All in all there are many ways to please our beloved pets. Usually the people, who have an animal at home, know for sure how to achieve the best results and as a rule prefer to do is as often as it is possible.ย  This is of common knowledge, but are you ready to answer the question โ€œWhen is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day 2020?โ€ without our prompts? To tell you the truth we are almost sure that you are going to reply negatively now, that it why we have made a decision to discover the theme in details.


We know for sure that the question โ€œWhen is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day?โ€ needs some explanations and clarifications. The historical background is among the most requested directions.

Frankly speaking we donโ€™t know who the establishers of this special occasion were and this holiday has to be celebrated in some circles on February 23rd exactly. However, some contemporary experts believe, that initially it was nothing but a very successful marketing decision, which was organized by the specialized sop or definite trade mark to getting an exceptional profit from selling.

All in all the first biscuits for dogs appeared in the stores in the middle of the 19th century. In was an initiative of the American dog lover called James Spratt. However, his first manufacture he launched not in the native country, but in the distant United Kingdom.

Dog and Biscuit


What does National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, we are not sure that we are able to do it instead of you. All in all it is up to you to decide whether to celebrate this special occasion or to forget completely about its existence.

Before starting to choose a suitable recipe, you need to pay attention to some features of cooking these useful delicacies for the pet:

  1. Biscuits should not be too hard. This point is especially important if you are going to prepare a home delicacy for a small puppy.
  2. Mind that any spices are taboo. No pepper, no salt, no garlic, no other spicy ingredients should be added to the dog’s menu in principle, and cookies are no exception. All these components can irritate the walls of the stomach and intestines and with constant use they even cause some serious diseases. Salt affects the overall performance of the kidneys and the heart of the animal. Dried garlic contains a toxic substance for pets called thiosulfate. In general, it is better not to take risks.
  3. As responsible owners, of course, you should know about the ingredient (s) that causes an allergic reaction in the pet.
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Discovering the matter concerning the question what day National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day in 2020 is we would like to demonstrate you as many important facts as it is possible.

In accordance with the specialistsโ€™ points of view, properly cooked delicious dishes belong to the category of products that do not harm the health of the pets. For example, taking into account the composition, we can say that the wastes from sausages, which contain a large number of harmful additives, badly affect the digestive system of the dog.

If a person eats it, he/she does not even mind, but the animal may get many problems. By the way, we shouldnโ€™t forget that various sweets, like chocolate, candies and cakes, are also included in the “TOP” of prohibited products.

Small things can be used as encouragement in the process of training the pet for different commands. This activity can significantly speed up the process of mastering the new commands and training as a whole.

The important thing is that cookies, like any other dry food, cause a small “dryness”, and especially in the hot summer period. Therefore, walking your pet outside it is recommended to catch a bottle of water for your four-legged friend.

The properly prepared cookie has a soft texture that is a little bit like sponge cake. It does not crumble, so it is very convenient to use it during various competitions, contests and shows, as well as at the time of joint walks and other activities.

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When is Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, calendar is always ready to share this information. In fact it is not a problem, but only some contemporary people know for sure how to celebrate February 23rd in a proper way. Are you among them? Oh, donโ€™t get upset, please, as we are going to introduce you some interesting pieces of advice concerning this matter.

However, at the very beginning we would like to mention that being unofficial this event is considered to have a fixed date, which correspondingly means that you can be involved any year you like.

As a rule, all of us want to treat our pets with something delicious. If for some reason you do not trust the ready-made delicacies or you want to give them something, cooked personally, homemade cookies are the best option. Devote February 23rd to baking and today we will give you some proven recipes that will only bring joy and no harmful substances to your home animals.

In general baking cookies is considered to be a great chance to spend time with the whole family or in the circle of close friends.

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day Facts

Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of World Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day 2020?โ€ we would like to give our readers some recommendations as to these yummy things preparation manner.

That’s the time to share a few mouth-watering ways to please the pets. These biscuits are based on beef, which, by the way, will taste not only for dogs, but for cats as well.

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Dog Biscuit

Beef cookies need only 3 ingredients:

  1. Beef liver (100-200 g.);
  2. 1 egg;
  3. Flour to your taste.

Letโ€™s try to prepare the delicacy. – First of all grind the liver pieces in a blender or pass them through a meat grinder. After that we have to add an egg into the resulting mass and mix everything well. Donโ€™t forget about the flour. The mixture shouldnโ€™t be too liquid. We bring it to a condition suitable to making “cutlets”. Create the balls and put them on a baking sheet and press by the palm. Cook them in the oven for 25-30 minutes, under the temperature of 180 degrees.

The important thing is that the baking time depends on the size of the biscuit. The more it is, the more time it will take to completely bake.

After preparation, our delicacy should turn out to be rather dry, but not firm. It should be broken well, and look like black bread.

If you are going to prepare oat biscuit for your pets, all the ingredients can be found in any store. There are only five of them:

  1. Banana (1 item).
  2. Milk (200 ml).
  3. Eggs (2 items).
  4. Flour (a very small handful).
  5. Oatmeal flakes.

In order to prepare the delicacy: we take a banana and grind it in a blender. Then add the milk and mix thoroughly. Then we perform a similar action with the eggs. At the very end add flour and oatmeal. The mass should become thick.

After that, according to the scheme mentioned above, lay out cookies on the baking sheet, set the oven at 180 degrees and bake for 25-30 minutes.

Everything is simple and useful. Banana gives some sweetness to this cooked delicacy. Donโ€™t forget that sugar, honey and other sweeteners are rather harmful to the pet. That is why the delicacy doesnโ€™t need them.

That’s all the tricks. Choose which of the ingredients are more suitable for your dog and start cooking. The four-legged will be delighted!


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