo!

In fact, its history dates back to the thousands of years, originated in the East. The forefather of the froyo was the fruit ice cream called the sorbet. Looking into the European direction, in the opuses of the Roman authors, weโ€™d see how the merciless Nero the Emperor was fed with the snow from the mountain mixed with the rare fruits and the wine. Only in the 13th century, the sorbet was brought to Italy from Asia. From this moment on, the glory of the froyo was born.

Woma Eating Frozen Yogurt

In the 70โ€™s, the manufacturers created the product with the recipe of the sorbet as the base. But the clients told that it was almost the same to the taste as the usual classic yogurt. That meant that recipe should be reached to perfection. They experimented with the tastiness, combinations, and the levels of the calories. In the 80โ€™s, they managed to invent the froyo with the more strong and deeper taste than that of the ice cream. And the dessert got insanely popular! First in the US, and then in the world, the cafes sprang up with the froyo as the main dish together with the various toppings such as the fruits, berries, nuts, syrups, jams. It was served in the cone-like cups or in the cones themselves.

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Thanks to the wide diversity of the tasted and the improved recipe, the froyo became much-loved all over the globe. It does press the ice cream from the shelves! When is International Frozen Yogurt Day 2020? Much closer than you think!


What does National Frozen Yogurt Day mean? It means indulging in this cold treat as long as you want; you have all reasons for doing that on this date!

Actually, the making of the froyo at home is not that difficult process as it may seem. The basement of the dish is the natural yogurt that could be made in your kitchen, too, or bought in the store. Speaking of the latter, the naturalness of the product could be checked with one quick glance at the label. The ideal one contains only the milk and the living bacteria. It canโ€™t be made with the use of the various aromatizers, stabilizers, preservatives, and other chemicals. The smaller the list is the healthier the yogurt.

The froyos can be of the different tastes but the technology is always the same. They are made in the freezer or in the ice cream maker. Thelatterisapreferableway, ofcourse. Then, placed in the special container, the mixture is constantly stirred. Thisprocesspreventsthecrystallizationoftheice which results in the tender, soft mass similar to the ice cream. Meanwhile, in the freezer, the mixture is placed in any bowl and is sent to the camera with the energetic shaking actions every twenty minutes. But still, it would be thicker than the froyo from the ice cream maker.

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Regardless of what day World Frozen Yogurt in 2020 falls on, we allow you to have that cold fun a bit more often!


The health advantages of the yogurt are known to any of us. This product is easily digested and helps the other food to be digested properly. It also normalizes the microflora of the bowels and improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens the immune system, decreases the level of the cholesterol and provides our organism with the whole lot of the vitamins and mineral, with the lionโ€™s share of the protein.

Moreover, the yogurt does not cause any negative reactions of the people who are intolerable to the lactose. But this relates only to the product of the natural qualities, without any chemicals. The advantages of the froyo are still aplenty yet a bit less than those of the non-frozen one. It has the similar effect on the organism yet contains a one-third less of the protein and the living bacteria. On top of that, it has more calories but still not so many to be considered as the non-diet product.

But if weโ€™re talking about the froyos from the shops, it could contain the high level of the sugar, fats and chemical add-ons, so this one canโ€™t be called the healthy eaterโ€™s choice.

The froyo is okay if youโ€™re trying to lose the weight. Of course, itโ€™s not the panacea that would dissolve the fatty sides but still, it would help in decreasing the body mass. It happens due to the reduction in the overall calorie contents of the food that you consume during the day. This low-calorie sweet treat is perfect for those who canโ€™t resist their sugar addiction but want badly to have the decent figure. It would bring the new notes in the ratio of the dieters and become the excellent substitute for the boring snacks and even meals. Forthefastdays, itisgood, too.

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But remember that for losing the weight the froyo must be non-sugar, natural and have the small list of the ingredients. Alas, these requirements are met only in the home-made product. So what about the true frozen treat made right in your kitchen?

What is the date of National Frozen Yogurt Day 2020? It takes place on February 6th!

Frozen Yogurt


The best way to celebrate the date is to make your own froyo. An important remark: the frost changes the taste and the flavor of the dessert a bit. They seem less sweet and less aromatic than they really are. Donโ€™t forget that moment when trying the mixture of the room temperature, perhaps, youโ€™d like to add some more fruits or berries.

So, for the three portions of the chocolate frozen yogurt youโ€™ll need three hundred grams of the natural yogurt, a hundred grams of the good chocolate (with the cacao content no less than 70%), hundred grams of the sour cream, two tablespoons of the non-sweet cacao powder, the vanilla extract, and a pinch of the sea salt.

Melt the chocolate in the water bath. Stir it in the process for it to melt evenly. Meanwhile, pour the sour cream into the large bowl. In the other dish, combine the cacao powder and the salt. When the chocolate is ready, whip it into the sour cream and add the cacao-salt mixture. Sprinkle with the vanilla extract and stir it properly in the blender. Close the container and leave in the freezer for an hour. Whip one more time and leave in the freezer for five hours.

This recipe would be good for the both cacao and chocolate enthusiasts. We donโ€™t know how but it manages to combine these two perfectly!

International Frozen Yogurt Day Facts

  • The volume of the world froyo market is around two billion dollars.

Mark in the calendar, when is Frozen Yogurt Day in 2020, and donโ€™t be afraid to enjoy it in the winter.


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