When is National Daughters Day in 2020? Can you please answer this question? Are you able to do it without anyone’s prompt of help? Unfortunately, we predict the negative reply to all these subjects and it seems to be rather sad, because the opportunity to celebrate something really special, warm and hearty shouldn’t be missed.

Taking into the consideration of everything mentioned above, we have made a decision to tell you about this special occasion as much as possible. Are you ready? We are starting!


Of course, we know that the investigation of the subject, concerning what day World Daughters Day in 2020 is, is almost impossible without paying close attention to the historical past of this event.

And now it is a real pity to admit the fact that we haven’t managed to achieve good results. It has happened that contemporary mass media don’t share any pieces of information about the establishers of this great day, as well as about the reasons to celebrate it just on September 23th.

Some sources give the appropriate pieces of information that the idea of this day appeared as a result of the anxiety of many social associations for the younger generation. It is known that state and feminist organizations arrange a number of activities to attract attention to the education of young people, namely daughters.



What does National Daughters Day mean? Oh, asking us something like this, don’t expect to get a fast and substantial reply. Well, would you like to know why? You see, the matter is that we are sure that you have to do it in your own way, as it is rather personal and individual direction. We are not able to dedicate you what holidays to celebrate and in what way.

The daughters’ day main task is to attract the attention of the state and society to the problems of adolescent girls, assisting them in the process of socialization through acquaintance with various professions, psychological and legal assistance in overcoming age and personal problems.

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Men and women are two different worlds that can hardly understand each other. Perhaps this is why some men are so scared of the opportunity to become the father of a girl.

But the daughter is born, and the anxiety gradually dissipates. The men show much more tenderness and affection to their daughters than to their sons.

In the situations where the parents let their daughter cry and comfort her, gently stroking the head, the son will get only strict: “Do not cry, you are not a girl!” If it is a matter of punishment from the father, the girls get them less and they are more “light “.

Why do girls receive special treatment from their parents? Bringing the boys up, parents tend to show rigor, thus instilling certain standards of behavior: the son must be patient, enduring and restrained in manifestation of weakness. If we are talking about small girls, there are no such restrictions, and therefore the parents in general and fathers in particular can relax and simply surrender to the process of communication.


Trying to give the wide and at the same time useful answer to the question “When is International Daughters Day 2020?” we can’t but mention that according to the specialists’ point of view, if, as the well-known proverb says, the birth of the first child changes a woman, the person, who is exactly changedby the girls’ appearance, is the father of this young lady.

The pride in the sons’ birth is something like a typical emotion, however, when a daughter is born, everything changes in the man’s feelings. As a rule, the representatives of the stronger sex have special tender, warm feelings towards their daughters. Capable for greater openness in their emotions and senses manifestation the girls are more likely to melt the stern heart of the fathers than their brothers.

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When is Daughters Day in 2020, calendar reminds you without any troubles, that is not a serious problem in fact. The only matter you should mind is when September 23th comes.

Unfortunately, there are no any common traditions for all around the world. And this fact simultaneously means that every country or even a part of it is free to invent something special, an activity, which, in the course of time, may turn into a good overall tradition.

Sometimes on this day the girls have to skip school, so the boys are provided with special elective classes, which also introduce them to various professions. In Geneva, for example, a city project “As a Caregiver Specialist” has been developed especially for boys. It includes visiting crèches and nursing homes, where men also work. And girls, who for some reason can’t go to work for their parents, will be able to participate in the city program “Girls and Technology – Go!” or a similar program in computer science, spending the whole day in the company of engineers and computer specialists.

By the way, the European Day of Daughters cardinally differs from the Japanese holiday with the similar name, celebrated on March 3. On this day in Japan, in houses where there are girls, they exhibit richly dressed and decorated with peach-colored dolls. Exhibitions last about a month, then the dolls are carefully packaged and hidden until next year. According to the belief, if you forget to remove these dolls after the holiday, then the daughter will not marry for a long time. It sounds really amazing, doesn’t it?

A Daughter

Are you going to celebrate this holiday at home? – That is a wonderful idea in fact! Why not miss a chance to be in involved into something kind and beautiful. – Spend the whole day with your beloved little lady, play her favorite games, watch movies or read books. Some people prefer to go to the zoos, amazing exhibitions or just talk in the kitchen with the cup of cacao or hot milk.

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International Daughters Day Facts

So you have already known that the answer to the question “What is the date of National Daughters Day 2020?” sounds like on September 23. But this is only for the most countries of the planet, including Europe and the USA, of course, but not in Switzerland. Here the rules are a bit different and we would like to tell about them in details.

The day of daughters has existed in Switzerland since 2000. It was initiated by the Bureau of Equality, an organization that, fulfilling the covenants of the Constitution of the country, monitor the observance of equality between men and women. It was thought that on that day the fathers would take their daughters with them to work in order to acquaint them with the peculiarities of their profession, show the enterprise and thus give the opportunity to choose the future specialty.

But as a lot of modern moms’ work is not less interesting, and the boys do not suffer from lack of curiosity, almost immediately the Daughters’ Day lost its “sexual” formalism, growing just on the day of visits by the children to the jobs of their parents or family members.

So, and the boy can quite accompany his aunt in the store or scientific laboratory, and the girl – ride with his grandfather, the driver of the truck.

A few days before the appointed date, the management of companies and enterprises compiles lists of employees and children who would like to visit them at work, and that the children do not seriously interfere with the process, excursions with explanations are organized for them, as well as what functions here.


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