If you ever sit down at the table and take a pen in your hand, what would it be? Perhaps, the usual ball pens stripped of any individuality and convenience. Meanwhile, there is a type of writing utensil that is adored and respected across the world – a fountain pen.

You want to learn when is National Fountain Pen Day in 2022 and why does it deserve such an honor? Scroll down the page!


The first sort of that thing is believed to be the usual goose quill. Yes, the feathers of this poultry the biter were washed properly and then dried out carefully. To write something on the paper, the end of the quill was cut off slantwise with the special sharp knife and then the now sharpened end was cut slightly to get the ends disjoint. Of course, if a man had to write too much, the feather got soaked leaving the fuzzy writings, wide lines, and blots. It needed to be fixed and the man once again took the knife and cut it off. This he did until the moment the quill was too short. It is supposed that the first predecessors of the fountain writing tools were used in Seville – an area in Spain – in around 600 BC.

Fountain Pen

The instrument we use nowadays, arrayed in the metallic body, emerged only in the beginning of the 19th century. Yet it also involved the quill as in essence it was just a holder of the feather. Such pens were not available for everyone; only the rich ones could allow themselves this caprice. Thus, it continued right down to the middle of the 19th century. At these times, the “eternal” pens with the nib were created, the true metallic ones.

The number of the pen producers grew and the new technologies appeared. By the beginning of the 20th century, there were the gold instruments invented and then the more wear-resistant ones made of the platinum, osmium, and rhodium. The first cases for the tools were made of the wood. A bit later, people added the ebonite. When the plastic came, all of them were excluded from being fit for constructing the pens.

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Today, the fountain writing instrument is the high-tech, handy, and modern accessory that has a great many lovers around the globe. That’s why it also has its own holiday. The tradition of celebrating the theme observance was born not so long ago – just in 2012. And if for the first three years it tried to gain in popularity, the last three dates were marked with the wide festivities in lots of the countries – from the pen shows to the discounts and sales on this fabulous writing utensil. More and more people become aware of when is International Fountain Pen Day 2022!


What does Fountain Pen Day mean? It means to appraise the whole power of this tool and say sincere thanks to the inventor, although we don’t who they are exactly.

Nowadays, the pen of high quality cannot be called a usual writing material. It turned out to be the imposing accessory which can highlight the good manners and the respectability of its owner. The modern tool with the nib is the accouterments of the business class and the essential thing when it comes to concluding of the deals and carrying on the negotiations. Why? Because it is the fountain pens that have the last word or the conclusive stroke in the certain occasions.

In fact, there are several types of the writing thing. It might be the pens with an open nib which are classic. Holding them in hand, you see the whole nib except for the part that is fixed in the case. Then, there are pens with the half hidden nib that are used in the expensive models as the length of the nib can be decreased. And, there is a utensil with the hidden nib which shoes only the “working” part of the pen. Those are popular for their ability to preserve the inks from drying out. Yet today they are produced only in China.

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Regardless of what day Fountain Pen Day in 2022 happens on, they are much loved and honored by the myriads of the people daily!


On top of that, there are some convincing points that prove that the tool with the nib used for writing is the best one.

First, it is easier to create with. The good pen just slides on the paper, without an effort! Your hand won’t be tired even after the long hours of the monotonous writing. With that kind of instrument, the process can’t be tedious.

This is a healthy tool. The majority of people spend the lion’s share of their time in front of the screen with the mouse in hand or with the fingers on the keyboard. Do you know that lot of us are exposed to the risk of getting the carpal tunnel syndrome because of the monotonous moves of the hand?

It is a fashionable accessory. The traditions of making the fountain pens are about hundred years old! They are produced with the great care and taste. Those tools are nice to hold (and look) in hand and the attention of your colleagues or groupmates is guaranteed. You could find the pen in the good old conservative style or in the modern high-tech appearance.

Writing with the fountain utensil is economical. If you write a lot because of the studying or professional duties, you probably use up the dozens of the ball pens in a year. The refill of the good quality costs around $1 and you’d need about fifteen of those. Yet with the nib pens, it only takes two bottles of the inks for a year that cost $3 each. Count up the difference!

It helps you develop the beautiful handwriting. You’re asking why do you need this at all? Well, besides the aesthetic satisfaction of your work, the elegant and neat handwriting could do a good turn while applying for the job or entering the university.

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Fountain Pens

The fountain pen is about providing new experiences every day. The majority of them slide on the paper differently. It is applied to the thickness and shape of the nib, saturation of the lines, and even the material it is made of. You could gather the collection of several specimens and change them daily, weekly, monthly… And get the different emotions every time you touch the new case!

However, no matter the obvious advantages of the classic fountain instrument, the ball pens, gel pens, and roller pens are the ones who rule this world. Don’t you think it is a bit unfair?

That’s why we should let everyone know what is the date of Fountain Pen Day 2022! Remember that it’s annually fixed on the first date of November, so for this year, it’s November 1.


There is a laundry list of the things you can do to celebrate the holiday, indeed. Occupy yourself with the almost extinct kind of activity called “writing a letter by hand”. Choose the most comfortable tool to express your soul and thought on the paper and write the words you’ve long wanted to say to your near and dear ones.

Try to initiate you friends into the reason to celebrate and together learn the amazing world of the fountain instruments – their history is much more intricate than we’ve related!

In case you happen to be a blogger, create your daily piece of news in an inconvenient way – write it on the sheet of paper, take a picture of your so-called “post” and…post it! The same goes for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Share your much-loved utensil with your dearest person, they will definitely appreciate that. And, at the end, turn off the laptop and spend this day gliding along the paper, not staring at the screen.

National Fountain Pen Day Facts

  • Some researchers claim that the most ancient fountain thing dates back to 3000 BC!

Tick it off in your calendar, when is Fountain Pen Day in 2022, and remember your skill of handwriting with the comfiest tool in the world.


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