Everyone loves sweets and desserts which can satisfy our needs and lift our spirits. There are hundreds of different types of desserts available nowadays. You can choose any you like and want to try. Surprisingly, homemade desserts and cakes are gaining more and more popularity in our modern life. It takes a little time and efforts to make a dish of your dream while visiting a restaurant is more complicated and costly way to satisfy your wishes. Today, we are discussing the most popular home-made dessert – peach pie. Honestly, there are different fillings and flavors of the dish but we are going to find out about the tastiest proven by polls. So, when is National Peach Pie Day in 2022?

The holiday is organized yearly on 24th of August with the main purpose of commemorating and respecting this dish in our modern, routine life. You should try to make it by yourself and share with friends and relatives to completely support the day and become a part of it. The creator is still unknown but it doesnโ€™t stop us from learning about N.P.P.

Peach Pie


Well, the originator remains unknown as it was told above, and we should define some historical moments of the day and the dish. The day has been celebrated since 1988 and many recipes have been improved since then. Nowadays, we can find dozens of how-to-do lists and that is incredible. Pies with cherry, cinnamon, strawberry, grapes, and even watermelon are available. Letโ€™s find out some historical moments of pie appearance to understand what a day World Peach Pie Day in 2022 is better.

As some historians believe, the first pie was born for the frugality of the Pennsylvanian cooks, who, after preparing egg noodles, had much protein left. But this is only one of the versions. According to another version, described in the book of Poppy Cannon and Patricia Brooks, the origin of the pie is covered with mystery, but it seems to be originated in the mysterious East. According to one cookbook published in 1883, a family that was living on the Atlantic coast, moved to a quiet place on the Hudson River, where they opened a small boarding house. To work on this board as a baker, they invited a woman from India. It was she who began baking unusual cakes for Americans, including pie. But, like most culinary secrets, her secret was soon revealed, and the recipe was improved.

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There is also a third version, according to which, the pie was invented by black slaves, because it was necessary to have strong hands to prepare the pie, to whip the egg whites into a dense, stable foam. In favor of the first version of the culinary, historians bring up the fact that in the southeast of Pennsylvania, the pie is traditionally baked for a wedding. Historians who have taken the side of black slaves parry with the fact that pies are still traditional on the memorial table of African Americans. In general, untangling this story turned out to be a complicated issue. Nevertheless, it is clear the pie appeared somewhere in America around the beginning of the 19th century.


What does National Peach Pie Day mean? As you can provide the whole family with some new recipes from the Internet, you will undoubtedly draw the attention to the process. There are many positive features of pie cooking not to miss this holiday and join the global celebration. Firstly, itโ€™s easy to make even for 10-year-old girls. The main ingredients are eggs, sugar, wheat flour, non-sweet yogurt, and peaches. The time needed is around 50 minutes. Secondly, you donโ€™t need a special domestic appliance to become a part of a holiday. Everything you need is an oven and the motivation for a tasty dish. Thirdly, in case your relatives are on a diet, itโ€™s not a problem to make a sugar-free dish which will satisfy all the needs of your family members. The sugar can be replaced with sweetener or just removed. So, to prepare for the holiday, you should remember when is International Peach Pie Day 2022 is.

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By the way, different recipes in our modern world are just a bit of that many centuries ago. In medieval Europe, special pies with a live filing for the dinner parties were made. Frogs, squirrels, foxes, pigeons, swans, and other fauna were placed in the cake. It was designed to amuse the guests: when it was cut, animals and birds scooted and flew out in different directions.


P.P.D. is a nice opportunity to get tuned and come closer to your culinary culture. Nowadays, a successful person should be fully developed to participate in any discussion and even competitions. Thatโ€™s why it is recommended to gather your friends, colleagues, and relatives to share your experience and knowledge in the culinary industry. Moreover, it will help you to improve relations with superiors. Furthermore, we can try many pies around the world to compare and choose the tastiest one. It is believed that the best pies are made in the USA and Western Europe but they are completely different in the filling and the way of cooking.

Peach Pie Piece

Taking into account festivals and fairs held on this day, we have a nice fact for you. Since 1992, Harry’s Bar in Wigan has organized the annual Pie Federation. Initially, the title of the champion was appropriated to the one who ate, in a certain time, as many pies as possible. But in 2006, the rules were changed, and now, you need to eat only one cake for the minimum amount of time to become the winner of the championship.

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Understanding what is the date of National Peach Pie Day 2022 is probably the main tradition of the holiday. In ancient times, any dish could be called a pie. The dough was used only as a baking dish or as a storage container. Only a filling was edible, the dough itself was thrown away or given to the poor since the structure of the flour product was too rigid. Overtime, traditions, and technologies have been changed and now we can try hundreds of breathtakingly tasty pies. One of the traditions is to combine pie eating with tea drinking to extremely feel the flavor. The second tradition is about the fact pie cooking symbolizes the family unity and warmth of relations. So, pay attention to this holiday and create your own habits and traditions to follow year by year.

International Peach Pie Day Facts

  • The most expensive pie was made in the restaurant of the Fence Gate Inn hotel in Lancashire. As a filling, the chef used a rare type of peaches, Wagyu beef, mushrooms, black truffles, blue leg mushrooms from France and a sauce made from two bottles of the vintage Chateau Mouton-Rothschild wine of the 1982 harvest. The pie was decorated with an edible gold leaf. There were 8 guests who wanted to try the creation of the chef and paid 1,024 pounds sterling. The cake even got a place in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • In 1644, Oliver Cromwell forbade pies, because he believed this is one of the forms of paganism manifestation. Not all the pies were outside the law, but only those baked at Christmas. Also, the ban included Christmas dishes, like turkey and festive ale. The decree was repealed only in 1660.

To sum up, try to make your own fruit masterpiece on 24th of August and donโ€™t forget to check when is Peach Pie Day in 2022 with the calendar.


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