Do you want to speak in the clear and beautiful way, without the unnecessary words and repetitions? Then start your way of the speech repairing with the following holiday!

When is National Thesaurus Day in 2018?


The history of the thesauruses dates back to the ancient times. The very first collection of the synonyms is believed to belong to the hand of Philo of Byblos. A correct compliance with the thesaurus’s definition also has the opus written in the 6th century and called the Amarakosha. Speaking of the modern versions, the first work dedicated to the English language’s wealth was created in the beginning of the 19th century and published in the middle of the period. Although there is no mention on the point of the holiday’s origin and development, it still exists and we gathered as much information as possible to initiate you into the details of the observance.



WhatdoesNationalThesaurusDaymean? It means spending your day speaking correctly and diversely and adopting that habit for future.

What is the expressiveness of the speech? It is the characteristics of its structure that allow strengthening the impression of what was just said or written, drawing attention and causing interest of the partner, influencing not only the mind but also the feelings of the people. It is known that the best way to vary your conversations is to avoid the monotony. Andinthatcase, thehelpersarethesynonyms. In the real life, as well as on the Internet, the people first estimate you by your look and then by your skill of expressing your thoughts. Where do you find the most detailed collection of the synonyms? In the thesauruses, of course!

The popularity of the communication through the Internet and the messengers – where we need just to express the essence of the matter – makes the speech poor. The chopped sentences, shortenings, corrupted words, loanwords and the obscene word combinations – all these entail the decrease of the level of literacy of the population. It is especially noticeable among the youngsters that replace the reading with the computer games and the live communication with that in the chats. They can’t write the words correctly and, on top of that, they can’t give the appropriate and beautiful verbal form to their ideas! This tendency is very dangerous and can cause the problems not only for one person but also for the society as a whole. That’s why everyone should be responsible for their own self-development that starts with the literate speech.

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The synonyms are the words that have the same meaning yet are written differently. For example, describing a person who took part in the World War II, we can say that they are firm, brave, courageous, gallant, manly… All of them are close in the meaning. They describe the character of the man from one side. In the same way, we can find the synonyms for the word “to work”. Tolabor, toil, poreover, sweatover, slaveaway. As we can see from that example, the synonym could contain more than one unit – two, three or even five.

When is International Thesaurus Day 2018? Let’s find it out! Or discover?


The thesauruses are the special kind of the dictionaries that show the semantic links, such as the synonyms, antonyms, paronyms and etc., between the lexical units.

The language gives us the infinite opportunities for expressing the most various thoughts, feelings, and moods. There are thousands of the means that allow us to say one thing in ten other ways! The synonyms are so useful. Nice, excellent, exquisite, first-rate, splendid, amazing, cool, and it’s all about the word wonderful.

But you see that the aforementioned words are not equal. The splendid and first-rate express the feature in a stronger sense while using of the cool is not welcomed in the official conversations. Yet if the author writes a book for the youngsters and does not want them to sleep over the first pages, they can use these units without hesitation.

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Why do we need the synonyms from the thesauruses? They perform several functions. First is the substitution – the author can replace the word with the one close by the meaning and thus bring the notes of the diversity and avoid the boring repetitions. It’snotthesinglefunctionthat thesynonymspresent. As we have already said, the words can express the different semantic tones thus letting us present our ideas in the verbal form more accurately. Thisistheclarifyingfunction. Then, there is the stylistic function. Using these or those words-substitutes, the author is able to adhere to the certain style of the text and give some of the verbal units more vivid colors.

Regardless of what day World Thesaurus Day in 2018 falls on, look into that book more than once in a year.

But in the official documents, it’s better not to use the informal speech while in the literary work it is allowed. For example, “to throw with force” could be changed for “to fling”, “to fall with the muffled sound” for “to plop down”, “to slap gently” for “to give a pat”.

Thesaurus Helps

How to find the synonyms? Well, we’ve sorted it out why we need them, now is the turn of where and how we choose them. If you have a quite wide vocabulary, then it would not be a problem to you. Just imagine the thing or occurrence you want to describe in your mind and try to build the chain of the associations. For example, let’s take the following word combination – the reckless driver. At once, we have the associations such as the speed, danger, recklessness, risk. How can we characterize the person who tends to make the risky actions? One of the versions is the word crazy. Indeed, the crazy driver seems to fit the context, doesn’t it? However, we can’t say the careless driver as the meaning would be changed totally. They might be the heedless or absent-minded car enthusiast, in that case.

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What should you do if the synonyms are not flowing into your head and the word still didn’t find its close fellow? Then use the well-known and tried and tested thesaurus! There, you will find the unobvious versions and sometimes the combinations you’ve never heard. The use of the thesauruses is actually one of the most excellent ways to extend the boundaries of your vocabulary and knowledge.

What is the date of National Thesaurus Day 2018? It is celebrated worldwide on January 18th!

In a nut shell, let’s sum up everything we learned about the thesauruses and their contents. The thesaurus is a book that really helps find the unknown word combinations and clarify the known ones. The synonyms are the words that are so close to each other in the meaning but so far away in the writing and sounding. They can express the different semantic notes and be distinguished by the stylistic tones. They are either paronymous or not. Oftentimes, they relate to one part of speech.


How can you celebrate the date? By opening a thesaurus, of course. Spend the day swimming in the sea of the new verbal experience and try to remember them and use in your future dialogues and conversations. The correct speech really adorns the person!

Make a firm fixture in your calendar, when is Thesaurus Day in 2018, and always strive for the pure speech.

International Thesaurus Day Facts

  • There is another similar holiday in the calendar called National Dictionary Day.


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