Could you answer the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Family Day 2024?โ€ immediately or perhaps you need some time for thinking? Unfortunately, in many cases people reply negatively. And that is the main reason why we’ve decided to discover the situation in details.


It’s of common knowledge that it’s almost impossible to answer โ€œWhen is International Family Day 2024?โ€ properly without close discovering of the historical background of this amazing special occasion.

Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to find out now, who established this notable even and why for its celebration people choose exactly September 23.

All in all it is difficult to say for sure, when the first family appeared on the Earth. But the fact that men and women lived together showed excavations in caves.

National Family Day

However, in those times there were no families in the sense we understand this community nowadays. In the distant past, women primarily cared about their children. And men brought food to the house. The family developed for several thousand years, where the mother occupied the leading positions and in different tribes they were developed in different ways, for example, in ancient Egypt, the pharaohs married their sisters. And in biblical times a man could have several wives at once and this tradition has been still preserved in the Middle East and Africa.

Today, the family is a social unit created not on the basis of blood kinship. Its members are united by mutual assistance, everyday life. The relations between people are built on moral and psychological relationships.

By the way in this paragraph we canโ€™t but mention that the citizens of the Unites States can celebrate this holiday twice a year. Why? โ€“ The matter in that the International one is kept on September 23, while the typical US one is kept every year on the first Sunday in August.


What does national Family Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide whether to celebrate this holiday or not. It is difficult to believe, but some have never heard about this notable date existence.

Almost all of us grew up in families, although not always – in full. It would seem that everyone should know what a family is. However, our psychologists who work with various crises, argue that, in fact, almost no one of the modern knows what it really is. And it does not allow people to create strong and happy communities.

We do not pretend to full disclosure of such an area as family psychology and family relations, but we will try to reveal the most important things in this area.


We have already found out that the celebration of the Family Day was established by the UN General Assembly and is intended to draw the attention of the world community to the problems of the family, raise awareness about families and deepen the knowledge of socio-demographic processes.

The UN sees the family as the main element of society, therefore, according to the organization, if the rights of one family are not respected properly, the whole society is under threat.

The family is a small group of people, providing the foundation of any society. Unfortunately, in our time this concept was somewhat devalued, there appeared many inferior families in which one of the parents is absent or families living by the so-called civil marriage. However, according to the specialistsโ€™ point of view, only a real community based on marriage, a family in which there is such a thing as the succession of generations is capable of bringing up a truly worthy member of society.

Housekeeping, general management of the economy, moral norms and principles accepted, mutual respect and trust are the pillars on which the stable and harmonious development of the child is based. Gradually, beginning from the infancy and until the school age, the parents become the only school of emotional and moral formation of the growing up person. Only the family can contribute to the creation of children’s rich inner peace and readiness to perceive knowledge, moral and ethical values.


All in all when is Family Day in 2024, calendar is always ready to remind you, however, do you know how to celebrate this special occasion properly? No? – We would help you, then.

Here’s our list:

  • Go to nature with the whole family, or even a company, consisting of several families. It can be a park in the city, forest outside the town or someone’s summer house. The main thing is to stay on fresh air. You can fry kebabs or get sandwiches cooked at home and play outdoor games.
  • Visit an amusement park or water park. You will be provided with a good mood, a small amount of adrenaline and a company set up to have fun with close people. Buy some ice cream, remember the taste and smells of childhood. Tell the children about how you liked to come to this park with your parents when you were young and they will remind the answer to the question โ€œWhen is National Family Day in 2024?โ€ for a long time.
  • Watch a good movie. Let it be a cheerful family comedy with a happy end. Buy each member of the family his/her favorite popcorn, make a family photo in front of the advertising poster of the film, and family day is sure to be remembered by everyone.

National Family Day

  • If there are no suitable films, you can arrange a movie theater at home: choose a movie, buy or make popcorn, close the windows with thick curtains and proceed to comfortable viewing.
  • You can go to the museum. The event does not need to have a family theme, it is enough that all family members will simultaneously receive new vivid impressions, and then – exchange them. After visiting the museum or exhibition, you can go to your favorite cafรฉ and eat your favorite food there.
  • And of course, you can just arrange a family celebration: invite relatives, prepare a complex and tasty dish, switch good music, gather at a table, exchange news, play board games and remember how big and friendly your family is!

Family Day Facts

Trying to discover, what day National Family Day in 2024 is, contemporary men and women usually want to find out something amazing about this small community of the modern society. That’s the reason why we are going to tell you important pieces of information.

As a rule, the main responsibility of parents is the upbringing of children. And an exceptional role is played here by a personal example. Kids always feel any falsehood and, if your words disagree with your actions, it can cause rejection of the entire parental value system and education in general.

Trust and respect for each other contribute to the formation of a calm, friendly atmosphere in the house, which, of course, positively affects the psychoemotional state of the child. Until a certain point, your home is the universe for the baby and he/she must be sure that it will not collapse overnight. It is necessary to create an atmosphere of love and warmth in the family, the growing child should always know that you accept and love him/her whatever he/she does.

It is difficult to overestimate the role of the mother in organizing the family and everyday life in the modern world. There are many contemporary families where a woman works. This lady usually has a serious burden on her shoulders and it is very difficult to combine career, homework, education of children and at the same time maintain composure. The task of the father in this case is to support and to help. Common difficulties and troubles for the home and childcare should be a solid foundation for family relationships.


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