When is National Festival Of Sleep Day in 2020? Could you or somebody from your friends or relatives answer this question quickly, correctly and without surfing the net? Unfortunately, we almost predict the negative reply. โ€“ In definite cases you can even hear something like that โ€œOh, do we have this special occasion, really? How amazing it is!โ€

Well, taking into account everything mentioned above, we have made a decision to meet you as much as possible with this terrific and rather unusual event.


No doubt, talking about the subject devoted to what day Festival Of Sleep Day in 2020 is, we should investigate the historical background of this event, explaining the readers the reasons for celebrating this special occasion on January 3 and giving the precise information about the establishers.

Of course, we know it, but unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find any appropriate facts.

Celebrate Festival Of Sleep Day


What does Festival Of Sleep Day mean? โ€“ Sorry, but we are not going to give you the concrete answer to this question. You should think that we are not polite or even naughty, but the editors of our site are sure that the reply is rather individual to be discussed in public. Frankly speaking, nobody should dedicate you what holidays to celebrate and which ones can be forgotten without any troubles. It is up to you to decide.

All in all we would like to mention that the event itself was invented and organized especially for those men & women that would love to “close their eyes” and relax after so noisy and sometimes so tiring winter holidays. As you can understand, after the long Christmas shopping, receiving gifts and celebrating the New Year, almost all of us need some time for relaxing in general and sleeping in particular.

In a state of sleep, a person spends more than half his/her life. This activity has useful properties that perform a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. So what are these properties?

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According to scientistsโ€™ point of view, being in a dream each person becomes smarter, this is because during the sleep mechanisms that facilitate the systematization of information begin to work actively. It is scientifically proven that the information received by a person before going to sleep is remembered more clearly and for a long time.

During this state, regeneration of mental forces occurs, the work of all body functions is stabilized, blood pressure, blood sugar is normalized, and new nerve cells are formed.

When we sleep, our brains are engaged in “diagnostics” of our body. Healthy and strong rest helps to strengthen immunity. By the way, have you ever heard that during it, wounds heal better and skin cells are renewed? That it an explanation, why cosmetologists recommend sleep as the main means to combat fatigue as well as premature skin aging.


In our attempts to give the answer to โ€œWhat is the date of Festival Of Sleep Day 2020?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention that this holiday can be celebrated also by people, who travel a lot in order to establish their biorhythms.

If you are going to satisfy the necessity in a dream this day or during the weekend (in the case the occasion falls on a working day), that is really a perfect opportunity to achieve perfect results.

People aged 20-50 need 7-8 hours of sleep per day, older people need to relax less, while children are required to sleep more than eight hours. It is recommended to go to bed before midnight and try not to violate your “schedule.”

The presence in the dream of bright good dreams is one of the main indicators of mental health and balance. Nightmares, in their turn, indicate the presence of depression, emotional experiences and nervous overstrain.

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Insomnia is a phenomenon, which is quite common in our life. It is an indicator of some diseases presence. The specialists have already proven that the absence of a full sleep more than ten days can lead to the emergence and exacerbation of many diseases.

In the case of long insomnia people are recommended to consult a doctor.


When is Festival Of Sleep Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and there are no reasons for worrying about this matter. But only a few people know the rules of its proper celebration. Are you not among them? โ€“ Here is our list of the most interesting tips, then.

First of all choose a way of sleeping. You can do it alone or perhaps with someone (partner, baby, cat) or something (like, for example, a teddy bear or a favorite toy from distant childhood). Some people prefer to force their pet to sleep with them in an embrace.

  • Determine the amount of time for “celebrating”. Will it be a shallow sleep, because you have accumulated work around the house, a longer slumber for several hours or a sound quality sleep all day long? Do not think about useful things that you can complete instead of just sleeping. By the way, some guys and ladies physiologically are not able to sleep in the daytime. Are you among them? – That is not a problem. – Just spend the whole day in bed instead!
  • Dress appropriately. In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, the more comfortable a person is feeling, the better his/her dream will be. So choose any blankets as you want.
  • Take a convenient position and a comfortable place for the perfect result. This is a day of laziness, so the position you will take depends only on you personally. You can put the feet above the armrests, instead of the traditional lying on the pillow, to lower them to the ground, to swing yourself back and forth, falling asleep.
  • Decide if your mood has changed. Are you going to feel calmer and fresher than before? Mind that as a rule sleep means health, because it reduces stress influence and gives a charge of vivacity.
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A kitten and a puppy sleeping

National Festival Of Sleep Day Facts

So you have already known that the answer to the set above question โ€œWhen is international Festival of Sleep Day 2020?โ€ sounds like on January 3rd, just after the long and annual New Year holidays.

However, we would like to give our readers some other very amazing pieces of information.

For example, everyone knows that sleep for our body is necessary, like air and water. In a dream, our organism rests and relaxes, which means that we are gaining strength for a new day. At the same time the metabolism is normalized, and the energy exchange is normalized.

It is known that a well-rested person, if he is certainly not sick, full of energy and is quite ready for a new working day. But not always our sleep brings a sense of rest, as it is disturbing and restless, and sometimes insomnia can appear.

How can we help ourselves in this situation?

  • In order to strengthen and to maintain good health, the room should be ventilated, as a person releases into the atmosphere carbon dioxide and other toxic substances. In a premise impregnated with such substances, sleeping is very harmful, so it is necessary that there is access to fresh air, but naturally without draft.
  • The bed should not be very hard so that there is not a lot of pressure on the bone and muscle systems, but also not too soft, as in this case it is more difficult to relax the muscles.
  • Also important to pay attention to what we are lying on. For example, a children’s mattress, which is stuffed with straw from oats, has a soothing and revitalizing effect, and a pillow stuffed with buckwheat husks drains excess heat and moisture.


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