How many holidays, celebrated worldwide do you know properly? The answers will be different if asked in different people. But it doesnโ€™t even matter because practically all of you do not know at least a half of those days, which are celebrated in many places around the globe. And today we would like to tell you one thing, which you will add to your storage of knowledge and discuss a funny good holiday. Maybe somebody has ever heard about it sometimes or even took part in the celebrations. The speech will be about the holiday itself and we also will know, when is Chicken Dance Day in 2022 and how does the holiday began at all.

It all sounds funny or unreal, right? We could agree with you, but nevertheless, such holidays should take place and make people laugh and be happy a bit longer than usual. During such days there are able to forget about their problems for a bit and have fun with their families or just company of friends. So, letโ€™s move further and decide the details of it all. We will discover the sense of the holiday, its beginning and what and why do people do. Let this funny article also make you happy and make you laugh a bit too.

Chicken Dance Day 2017

Background or why it all began

First of all, letโ€™s discover some things from the very beginning. It is not difficult to guess from the name of the holiday, what is it about. Chicken Dance โ€“ it is a rather well-known name. Every child from early ages knows this dance and knows, how to dance it. Adults also remember these movies from their childhood and it will be easy for them to repeat it at any time without any preparations. How does it look like? We will describe for those, who is suddenly unaware of it all (maybe such people exist): you should put your arms under the armpits. In such a way your hands will look like chicken โ€œwingsโ€. In such a way you begin to โ€œdanceโ€ flapping your wings as if a bird.

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Right you are, it looks extremely funny and extremely stupid! But if looking from aside, it is worth seeing. Those, who take part in such dancing, really enjoy everything that is happening and treat it all with humor. And they are right โ€“ why not, by the way? Such people always know, what day Chicken Dance Day in 2022 is.

This so-called dance is very popular among all generations and people of totally different ages and characters. It is like a โ€œdrugโ€ when someone hears the melody, they unconsciously want to dance immediately. Also it a positive thing that the song and dance are suitable for totally different atmospheres and events. People will support the idea at weddings, parties of all sorts, on festivals, etc. It is a checked fact!

It is an ace in the sleeve for any leading if people are bored or it is hard to make them having fun or taking part in the competitions or events.

The beginning of it all can be named the 1970es. At that time not a very well-known music group has recorded a song, which was called โ€œA Duck Songโ€. When it came to the radio stations and people heard it, they liked it so much, that the copies were sold extremely quickly and the song has been spread further. Later at some time when is was obvious that people like it so much and dance, it was made a decision to try the song on the Oktoberfest. To support the event, it was offered to wear duck costumes right there and dance. But the problem was that the costumes were not enough for everybody and people decided to wear the costumes of chickens instead. With the time it all influenced what we see now. After that the song was named โ€œChicken Songโ€ and it has been left till now.

Celebrations and other silly things

This is the whole history, nothing extremely special. As you can see, nobody wanted to create a special holiday, dedicated to something and there nothing happened, which meant an important day in the history. It was just coincidence, so people decided โ€œWhy not?โ€ Also, it is an interesting question about the inventor of the dance itself. But nobody still canโ€™t name this person and he remains unknown for such a long periods of time.

Chicken Dance Day

It is hard to say, how and when these traditional moves appear and why do people love such a simple thing, unlike many others. There are no researches, articles and other information, which could make it possible to find this information out. Though people nowadays know well, when is National Chicken Dance day 2022.

There is also one interesting thing, which you are able to check on your own. When you open the Internet, people around the globe shoot videos, which can teach you how to do the chicken dance. They are really funny and raise your mood. Also, there are plenty of videos with the celebrations of this holiday and what do people do at this day. You can also find at least some time and to find things out. Have fun a bit and maybe you become a bit happier watching these people doing silly things.

As to the traditions of celebrations, they are quite obvious, as we have discussed all this a bit earlier. We have forgotten to mention, what is the date of Chicken Dance Day 2022. Annually it is celebrated on May 14th. It is a day full of smiles, dancing, and silly things! Certainly, it is not a day off, but it doesnโ€™t interrupt peopleโ€™s plans to fool around whole day long โ€“ they just go to the streets, cafes, shop and wherever they can and start dancing. The Chicken Song is heard everywhere. Even those, who are looking calmly and are shy for the first time, canโ€™t stand watching all this and try to take part in this event! Maybe you will become a part of this one day and understand it too!


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