Do you like sweets? Do you eat them every day? Do you prefer to eat sweets for breakfast, dinner or supper? Thereโ€™s a huge amount of various sweets and desserts. Their main role is to please everybody. Children and women use sweets and candies most of all. It is connected with the hormonal factor. If a woman adores sweets, she can taste them on special days. Itโ€™s pleasant to eat sweet food during dates. The hero of the observance is any dessert or any kind of sweets. When is National Gumdrop Day in 2020?


It isnโ€™t known exactly when the holiday was initiated. The best variant or suggestion can describe the need to promote the candy. Thereโ€™re lots of producers which make such kinds of sweets. They propose different variants for children and adults. They may be of different forms and flavors. Every person can find a variant for himself.

Thereโ€™s a hypothesis that the event was organized in the second part of the 20th century. It is supposed that the idea to create a candy came in 1801. The following history of the invented variant is unknown. The creation of modern variant happened in 1915.


The start of the production happened due to the manufacturer and chemist P.S.Truesdell. He made starch and used it in the production of a gumdrop. The new sweetโ€™s texture was enhanced. At first the candy had been very hard to chew earlier. The chemist made it smooth. People got the opportunity to chew it with great delight. The inventor was named as the Gumdrop King. What day World Gumdrop Day in 2020? The holiday is observed on February, 15th.


What does National Gumdrop Day mean for children or adults? Every family should make the date a traditional observance. The range of events is great. It is obvious that the observance is able to unite families and other relatives. Every family can choose their favorite kind of candies. Every production can propose its own variant.

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The holiday is certainly a day of joke and delight, though theyโ€™re considered to be very harmful. People can use the date and eat cakes on the holiday. Such food can give a certain benefit to eaters. Sweets can certainly protect a person from strokes. Despite a high amount of calories, these sweets are even useful if a person will eat them for breakfast. It is said that sweet food can lower the blood pressure. People can become even healthier due to use of gumdrops. There is a diet when a person can lose weight by eating the candies only. Women can eat them for breakfast, dinner and supper and lower their weight.

If to take a special silicone form, it is possible to make candies at home. People can use different tastes and flavors. Every woman can please her children if she makes a gumdrop using sugar and fruits. Home-made candies are to be wrapped and presented to friends. When is International Gumdrop Day 2020? It is on February, 15.


The meaning of this occasion isnโ€™t a much demanded topic. Itโ€™s obvious to every child that the event should be spent with a huge amount of candies. They can be bought or made at home. Every person understands that itโ€™s a need to spend such joyful observances to be happy and glad. It is very pleasant when children are happy and merry. If they hear about the holiday, they are ready to eat candies at once. They are eager to choose their sweet favorites and have them during the whole day.

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There are many representatives of this kind of sweets. They are traditionally cone-shaped. They have a fruit flavor and different colors depending on the flavor. Gumdrops have the sugar cover. There are several kinds of spice drops. They are usually covered with mint and cinnamon. People eat sweets themselves and use them for decoration. It is very beautiful when a gingerbread house is decorated with small tasty colored balls. Cupcakes and cakes are also often presented with these drops.

Small candies are very popular in the whole world. Nevertheless, the Americans adore eating previous variants of gumdrops. They are rather large. They are Spearmint Leaves, Licorice Babies and Orange Slices. They have shapes according to their names and types. The first variant is similar to a leaf. The second candy is like a kewpie-doll. Orange Slices are similar to fruit slices. What is the date of National Gumdrop Day 2020? Itโ€™s on February, 15th.


The most appropriate way of celebrating the occasion is to buy many sweets. People can make them by themselves. It should be a great tradition to cook candies with sons and daughters. It isnโ€™t a very difficult deal, but it has to be very a creative process. Adults can make a list of preferred tastes and necessary products. It is obligatory to buy ingredients beforehand. Gumdrops are to be made beforehand too as they need a certain time to jelly.

Gumdrop line

Producers also use these sweets for decorating cakes, cakepops and other pastry. It is used in ice-cream and as a top of cookies. The sweets can be a great treat for friends, relatives and other guests. Every person can make a day of his colleagues merry and funny presenting them a pack of gumdrops. The idea to spend time in a sweet manner will be met gratefully in the educational establishments. Children are always eager to have small sweet treats, so they will be glad to spend a day with quizzes and active games.

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The idea to make a competition in schools and other educative centers is always accepted with great pleasure. Children can play and draw, they can sing and dance. The best competitors can get the biggest prizes. Other presents can be tasty drops.

If you like the idea of charity, you should make presents and give them to children in orphanages. They will be very pleased and grateful. They donโ€™t have treats very often. Make a surprise to your grandpas and grandmas. They will be very surprised to get such present. When is Gumdrop Day in 2020, calendar of events? Itโ€™s on February, 15th.

International Gumdrop Day Facts

  • Gumdrops can have anise, clove, citrus, cherry and grape flavor.
  • The first variant was made in the beginning of the 19th century, though it was very hard to eat.
  • At first there were 7 kinds depending on the flavors.
  • It is one of the most popular decorations for gingerbread houses.
  • Children will like to play Candy Land, a famous game where the candies are everywhere.
  • If you want to lose weight, you should rather eat these candies than juice. Sweets contain only 6% of sugar.
  • The largest candy contained more than 15 thousand calories. It was made by Branchโ€™s Candy.
  • The most famous brands are more than 50 years.
  • Thereโ€™re holidays devoted to other candies.
  • Hershey started in Philadelphia in 1871. The inventor was 19 years old.
  • This kind of sweets is free from fats.
  • Europeans eat more sweets than Americans. The Dutch eat more than 16 kilos of candies. Americans consume more than 11 kilos a year.
  • The invention of a lollipop took place in 1908. It was named after a horse.
  • The largest lollipop was made in 2003. It was more than 2 tons. It happened in Sweden.


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