One of the most interesting and important holidays of the year is devoted to the Woman. There’s no difference if a female is a little girl or an old woman. It is obviously very pleasant for every woman and girl to get presents, flowers and other surprises. Every husband, son, boyfriend and father can pay much attention to his woman. The best occasion to congratulate dear women is International Women’s Day. When is International Women’s Day 2020?


The history of the occasion is exactly known as this holiday is accepted on the governmental level by many countries. The start of the observance took place on the 8th of February in 1909. The organizer of the event was the US Socialist Party. The idea of a special day when women could express their wishes and rights appeared due to the demonstration which happened in 1909. More than 15 thousand females organized a special march when they could tell their demands to governors. They concerned their salaries and working conditions. They differed greatly from the men’s ones. Women got less money for their work and had to spend much time to earn money.

Women’s Day

The initiator of the occasion was the leader of the German Social Democratic Party, Clara Zetkin, who proposed the idea of the holiday. She proposed the idea that women were to be thought about at least once a year. The idea was accepted by the representatives of almost 20 countries. The first countries to participate the occasion were Switzerland, Germany and Denmark. The first event took place on the 19th of March.

Three years later the holiday was moved to the 8th of March. The date was accepted by many countries. The UNO accepted the event only in 1975. The organization proposes a new theme every year. “What day National Women’s Day?” The Tradition is observed on March, 8.    


What does National Women’s Day mean? The holiday is a great time to make something pleasant to every woman of a family and female colleagues. It is the time when men can express their feelings and care. It is true that care must be given always but it’s often difficult to find time for that. Career, hard work and other troubles always take time and attention. The holiday is the day when men stop thinking about their problems and devote their time to their women.

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It is the time when women can get the presents which they have been thinking and dreaming about. They can ask their men about small or big surprises or various travels. The occasion isn’t provided only for presents and other material benefits but also for expressing numerous demands.

The initial sense of the occasion has been slightly preserved. It was initiated as the event when females’ demands could be heard and taken into account. Suffragists could express their thought and wishes. They could press the governmental forces and get some benefits. It is the time when important problems are discussed. Important decisions are made on the day.

The best way of celebrating the day is to give the dearest men the opportunity to make the day perfect for their women. They can start the date with the tastiest breakfast and finish it with a visit to a restaurant or to a local theatre. Flowers are also important on the day. When is International Women’s Day 2020? It’s on the 8th of March.


The meaning of the holiday is very clear for every person in the world. It isn’t a strange holiday. There few countries that don’t celebrate the occasion. The majority of the states preserves the tradition and follows it on the governmental level.

The word “woman” is explained in many vocabularies. The word has got many transformations before getting the modern form and meaning. The term means “male human”. The term “man” had a neutral meaning which meant a human itself. It didn’t concern a gender. The transformation of the meaning started in the 13th century. The first meaning concerned a female who was married.  

The term has even got its own symbol. It is used in biology. The formation of the symbol took place in the Greek culture. It was the symbol from the Old-Greek myths. The mark was also used for femininity. The symbol is used in medicine and other spheres.

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The term is used to describe a female who is above 18. Earlier a female is a girl. The start of its use took place in the 16th century. If a woman is unmarried, she can also be named as a girl. In some cultures the word “woman” also refers to a female who has already passed the menarche. These are teenagers of 13-14 years, though in European countries females of such age are named as girls.

What is the date of World Women’s Day? It’s on the 8th of March.


The holiday is traditionally held in many countries. The date is provided to celebrate a huge amount of achievements that were made by women. The contribution has been made by women from different countries and nations. The occasion is also referred as the day of peace and women’s rights. The UNO depicts these achievements to the public during various conferences in many countries.

Numerous events are held on the date in the world. Women are always congratulated during the day. The occasion is a great time for female scientists, politicians, businesswomen and other authoritative females to express their thoughts. They talk during conferences, breakfasts and luncheons. Evenings are usually devoted to parties and festive dinners. Main topics which are highlighted are the importance of education and freedom of females.

quote about Women

Educational establishments also give many opportunities for children to prepare for the holiday. Children, especially, boys make different hand-made presents for their mothers, sisters and grandmothers.

Many countries accept the holiday as the public one when people have a day-off. They can celebrate the occasion as they want. They usually meet with their friends. Families often attend concerts and festivals.  TV-channels also propose many various festive programs and concerts. Men prepare festive dinners for their beloved females.

When is Women’s Day in 2020, calendar gives lots of events. They are held on the 8th of March.

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International Women’s Day Facts

There are many reasons to celebrate the occasion. There are several facts about females that are worth the public attention.

  • It is the fact that two people who have got the highest IQs are women.
  • It is proved that females speak 7 thousand words more than men. The average amount of words is 20 thousand.
  • In 2017 the film devoted to a female superhero was directed. It was “Wonder Woman”.
  • Females drive safer than men. They have less penalties and road accidents. The British statistics shows that the ratio of accidents is 4:5.
  • Men live less than women. They live 5 years less than their wives.
  • It is proved that the females’ brain is 2 years mature than males’. It is explained by the higher amount of estrogen.
  • Women are great fans of sex. They would like to have sex three times a week.
  • According to the statistics, there are more females than men in Russia.
  • Women are more tolerate to pain. They can stand cold, heat and pain itself longer than an average man can do.
  • A female can be a better leader than a male. They are more trustworthy and compassionate. Medicine is also for them.


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