When is National Bartender Day in 2020? โ€“ This is the question, which can be answered by all people around. And it is a sad thing in fact, because this profession is demanded in all contemporary institutions.

That is the main reason why we have decided to discuss this direction in details. Are you with us? We are starting.


Discussing the question โ€œWhen is International Bartender Day?โ€ we would like to demonstrate our followers a lot of interesting facts. As a rule, the readers are interested in the historical background of any special occasion.

To tell you the truth, we donโ€™t know who the establishers of this special occasion were. The information about the reasons to celebrate it on February 24th is also unavailable.

The first mention of drinking establishments is contained even in ancient manuscripts. For example, Lawman Hammurabi (the King of Babylonia in 1792-50 BC) in his articles dated 108-111 regulated the financial relationship between the owner of those places or the inn and his guests, as well as the question of finding the priestesses of love there. The first cocktails were made in Ancient Greece, diluting the wine with water.

Bartender and girls

So the habit of eating out has existed for thousands of years. All this time visitors were served either by the owners themselves or by hired workers. It was a common practice. As a rule, in the small institution the owners were able to cope themselves, however, when in the course of time the institution became large, it got to be more difficult and it was necessary to hire somebody.

The bar as a place where the visitor’s goal is not so much to eat, how to rest and drink, arose during the “gold rush” in the US. Then the prospectors spent almost all the time in the mines and in small, only emerged small towns stopped just for shopping. There at the shops there were bars where the mines could both have a drink and relax. It sounds really terrific, doesnโ€™t it? โ€“ Nobody usually knows that the common known bars initially were nothing but a place for minersโ€™ rest and leisure activity.

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What does National Bartender Day mean? To tell you the truth this is the most typical question, which appears when people find out about this holiday existence. But are you really sure that we are going to answer it instead of you? Nothing but this. โ€“ Why? โ€“ The matter is that in general it is up to you to decide what holidays to celebrate and which ones can be forgotten completely.

All in all, the word “bar” comes from the English language. It means a small restaurant or a cafe with drinks and snacks. The people, who serve the orders of visitors, are called bartenders. In Europe, this profession came at the end of the 20th century and was firmly entrenched.

Nowadays bar counters with drinks are available in almost every entertaining institution, as well as in restaurants and cafeterias.

On one side this work seems to be easy and uncomplicated. But this is an erroneous vision. The modern professional specialist knows not only the huge amount of preparation of various cocktails and drinks, but also the purpose of dishes, as well as the rules of serving.

In many institutions these people show a real show-freestyle. The barman, during the preparation of the drink, skillfully juggles bottles and dishes, uses decorative fruit or fire. It pleases the public and increases the attendance of the place. Such bartenders are very much appreciated in clubs, restaurants and different kinds of entertainment establishments.


Investigating the matter concerning the theme what day World Bartender Day in 2020 is we would like to tell you about this kind of profession in details.

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In addition to direct service to visitors to the bar, the bartender should maintain cleanliness at the workplace as well as observe the daily routine. The barman works with the cashier and calculates the proceeds.

The duties of this person include

  • the processing of applications for missing food in the bar, drinks, utensils;
  • the receipt of goods from suppliers, from the warehouse.

This specialist should know the recipe of all drinks and dishes presented in the bar in order to answer the relevant questions of the customers. A man or a woman needs to have a medical book and periodically undergo physical examinations.

In general nowadays everyone can work as a bartender. For this it is necessary to pass the appropriate courses and work as an assistant barman for a while. In the future, a barman can get freestyler or sommelier skills. The level of the institution, where he/she works, will determine the salary and further prospects. And the availability of higher education and professionalism of the bartender gives the prospect of opening your own business or becoming a co-owner of an institution.


When is Bartender Day, calendar is ready to remind, that is why there are no reasons for being worried about as to this matter. The holiday is celebrated on February 24th every year that is why you can be involved any year you like and want.

Wellโ€ฆ As the holiday is not an official one, there are no any traditions and rules on the state level. However, please, donโ€™t be upset. Take this day as a chance to invent and to start something special for you surrounding.

All in all there are two way to spend February 24th in a proper way. Some people like to visit bars and to spend the evening there. Others, on the contrary, give preference to their own tastes. โ€“ They stay at home and try to prepare a cocktail by themselves.

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It is up to you to decide what variant to choose.


International Bartender Day Facts

Investigating the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Bartender Day 2020?โ€ we would like to represent you as much amazing information as it is possible.

Cocktails in their modern meaning and interpretation came to us from America either. And it happened a long time ago in 1862. Why exactly this year is considered to be a starting point. The explanation is quite simple in fact.

The specialists found out that the very first barman’s Bible was published there. It was the first book, which contained a whole set of information concerning various drinks. In that edition everybody was able to find the recipe of any cocktail as well as a great amount of professional barman recommendations. By the way we can’t but mention that this edition has been used until now, and some cocktails taken from it have already become classic.

The work of this person is in constant noise and among a large number of people. Therefore, he/she must have good memory in order not to confuse orders. Like any catering worker, this specialist should be neat and keep cleanness at the workplace.

Al the same time the barman should be a charming, sociable person, able to support any conversation or start it. A sense of humor and artistry is very welcome. At the same time, you need to be prepared for a quick and peaceful settlement of disputes and conflicts in the bar.

Depending on the nature of the institution in which the barman has to work, he must be ready for night shifts, work on holidays and weekends.

Work at night, tips and a floating schedule give freedom, allow you to combine work with study and lead a bohemian way of life. This is a real set of advantages in the modern life.


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