International Surfing Day

Every year on the third Saturday of June, the world celebrates an unofficial sports holiday – International Surfing Day. In 2022, the date of the celebration falls on June 18. The event was jointly launched by Surfing Magazine and Surfrider in 2005.

The purpose of International Surfing Day

Surfing – water sport, the essence of which is to move on the waves with the help of a special board. Surfing is more often done in the ocean or sea.

the purpose International Day of Surfing there is popularization of such a water sport as surfing; attracting the attention of humanity and involvement in the preservation of the surrounding nature, in particular oceanic resources, by cleaning beaches, restoring animal habitats, stopping water pollution, etc.

How to spend this day?

Before the holiday, both entertaining beach events and environmental events are organized – to improve the environment.

International Surfing Day
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