When is National Put on Your Own Shoes Day in 2022? – Do you know the answer? – Well, to tell you the truth, we are not sure that you have ever heard about this holiday existence in the modern calendar. As a rule, the most part of contemporary people has no reply to this question. However, we find this special occasion to be an amazing one, so today we are going to investigate it in details. Are you ready to participate in this discussion?


Talking about the matter what day Put on Your Own Shoes Day in 2022 is, we can’t but mention the historical background of the event. As a rule, this direction is appreciated highly among our followers. Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to discover why we have to celebrate this even on December 6th annually. The names of the establishers are unknown as well.

All in all, the history of ordinary footwear began long before the appearance of mass production. The first clothes for feet appeared in the form of a wooden sole tied to the legs. They helped protect the feet from various injuries and hurts of the sole of the feet.

In the process of evolution people stared to move to the north, so they needed warm boots to protect their feet from the cold. They used animal skins for making footwear. It was wrapped carefully around their legs, pulled together with a rope made of veins or grass.

The history of footwear has been of about 26-30 thousand years old. However, mass production has appeared relatively recently. Previously, the footwear told about the status of the person. In poor families, sometimes there was only one pair of boots for the whole family, so they were treated especially, being even an object of worship in some countries and accompanied many ritual rites, as the main component of the action.

The first children’s footwear began to appear in the same way as a ritual thing. Images of animals were put on it, which were supposed to protect the child from the influence of evil forces. Directly for everyday wear, footwear for children were made only by special order and were very expensive. The first factories appeared only at the beginning of the last century. And initially it was just small copies of adult shoes. Gradually, manufacturers used their work the research of scientists and doctors, advanced technologies and the latest materials.

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What does Put on Your Own Shoes Day mean? – Frankly speaking, we are not sure whether we can answer this question instead of you. In the modern world there are a lot of people, who don’t care it. We have to know you personally to predict your reply.

Making footwear has always been an honorable and necessary profession. Shoemakers never sat without work. During the appearance of the first manufactories, they long remained independent producers who independently taught their children family business.

Nowadays the holiday like this one may be interesting for parents, who have already had a small child of less than 3-4 years old. In each family there is a period when the child begins to actively learn the world, comprehending various skills and abilities. Following the specialists’ point of view, at this time it is important to provide a small person with the right help. When teaching a kid something, it is important not to suppress his or her initiative, allowing your son or daughter to try and make mistakes. Don’t let everything go by chance. Only under this condition the child will learn faster and more correctly. One of the important skills that will ease parent’ daily chores is the ability to dress and shoe on the own. As a rule, with footwear there are much more difficulties than with clothes.


The question “What is the date of Put on Your Own Shoes Day in 2022?” is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight. As it has been already mentioned above, at the present moment it seems to be exceptionally interesting for parents with a small kid.

All in all the experts are sure that an active period, when your son or daughter wants to do everything without somebody’s help begins with about two years old age. The kid categorically refuses help and tries to do everything himself or herself. This is a great opportunity to start teaching a child to shoe house and street clothes for feet. After all, attending the kindergarten, your sweetie has to cope with his clothes and shoes on the own.

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When is Put on Your Own Shoes Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. As a rule, it is not a problem to memorize the date, as it is considered to be fixed. It means that the holiday has a regular date of its celebration and you may join every year you would like to do it on December 6th.

Of course, there are no rules and certain traditions devoted to this special occasion. Moreover, it is not held on the state level. However, you can invent something interesting for yourself as well as for your children. What about devoting this day to teaching and learning how to put on the footwear?

At the initial stage, if the small person does not have too expressed an initiative to shoe independently, he or she may be interested in using games. There are several amazing techniques that will interest any baby.

  • Let the child to pretend that the leg is a train, and the boots a tunnel (or an airplane and a hangar, a car and a garage). With the appropriate sounds, show how the train enters the tunnel – show by example and ask the kid to do the same thing.
  • Take some favorite soft toys, dolls or cartoon characters and make them a part of the game. When watching a cartoon, draw the attention of the child to the shoes of the heroes and offer shoes based on their example. Shoe the doll, and after – just shoe yourself. Shoe baby shoes first soft toys, and then – yourself. All in all every family is able to find suitable tricks that may attract the child. Just think and use them. Under this condition almost everything depends on your creativity and he desire to make this day brighter.
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Put on Your Own Shoes Day Facts

Investigating the question “What is the date of Put on Your Own Shoes Day in 2022?” we found a lot of pieces of information, which can be interesting for our followers. Today we are going to introduce you some of them.

For example, not everybody knows that on the territory of the contemporary Russia the locals used to create the footwear called bast shoes, which were not very durable and not too resistant to abrasion actually. Nevertheless, even taking into account all the disadvantages, this variety has turned into a part of the national costume of the region.

In China, several pairs were made for girls of marriageable age, which was considered absolutely necessary. In this country there has always been a special attitude to the legs. Female legs should have been as small as possible. For this purpose, the little girls got their fingers broken and bandaged the leg so that it did not grow and adult women sometimes simply could not go far and long in debt. It was believed that the woman is the guardian of the hearth and should always be at home. They sewed small lotus shoes for them, which were banned only at the end of the 19th century, and the production of lotus shoes lasted until the 20s of the 20th century.

Up to the present moment, kids’ items differ not only in the age principle, scientists are developing various pads for boys and girls from different countries and regions, as the legs differ depending on the child’s place of residence. Therefore, the most secure footwear is locally made footwear.


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