World Retina Week

For more than 10 years in a row, September 24 is celebrated all over the world World Retina Week. This week is held to raise public awareness of the most common degenerative diseases of the retina.

The inner membrane of the eye, which consists of a large number of cells sensitively responding to light rays, is called the retina. It is on the retina that the image is projected through the cornea and the lens, which is then replaced by nerve impulses and transmitted to the brain. Already in the human brain, the received impulses are identified and become visual images. Among all vision disorders, retinal defects are the most dangerous because they can cause complete vision loss.

This week is another opportunity to take care of your eyes and visit an ophthalmologist or family doctor. In modern life, we are used to straining our vision by sitting for hours on the phone and in front of monitors. But few people remember that the eyes need a caring attitude.

World Retina Week
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