Special occasions don’t happen very often. Nevertheless, they are always welcome by everyone. People usually try to celebrate these occasions to make their lives happier and merrier. They have special food and drink for such occasions. It’s an ordinary situation when the occasion is met with a special bottle of champagne or wine. If you don’t have a special date for opening the taken-away bottle, do it on a specially initiated day in February. When is National Open That Bottle Night in 2020? When is it observed?


The start of the holiday was a planned action. Every alcohol fan can find it in the unofficial calendar. It is a great chance to open a bottle that was presented or bought. The holiday can’t be official or governmental, though it can give wonderful emotions to everyone.

The glorious day was initiated by two journalists who worked for Wall Street Journal. Those two people wrote articles for a column. They were J.Brecher and D.Gaiter. Those journalists invented a special occasion in 1999.

The initiators of this holiday noticed that their idea was prompted by the readers’ letters. People admitted that they had wonderful beverage but they didn’t have an idea when they should taste it. People couldn’t choose a day when they could pull corks out. They saved bottled for someday. The reasons of such phenomenon were different but the result was the same. Special bottles kept on becoming dusty.

Open That Bottle Night

The journalists were tended to think about the people’s habit to hide interesting and dear things even if they’re food or drinks. They had to invent a special date which could become common for everybody. Every person who doesn’t know exactly what to do with the expensive wine should follow the tradition proposed by two columnists. The need of common opening the hidden bottles was obvious. Brecher and Gaiter proposed to pull the corks on a week-end in February. Later they got many letters from the whole world with stories and photos with coveted wine. “What day Open That Bottle Night in 2020?” it’s on the last Saturday in February, on the 29th.

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What does Open That Bottle Night mean? It is a tradition in many countries to storage wine or champagne which are presented during memorable days. People usually hide such bottles and don’t open them for months and even years. This strange habit is common for people of many nationalities. The reasons are various. Some individuals don’t want to part with their memories. They adore thinking that they have something special which was got during the most pleasant moments of their lives. Other people adore hiding something expensive. If they can’t afford delicious and recherché beverage, they prefer not to uncork it.

Haven’t you ever known the rules of storage of wine and other beverages? Even the most delicious wine can become the sour liquid because of the wrong storage. Taste and flavor can become awful if the wine have been stored in wrong conditions for a great period of time. “We have stored the wine from our marriage though it was 25 years ago”. Such phrase is so frequent. “And what? Haven’t you found any remarkable date or occasion during your marriage life?”

The owners of vineyards insist on the necessity of opening the dearest beverages during the greatest occasions. If you haven’t got any, open it in February. The main goal is to have pleasure from the beverage. It isn’t necessary to uncork the most expensive bottle, you should drink the beverage which is connected with the sweetest memories. When is International Open That Bottle Night 2020? The occasion is on February, 29th.


The name of the holiday is rather clear for everybody. Some questions can rise as to “that bottle”. Many people can think that a special that bottle exists and it has to be open. So, it’s the only problem which can lead a person to misunderstanding. If you don’t know what beverage to take, you should open the most important and dearest for you. If you don’t have such variant, you can buy the bottle which you haven’t ever tried but always wanted to. You can choose either wine or champagne.

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The words in the holiday’s name are habitual to every man who speaks English. The term “bottle” can be clear to English-speaking people. The word has been used for many centuries. It was used at first in Middle English in the 14th century. The term is the derivation of the Latin variant. The noun is traditionally used in the meaning of a container which is mainly glass or plastic. It was designed for storage any liquid. The thing has got a mouth and a neck.

The term is also used in the meaning of the amount of liquid. It is also the contents of a plastic or glass container. People also can use the word in the meaning of the alcoholic beverage. The word can also be used as a verb. In such a use it means “to pour into”.

What is the date of Open That Bottle Night 2020? It’s on the 29th of February.


The event is observed annually in February. People free their hidden bottles and follow the tradition of enjoying the remarkable beverages. These actions give a majority of sweet memories and pleasant trips. They have more than sweet memories. They feel the tastiest moments of their lives again. It’s not just the liquid. It preserves relationships and important places. Why not to feel all these moment once more.

old bottles

You can follow the advised plan of the day to be able to participate in the event. First of all, you are to choose the appropriate variant. Don’t take the most expensive bottle. The best variant is to open the dearest beverage. It may be even a home-made variant. You should think about the most recognized dates in your family and take out the bottle closely connected with the event. If the beverage is very old, let it to stand aside without light. It will let the sediment sink to the bottom.

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The next what you should do is to get information about the rules of drinking the concrete sort of the beverage. White and red wine aren’t to be overchilled. Find the best opener to avoid the cork breaking. It’s better to cook something delicious for the dinner. You can also think about fruit and desserts.

If you want to share the moment with your favorite friends or relatives, you should welcome them beforehand. This evening will become the next remarkable moment in your life. You can also share the moment in Twitter or Facebook. If you get information on When is Open That Bottle Night in 2020, calendar of the family holidays will be filled with this new tradition.

National Open That Bottle Night Facts

  • The sex life can be improved with the help of wine. But don’t drink too much.
  • The largest amount of red wine is bought in China.
  • The best winemakers were the monks from the Benedictine order.
  • It is a tradition to name the beverage after its geographical origin in Europe. If the wine isn’t made in Europe, it’s usually named after the sort of grapes.
  • Females can get drunk of wine faster than men.
  • The discovery of wine took place more than 6 thousand years ago in the Middle East.
  • “Oenophobia” is a phobia of wine.
  • The word “aroma” is used for young wines and “bouquet” is to describe mature wines.
  • The first producer of wine in the world is France.

Hold the glass by its stem not to raise the temperature of the beverage.


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