We all have sometimes noticed that the day is always of a different time. When we get up to work in winter, for example, it is usually very dark and uncomfortable and there is so little time left when there is sunlight. But when spring and summer come, the day becomes longer, there is more light during the whole day and we practically see no darkness and feel more comfortable. It all happens because of different natural events, and about one of them we would like to talk today in the article further. The speech will go about June Solstice and we will know, when is June Solstice in 2019 and other details, concerning this particular day.

June Solstice

Background and scientific explanation

So, there are, if they can be called in such a way, a pair of “types” of the solstice, which happen in the northern or southern hemisphere. The first one is called Winter Solstice, which, as you could guess, happens in winter, in December, in particular. And the second one happens in summer and we will talk closer about it. If speaking about summer and to be more concrete, we can observe it usually in the middle of June. For those, who doesn’t understand, what does this all mean, we would like to explain that this is a day when the day is the longest in the whole year, and the night is, on the contrary, the shortest in the year. After it, the day starts becoming a bit shorter till winter solstice, and the nights become longer.

As people are always waiting for this period, they firmly know, what day June Solstice in 2019 is. It is June 21st. We will return to this point a bit later and speak about the influence of this event on people and their lives. But now it is time to pay attention to some other facts, which are both interesting and important. Certainly, it is also good to know, how it all works. Though it is a scientific information, it makes much sense and is interesting too.

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So, people at any point on the planet can observe this event. It means, that the solstice happens because of Sun, goes it’s a round every year and at a particular time appears or stops for more than a usual at a particular point. Respectively, when is June Solstice 2019, it means, that the Sun reached its point in the North pole, and on the contrary when the solstice is in winter – the Sun reached its point in the South Pole.

As these points are different in different parts of the Earth, then different countries have various dates of this event. For example, in one of the states of the USA, the time will go for a middle of this day, but if it concerns somewhere in the center of Europe it will happen in the morning.

So, all this is a really interesting thing and many people are getting ready to see it. Because of the circumstances, we have just described, the dates of the solstice may also vary not only on different territories. As the Sun goes the whole circle annually, but the time is always different from the previous time, the dates also change and every year it will be different. That is why scientists calculate properly, what is the date of June Solstice 2019 and watch for other factors, which may influence this event.

Traditions and celebrations around Solstice

This event has always attracted people’s attention and for years they treated it very much. At early times people thought it as a sign of Gods and prayed them. A bit later the attitude changed a bit, but nevertheless, it was very important and they tried to organize numerous things around it. For example, in some countries, people have festivals, connected with this natural phenomenon. Different nationalities have their own traditions of celebrating this day. Some of them are really very interesting, many people visit them and take part. For many people, it is a real holiday when you can relax, have fun and be happy that the summer has come.

June Solstice

The traditions can be totally different. There is no some unique symbol or sign for this holiday. Every area, every city do something, which they invent on their own. Some of them may also try to make some symbols, which are suitable here in their opinions. But all in all, people just want to have fun and are happy that they long lasted for the summer to come.

What else should be mentioned and discussed is how this thing influences people’s minds. It is a very important question because it really matters and is proved by specialists of various spheres, like medicine and psychology. Coming off summer or warm seasons influences positively people’s minds and state of health. There were numerous researches, which have proved this fact. People are always thinking of the day when the day will be longer as much as possible when it will be more light, where they will be able to see much sunlight. First of all, certainly, it makes the mood better. When a person sees much sunlight, he is happier, his thoughts are purer and the life seems better and easier.

The second moment is that all this psychological state influences the state of health and body on the whole. Some illness conditions may be cured just thanks to these external factors. In winter, for example, people are ill more than in summer. In a warm period of time, it is easier to be healthy and support this state. It all also is proved if you observe people’s lives in warm countries, who see the sun during the whole year – they are always happy, they smile a lot and even have more positive thinking and attitude towards their lives. Thought they also watch for when is June Solstice in 2019, the calendar will give such kind of information to them. You can also know more interesting information about such a natural phenomenon.


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