When is National Battery Day in 2020? This is a question, which canโ€™t be answered by many contemporary people. And it sounds like a really strange situation, as these items are used by men and women of various ages all around the planet. In some cases they canโ€™t even imagine their life without them. Are you among them? โ€“ If your reply is positive, it means that this article will be not only interesting, but at the same time rather useful for you.


We understand that the investigation of the question โ€œWhen is International Battery Day 2020?โ€ needs the explanation of the historical background of this event.

Frankly speaking, we have failed to find any substantial information about the establishers of this special occasion as well as the reason for celebration it on February 18th exactly. However, please, donโ€™t be upset, as we are going to tell you something really amazing.

The famous Italian scientists Alessandro Volta did not want to believe in the animal electricity postulated by his compatriot Luigi Galvani in 1780. In his turn he subjected his experiments with the flicking frog’s paws to a thorough check. Volta discovered that the source of the electric current is not in the animal tissues themselves, but in the chemical processes that occur between the electrodes of various metals.


As evidence, he constructed the element named after him, where alternating zinc and copper plates were transferred by cloth impregnated with hydrochloric acid. A potential difference was created at the outputs, summing up the voltage of all galvanic cells connected to the column.

The solution possessed conductivity, as positively and negatively charged elementary particles (ions) reacted in it. With this equipment of experience, an electric current appeared. It could cause the frog’s foot to twitch, but with the same success to provide a glow of the lamp.


What does National Battery Day mean? Oh, wellโ€ฆ Are you really sure that we will have the certain reply to this question? You see, in accordance with our point of view, it is almost impossible. Why? โ€“ Because nobody can force you to celebrate some holidays and to forget completely about the others.

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Our modern life seems impossible without electricity, which seems to be everywhere. It’s frightening even to think about what will happen if suddenly all electrical appliances disappear at once or become damaged.

Up to the present moment various types of power plants regularly provide current to the electrical networks, supplying necessary devices both at work and at home.

However, a modern person is never satisfied completely with what he/she has. As you understand it is not comfortable to be always tied to an electrical outlet. For full living we need electric lanterns, mobile phones, cameras and other devices that are usually used far from the source of electricity. Even small children know they are called batteries.

All in all, the situation is quite actual indeed. The contemporary scientists have calculated that one AA-size (finger-type) battery, which is usually thrown into a bucket rather than a disposal point, can pollute from 10-15 square meters of soil.

Is doesnโ€™t sound too dramatically, does it? โ€“ However, in fact this territory would be a home for two trees, a couple of moles, one hedgehog and several thousand earthworms. And now it is high time to calculate how many batteries are thrown out per year and multiply this number by what we have already mentioned above.


Talking about the matter devoted to what day World Battery Day in 2020 is, we have to explain our readers, why this holiday has to draw their attention.

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Here is a list of the main dangerous substances, which are contained in modern batteries:

  • Lead, one of the most harmful metals. It and its compounds are considered to be rather toxic with acute level of poisoning. In the case of it influence you will feel severe pain in the abdomen and in joints in general. And by the way it has the property of accumulating in the kidneys and bones gradually destroying them.
  • Cadmium is another very poisonous metal. As well as lead it is believed to be very toxic. When somebody is poisoned, vomiting and convulsions are possible. This substance also provokes the cancer development.
  • In the case like this there’s nothing to talk about. From early childhood everybody is frightened by this substance, when they put a thermometer. We do not think it’s necessary to explain that its mercury vapor has a strong influence on the brain, liver, kidneys and nervous system.


If you like, when is Battery Day in 2020, calendar will help you not to forget. The only thing you have to memorize is when February 18th comes. By the way this year it will happen on Sunday, and this fact simultaneously means that you will have the opportunity to organize and to create something really special or even terrific.

This holiday is considered to be non-official one that is why there is no need to wait for various speeches, events, contests and competitions organized on the state level. If you want to be involved, just try to discover something amazing for yourself. You see, nowadays there is a great amount of various documentaries, books, articles and TV programs, devoted to this theme.


If you are sure that there is nothing interesting concerning this direction, we want to argue with you. For example, have you ever heard about these items, but made of wood?

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The contemporary scientists have already discovered that the batteries made of tin-plated wood can store a huge amount of energy and at the same time be harmless to the environment. In Maryland, with the support of the University of Maryland and the American National Science Foundation, such ecological energy storage devices are being tested. In them, together with wood and tin, sodium is also supposed to be used instead of more expensive lithium, which will reduce their cost price. But, unfortunately, it will be impossible to assemble this clever device at home.

International Battery Day Facts

Discovering the problem concerning the matter โ€œWhat is the date of National Battery Day?โ€ we would like to demonstrate our followers as many pieces of amazing information as it is possible.

And today we propose you to discuss the various types of contemporary power sources. Initially we canโ€™t but mention that the kind of battery depends on the material it is made of and the type of active components arranged inside.

In general, the most typical batteries of AA category can be divided into 5 types:

  • alkaline;
  • lithium;
  • silver;
  • mercury;
  • salt.

The most popular are the last ones, as they are used by contemporary consumers daily. You see, with their help the TV remote control works, the wall clock shows the time and the flashlight is on. These batteries, as it has been already mentioned above, appeared at the end of the 20th century, they became the next step in the development of manganese-zinc models.

The alkaline ones were created in 1964. Their creator was the company Duracell. Up to the present moment it is heard by every consumer. The batteries of this brand are known to everyone and are in great demand. Such batteries are used by developers and creators of portable electrical engineering. With the help of them a wide variety of electronic devices are operated.


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