The proficient corporate policy let companies to get success and profit. Thus, every worker, who does his job up-to-the-mark, gains a certain part of appreciation. It is considered as normal in companies where chiefs are wise persons. Nevertheless, even if there are no any appreciative moments in the working process, employers may observe their professional holidays. One of such holidays appreciates a good work of system administrators. When is System Administrator Appreciation Day in 2022? What are the traditions of its observance?


This occasion is a relatively young holiday. In the 1990s there were no system administrators. They appeared with the development of computer technologies. The 1st observation took place in 2000. It was on the 31st of July.

The initiator of the occasion was Ted Kikatos. At that time he was a system administrator or sysadmin. Once he saw an advertisement in a professional magazine โ€œHewlett-Packardโ€. That article was accompanied by a picture. It described a sysadmin who was given a fruit-basket and flowers for his job. He installed new printers and his colleagues thanked him greatly. Ted Kikatos compared the reality with that picture because he had just done the same job. The man proposed to appreciate sysadmins at least at one day each year. The idea of this occasion was taken into account. It was a great idea. People chose a date for appreciating the colleagues.

System Administrator Appreciation Day

Various IT-organizations accepted the idea and began promoting it. Later the League of Professional System Administrator appeared. It also helped to promote the occasion. SNIPhub and USENIX made a good contribution into the promoting process.

Other companies, which activity was devoted to computer science, also took part in developing the date. Various contests and products were proposed then. People could get involved into the procedure if they wanted.

Filk-singers made a great amount of songs devoted to computers and sysadmins. People wrote such songs to appreciate the date, its observance. This holiday joined the list of Hallmark holidays. Its producers made lots of festive cards for this occasion.

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The holiday hasnโ€™t got a certain date. The best method to find it is writing a request in the internet โ€œWhat day System Administrator Appreciation Day in 2022?โ€ย  It is observed in July at last Friday. In 2022 itโ€™s set on the 31st of July.


What does System Administrator Appreciation Day mean to participants of a working process? The process of honouring a professional system administrator is a gratitude to a worker who has a great responsibility in every company. This employer is responsible for systemโ€™s functioning which controls the running of many departments.

This person works with servers, computer systems, various configurations. A person that deals with technical support, troubleshoot, upgrade and security, is to be appreciated. He protects his colleagues from different troubles and faults.

This professional deals with technical equipment which is beyond the reach of many colleagues. He makes a technical support for 24 hours, especially in companies which need such functioning.

Every system administrator has lots of everyday duties:

  • creating, managing, maintaining network structure;
  • troubleshooting;
  • supporting security of the whole functioning;
  • configuring software and hardware;
  • updating system;
  • analyzing potential logs, issues, other tasks.

This worker should be recognized for his endless work and great support of the co-workers. When is System Administrator Appreciation Day 2022? It is held on the last Friday of July.

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Twenty years ago the term โ€œsystem administratorโ€ was unknown to the majority of people. It wasnโ€™t in dictionaries. Years passed and it became necessary to explain the definition of a new popular profession. People were eager to accept a post of a sysadmin.

The term is accepted by other languages. People all over the world donโ€™t need a translation of this term. Itโ€™s a man/woman that deals with a computer system of a company. He/she is in charge of its upkeep, running and configuration. He/she pays a great attention to the local serverโ€™s functioning. Everything this worker deals with must be flexed to every co-worker without extra expenses.

A sysadmin must support security, provide automation and upgrade the whole system installing every new program. This worker also can help his co-workers to understand the local system. The staff if usually trained by system administrators.

Nowadays big companies have a department of IT support giving positions to several sysadmins. They usually have their own duties. They usually share their duties according to main tasks. There are administrators who separately deal with computer system support, web, security, network and database.


The people of this profession are usually very busy and havenโ€™t got much time to relax. They are to be ready to save the companyโ€™s system if there is a need. And it doesnโ€™t matter whether itโ€™s a day or night. They are to be appreciated at least once a year.

System Administrator Appreciation Day

Co-workers may invent their own traditions of appreciation. They also can use standard ways of observing the occasion. It is obviously that the beginning of the working process should be devoted to saying thanks to the IT department. What is the date of System Administrator Appreciation Day 2022? It is set on the 31st of July.

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Many companies have a tradition to start a working process from giving small presents to sysadmins. They are usually given souvenirs, such as corporate cups, T-shirts and office utensils. Thematic cards, confetti and balloons are also welcome.

Co-workers usually begin the working day with presenting a big cake to sysadmins. Itโ€™s not an obligation, but a wish and good will. There is an alternative to a cake. Lots of companies prefer to order a great amount of pizzas. As it is summer, colleagues can buy an ice-cream to refresh themselves.

Another way of celebrating the day is to make a small party after the working day. The staff can go to the picnic or watch a film together. Sometimes people who work in the IT department relax in bars and karaoke-clubs in their small company without the whole staff.

System Administrator Appreciation Day Facts

There are lots of interesting facts concerning the day and sysadmins. They are devoted to the history and traditions of the holiday and the duties themselves.

  • The initiator of the observance was Ted Kikatos who wanted to be appreciated for his job.
  • The holiday doesnโ€™t have a strict date. It is always set on the last Friday of July.
  • The first observance took place in 2000.
  • The system administration is very popular among the youth. Almost a half of graduates want to be a sysadmin.
  • 47% of sysadmins prefer to communicate with their co-workers by sending e-mails.
  • The holidayโ€™s symbol is a festive cake.
  • The most favourite beverages of people of this profession are beer (29%) and soda (19%).
  • These workers feel more satisfied while solving the problems than getting to work with new technologies.

If you want to appreciate your co-worker, ask the internet a question โ€œWhen is System Administrator Appreciation Day in 2022, calendar of observing?โ€


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