When is National Beer Day in 2022? Are you sure that you can give the immediate answer to the question like that? As a rule, many people know for sure that the holiday does exist, but only a few of them are able to tell the exact date. To clarify the situation, we are going to investigate the matter today. Are you going to involve? We are starting now.


Investigating the matter what day Beer Day in 2022 is, we tried to discover the historical background of the event. It turned out to be so amazing that today we are going to share it with you.

For the first time this holiday appeared in the calendar in 2007 in a small city in the state of California. The discoverer of the “Day of Beer” is thought to be Jesse Avshalomov, who was a US citizen by nationality and the owner of a local pub. He created this holiday in order to attract as many guests as possible to his bar. He wanted to attract the customers.

Thanks to its founder, the holiday had a clear date – August 7, but considering the geographical features of all the celebrating countries, it was decided to replace the date on a specific day. Nowadays the special occasion is spent on the first Friday of August. It was taken five years to spread the holiday to five continents. The amazing thing is that in 2012 it was celebrated by more than 50 countries.

Initially, the holiday was supported by such countries: America, Europe, Asia, Africa. EU countries joined the holiday quite recently, which is surprising, because in Russia beverage has always been a noble and extremely popular drink for more than three centuries.


What does Beer Day mean? To tell you the truth, we are not sure that you will celebrate this special occasion. It is only up to you to decide whether to participate in the events or not. In the modern world there are a lot of those men and women who do not like this drink, so it is not a great surprise that they are not going to be involved.

Actually, the main goal of this holiday is to gather all friends and acquaintances at the same table and to enjoy the incredible taste of fresh beverage, as well as to express congratulations to every person who have anything to do with the creation or serving of the drink.

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Up to the present moment, beverage is thought to be the most common low-alcohol beverage whose history leads to the very depths of the ages. It has hundreds of different recipes and a huge number of fans from all over the world. Given these facts, the drink was immortalized by an international holiday, which is celebrated in early August. In its honor, numerous fairs, festivals and entertainment events of various kinds are held.

The date of the holiday was initially a little wandering, as in some countries, the Day of Beer is spent in the calendar, and in each country in different numbers.


Talking about the question โ€œWhen is International Beer Day 2022?โ€ we want to introduce you some amazing pieces of information concerning this event.

As it has been already mentioned above, this drink is thought to be very ancient. By the historical documents, alcohol beverage was brewed in Ancient Egypt in the 3rd century BC, that it why it is possible to talk about it as about the most ancient drink on the planet. There are a lot of researchers who associate the beer appearance with the moment when people started to cultivate the crops. It was in about 9000 years BC. However, this is not everything. There is a wide spread point of view, at the very beginning the wheat was not cultivated not for baking some bread. People do it the alcohol beverage preparation. Unfortunately, the scientists have not been able to discover the name of the person who managed to create the first recipe for the preparation. At the same time now it is necessary to mention that the โ€œancientโ€ beer had nothing in common with the recipe of the contemporary one. The last one involves mainly of malt and hops.

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The contemporary drink appeared in about the 13th century, when the locals began to add there some hops. The manufacturers created the factories all around Europe. The most popular ones were in Germany, Iceland, England and some other corners of this part of the world. However, it should be mentioned that each of them had the own preparation secrets. The recipes were passed from generation to generation, from fathers to sons. All of them were kept in the strictest secret. Actually some specialists are sure that a wild celebration devoted to alcohol beverage consumption came from Iceland, which is thought to be the well-known homeland of the Vikings.


When is Beer Day in 2022, calendar is surely remind you. This is not a problem actually. However, you have to be careful and memorize it, if you are going to be involved. The special occasion doesnโ€™t have a fixed date. It is kept on the very first Friday in August.

Traditionally, the International Day of Beer celebrations are held in various pubs and different alcohol beverage restaurants of the city. These are the places where drink lovers can try new beers from different producing countries. On this day all of them places are open before lunch, because the meaning of the holiday is to accommodate as much of the intoxicating drink as possible, to try as many varieties as possible and to have the most fun of this day.

In the United States of America, parties and games are held with the use of this high-quality beverage. If you like, you can visit a special institution this day, however, some contemporary men and women prefer to organize something special themselves. What about a huge tasting at home? Invite some friends and ask them to bring the drink of their favorite kind. After that you can buy some snacks, chips and nut and find a good film to watch it together.

National Beer Day Facts

The question โ€œWhat is the date of Beer Day in 2022?โ€ is really amazing. And today we are going to demonstrate you some interesting facts about this drink.

Here is our list, which certainly can be added in the case of necessity:

  • There is a stable belief that Germans represent the nation which is thought to be the greatest alcohol beverage lovers. They are followed by the Czechs and the Irish, who can’t even imagine their lives without this drink.
  • In England, to be exact in the town of Great Harwood, you can take part in the unusual competitions. During this type of activity people, mostly men, are running a race for a distance of about 5 miles. While running they have to drink a cup of it. The road involves 14 pubs. But we can’t but mention that the task is much difficult than it may seem at the first sight. All these participants do not just run, but do it with baby strollers. The person who not only comes the first to the finish line, and doesn’t turn the stroller, wins. It sounds really terrific. You are free to take this idea for your home party.
  • Not everybody knows that the biggest brewery is called the Adolph Coors Company and it is arranged on the territory of the USA. The production capacity of the enterprise is really impressive. It is 2.5 billion liters of the drink per year.
  • One upon the time there was a special auction, which became popular, because a bottle of โ€œLowebrauโ€ beer was bought there for more than 16,000 dollars. Can you believe in that? Why did that sample cost so much? – The explanation is quite simple in fact. The matter is that it was the only bottle that managed to survive the terrible crash of the airship, happened in the town of Hindenburg in Germany in 1937.
  • Oktoberfest is thought to be in the list of the most popular alcohol beverage festivals on the planet. In accordance with the traditions, it usually takes place all over Germany in September. In its turn London has Great Beer Festival that is held in summer, in August to be more exact. The well-known Belgian Beer Weekend is regularly organized in Brussels in the very beginning of September. Americans appreciate the drink at the end of September as well and they call it the Great Beer Festival. It is held in Denver.
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