Nature is practically the most important thing in our world and our planet. Thanks to it we have an opportunity to live and survive in different conditions and in different places. We always try to explore, how it works and to know all its secrets, which sometimes may be strange or difficult to be found out. But there are many things, which are really interesting and give people a reason to think about it in a different way and connect some events to it. In this article, we would like to speak about one of such events, which is called solstice. There are two different types of this event, and today we will pay attention to one, which happens in winter. We will define, what is it ad know, when is December Solstice in 2022. It is on December, 21st.

What is it all about

So, probably most people know, what does Solstice mean, but not all its correct name. It defines the name of the day, which is the shortest in the whole year. After this day every 24 hours days become a bit longer and in a half, a year people observe the longest day of the year. As all countries are located differently if speaking about the geographical position, this day differs I all of them. It is so because the position of the Sun also differs towards this or that country and the time is different in all parts of the planet.

December Solstice

All I all Solstice is a very interesting event because many facts and traditions are connected with it. For example, many years ago Mayan-predicted that on this day in 2012 people should be ready to meet the end of the world. They believed that at this date the world will stop existing and everything on the planet will die. Many believed this fact and there were those, who have been preparing to this horrible day for years. But as we can see, nothing happened and we live long and happily further. That is why it lets us say that Mayans were wrong I their predictions.

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Also, it is an interesting fact that all the seasons of the year are not equal. In schools, we were taught that the sun moves around its orbit with not an equal speed all the time. As the speed changes, we can see changes in the seasons and their duration. Also because of the position of the sun in different countries days and nights are longer or shorter than in other places. Some countries accept more sunlight that others. And there are dozens of such facts, which influence our lives and let us compare these facts. That is why people know about this event and what day December Solstice in 2022 is.

There are also many interesting facts, which are connected with this event. They may seem rather obvious and there is nothing difficult in defining them, but people often simply don’t pay attention to the details. Then for many people, such simple things may seem rather difficult to understand.

For example, there are countries, which are situated on the Antarctic circle may experience so-called Polar night once a year in summer at that time. It meant the once a year for 24 hours people see only sunlight and there is no night for such a long time. It is not an only unusual thing, but it looks very beautiful and happens nowhere else. Thousands of people prepare for this date and go to that places especially to see it all with their own eyes. They also know for sure, when is December Solstice 2022.

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And on the contrary, there are such places, where people experience not only the shortest day of the year. At some areas, there is such a thing as Polar Night. In Northern parts of the planet, people may experience several weeks every year without sunlight at all. 24 hours a day there is only night and darkness. It is hard to imagine, but such places really exist and people meet this time happily and happily say “goodbye” when it ends.

Traditions, customs, and other differences

There is a reason, why can the dates of Solstices vary every year and in different countries. We count time according to our usual calendar, where there are 365 or 366 days. It is treated like a whole year.

December Solstice

But there is another year and another calendar, which has another counting of time. It ends when the Sun makes a whole round over the Earth and returns to its first point. This is also another counting of the year. That is why until the Sun won’t reach its final point, the new year will not be counted unlike in our usual calendar. Depending on this year the dates of winter and summer Solstices are counted. Each of them is like a half of the year of the Sun.

So, we defined, that it is difficult to count, what is the date of December Solstice 2022. Special people work on such events, make researchers, explore everything, connected to such like things. Thanks to them and their work we have an opportunity to understand, what is happening around us and why is it happening. Though it may be difficult for someone, it is still very interesting.

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Also, such events in nature lead people to create different holidays, follow some traditions and all this affected people’s minds, beliefs and culture. Different nations connect holidays with this events. It was so since ancient times and times of Mayan, for example. At that times people didn’t know about how is planned to work and treat such things like something as a God’s will. That is why they treated these events like saint ones and since that times some holidays, like Christmas, for example, were left partially connected to the Solstice. It is really interesting to follow all the part of the world’s history and find out other interesting traditions or beliefs, which influenced people’s minds nowadays.


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