Itโ€™s hard to find someone who doesnโ€™t like fast and fresh food. Millions of people depend on the circumstances of the schedule which donโ€™t allow them to eat properly. The best example of such food is a sandwich which has an interesting history and Subway restaurant chain made a special proposition on this day for its clients. Firstly, we need to find out when is National Sandwich Day Subway in 2022.

So, it is held annually on the 3rd of November and allows millions of people not only to try some sandwiches this day but also to have a discount in the Subway restaurant chain by purchasing a sub and a drink in order to have extra free one.


Studying the origin of words is always interesting. By finding out why we call an object that way or another, you can learn a lot of new facts about language and history. There are special words called eponyms – they denote things named after people who invented or first used them. Very often the person who gave his name to the invention is no longer remembered, but the invention is used with might and main. Such words appeared in England and spread all over the world.


For example, “sandwich”. This is a burger, which repeatedly saved Lord Sandwich from hungry death. This design could be eaten without knives and forks, which turned out to be very convenient and therefore the sandwiches quickly entered general use. Lord Sandwich was not very lucky. No one remembers if he was a good or bad lord but everyone knows about his main vice – he was a passionate player, who could put it down. The butty was named after its founder, the London Minister John Montague, the fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792). The most common version of the invention of this dish is that the count devised a sandwich with two slices of bread quite by accident. The lord was addicted to gambling and once during a hot card game, which lasted several hours in a row, he did not find time to eat. John Montague ordered the servant to fry a thin piece of meat, cut a thin plate of cheese and place these slices between two slices of bread. The gambler was able to refresh itself, not breaking away from the game. His friends appreciated this way of supporting forces and they also ordered bread “in a sandwich”. Today, there are many kinds of sandwiches, which are the business cards of some area.

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There is a great variety of filling for burgers, but there are not so many sorts of bread suitable for real ones. French baguette, for example, is the national French bread, which definitely has a thick crust and scallop. The Viennese baguette and the Scandinavian flat cake are also suitable for a burger. Panini is flat white bread with a dense crumb, is made according to the “classic half-baked” technology on baguette sheets with a wide wave. Toast bread has fine-pored “wadded” crumb structure and a thin crust that makes it an indispensable base for burgers. Ciabatta with a crispy crust, a large spongy crumb, a delicate aroma of fresh bread. Focaccia is a ready-made version of the butty after baking. The fact is that when making focaccia, numerous olives, cheese, dried tomatoes and other ingredients are used, depending on the type of product. All components are mixed with the kneading test. This gives focaccia an unique taste and originality.

A hamburger or a hot dog is a classic burger, the difference between which is a gentle crumb and a thin crust. The secret of these products is the complete breakdown of gluten during batching (it eliminates the effect of a rubber crumb). Special sheets for baking provide the same shape. A thin crust is the result of a short baking time at high temperature.

Beagle is bread with a dense fine-pitted crumb and a bright glossy surface (before baking it is scalded in boiling water). Classic Beagle is filled with cheese cream or smoked salmon oil, as well as other fillers. The surface of the product is sprinkled with sesame, poppy seeds, fried onions, etc. A variety of bagels includes beagels, drying etc. One of the important qualities of these products is the preservation of freshness for a long time.

To fill a burger, you can use meat, cheese, sausage, fish fillet, smoked meat, chopped egg, slices of tomato, cucumber, greens-onion, lettuce, parsley, spinach. The principle of a good butty is to stop the contents from getting out when biting off. Ketchup, mayonnaise should not drip and dirty the face and hands. It is desirable that its thickness corresponded to that size on which the eater can open a mouth. And then – use your imagination, and everything will turn out as you wish.

Americans can argue long and hard about the comparative merits of burgers cooked in their native cities, and about what day World Sandwich Day Subway in 2022 should be. The only indisputable fact is a huge variety of these creations. Chicago is famous for its burgers with Italian beef, Milwaukee – for butties with sausages and sauerkraut, Philadelphia – for burgers with meat and cheese, and Los Angeles – for burgers with French sauce, which, according to legend, were born completely by accident. It’s safe to say that none of them is intended for people who try to follow a diet and therefore count each calorie.

In Chicago, for almost 100 years, chefs have been specializing in the preparation of burgers with the Italian beef. Chicagoans absorb millions of these sandwiches and argue about the comparative merits of the various restaurants where they are served. In such establishments as “Mr. Beef” and “El’s” an oblong bun is filled with thin slices of a roast beef roasted over low heat, dipped in garlic-rich juices from the roast, and add either sweet pepper or “jardiniere” – a sharp snack of pickled cucumbers. Many residents of the “city of winds” like to add a piece of sweet Italian sausage to their butty, resulting in what is called the “combo”. It may seem immoderate, and, most likely, it is, but it turns out, undoubtedly, deliciously tasty.

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What does National Sandwich Day Subway mean? On 3rd of November, you have a nice opportunity to satisfy yourself by visiting one of the restaurants of Subway which offers you a perfect proposition to buy any subs or drinks and get an extra equal one which cannot but rejoice. If you are asked when is International Sub Sandwich Day 2022, then the answer should be: โ€˜In the Subway, mate, on the 3rd of November!โ€™


The clients of Subway Restaurants know about the long history of this place and are proud of it. In order not to disappoint the target audience, top managers of a company came to the conclusion that such a payoff is an obligation for them. They organized this feast to promote their most-known dish.


When is Sub Sandwich Day in 2022 is clear by a virtue of a calendar, but what are those traditions? Every year millions of people create huge queues to be the first one who has tried that discount. The best way to the atmosphere is to be there on this day and communicate with those people who are fond of Sub and sandwiches.

International Sandwich Day Subway Facts

  1. According to research, the average bill in the Subway restaurant for two people is $20. Of course, this amount is not final and can vary considerably depending on the number and type of dishes.
  2. One of the most successful restaurants of the network is in the Pentagon Building. According to Discovery Travel & Living Channel, it entered the top ten fast food restaurants in the world.

So, try Sub and burgers on 3rd of November and donโ€™t forget to make wonderful photos and videos. You need to get across with this amazing stuff and try some to understand what is the date of National Sandwich Day Subway 2022.


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