In the modern world there is a great amount of various holidays and some of them seem to be rather amazing or even surprising. For example, have you ever heard the answer to the question โ€œWhen is National Black Cat Day in 2022?โ€ Or perhaps, you are able to reply it immediately and without long thinking? As a rule, people canโ€™t do it unfortunately.

That is the main reason, why we are going to discuss this special occasion in details.


As you can understand it is impossible to answer the question โ€œWhen is International Black Cat Day 2022?โ€ properly without mentioning the historic background of this special occasion. At the very beginning we want to tell the readers that all cats of this kind have two types of pigment: black and yellow. They also give a typical gray color for many mammals. Black color in cats appeared due to a mutation at the genetic level. At the same time, the distribution of the yellow pigment in the cat hair has been broken.

National Black Cat Day

That is why animals of this type generally have nothing in common with otherworldly forces. Unfortunately, even such scientific facts canโ€™t convince many people, because of their faith in sorcery, magicians and other evil spirits.

October 27th is believed to be a special day of black cat protections. This holiday was first celebrated in European country, in Italy, in 2007. The activists proposed to introduce this holiday in connection with the annual death of several thousand of cats with this color of hair. It was done due to the superstition of citizens, especially before the famous event calledย  Halloween.


What does National Black Cat Day mean? Only a few of us are not familiar with the mystical image, that is attributed to a cat with black hair. As a rule, it involves a large number of prejudices, beliefs and signs. Frankly speaking, it is possible to find the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of Black Cat Day 2022?โ€ in the contemporary calendar of holidays where this event is surrounded by mysticism. Italian animal protectors contributed to its appearance. In accordance with their initiative, starting from 2007 we have been able to celebrate this day on October 27th. And it is kept annually and found support in many countries of the planet.

Halloween is celebrated in October, and number 17 is considered to be unfortunate for Italians. Since 2007 on October 27th the meetings have been held by citizens in order to protect black cats. By the way, if the people of this country take a black cat from the street, the association will help them financially.

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In Italy the history of cats began in ancient Rome. The emperors did not like cats. They held lions around themselves, and domestic weasel or snakes fought with mice. Ordinary citizens kept cats as pets. At the time of the Inquisition, these black animals were killed, considering to be demons. By the way, we canโ€™t but mention that poor pets were executed in the squares together with the owners.

But even now, in our times, black cats are often persecuted because of superstitious beliefs. According to the statistics data, the problem of black cat discrimination is rather urgent in Italy even nowadays. Believe you or not, but 8000 cats are killed every year. That is why the answer to the question, what day National Black Cat Day in 2022 is, is an attempt to draw the attention to the terrible contemporary problem.


There is no longer such an animal in the whole world, which would cause as much controversy as a black cat. The difficult fate of a representative of the genus of felines began in ancient times. In some nations, it is associated with witchcraft and hell. To keep this creature in the house was considered to be something like a behavior of a crazy person. The owner was immediately accused of dealing with the devil, and the animal was killed. Unfortunately, little has changed since then, and from time to time black cats have been exterminated by stupid humans.

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But in the world there are also places where such a living being is believed a lucky talisman. For example, in England, the presence of a black cat in the house guarantees a large number of admirers to the hostess. And in Scotland, a cat sitting on the doorstep means fast riches and success.

Some modern men and women believe in all these signs, some do not, but the cat does not care. It has been just born with black fur and wants to live like every other living creature on our planet.


When is Black Cat Day in 2022, calendar will help you to remember, but would you like to know how to celebrate this holiday properly? Frankly speaking, there is a great number of ways to do it.

At the very beginning we would like to mention than in Italy, there is a law on the protection of these animals from ill-treatment. If it is determined that the owner has left the animal outside, he/she will be imprisoned for one year and fined for 10,000 Euros.

Up to the present moment it is Italy that is considered to be the leader in the field of legislation on animal rights. For example, homeless animals are recommended to be sterilized and those people who feed street cats, have a definite status.

National Black Cat Day

Creating this holiday Italians are trying to make amends. The main events are held in Milan. On the main square there is a parade, the honored guests of which are the owners of black cats. You can also visit exhibitions of paintings devoted to cats. Some people prefer to organize picnics.

Black Cat Day Facts

There are more black cats in cities than in rural areas. The exact causes of this phenomenon have not been found yet, but the researchers suggest that such cats are more resistant to stress, they are calmer and friendly. So it is easier for them to get accustomed to urban fuss than their colored relatives.

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There is an option that the dark color does not allow them to mask effectively in the open spaces of fields, so in the city black cats feel more comfortable. Perhaps the stress resistance of the dark cats is associated with changes in the genes, but the otherworldly forces are certainly not involved in anything.

As a rule, various kinds of artists, who are considered to be a bit out of this world, do not care for superstitious abilities of these cats. For instance, the legendary John Lennon had the habit to give witty nicknames to his pets. It is known well that his black cat was named Salt, and a white one was named Pepper.

Not in all countries the black cat crosses the road to failure. There are places where these furry animals bring wealth, love and luck. For example, in Scotland it is believed that a black cat that has run into the house will bring prosperity and wealth.

Irish people will be pleased with the dark cat, running across the road. This is for good. And the British, who discovered a black cat on the porch, believe that soon they will be overtaken by unexpected wealth.

We canโ€™t but mention, that the dark hair of these animals makes black cats excellent hunters. They are much better than other representatives of this class. Why? โ€“ The matter is that in the darkness at night they are virtually indistinguishable. And that is an explanation why rodents have no chance. It is said that black cats are able to float on the seas on ships, catching rats in holds. They also live on granaries and warehouses with great success.


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