Memorial Day of St. Gregory the Wonderworker

On November 30 of each year, the Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of Commemoration of St. Gregory the Wonderworker, Bishop of Neokesarii (Zimovkaznyk). The saint was born in Neocaesaria, studied in Alexandria, lived in the desert for a long time, protected people during the persecution of Christians. Bishop Grigoriy is known for his gift of bringing God’s word to people, many people came to Christianity thanks to his efforts. When Gregory stepped onto the pulpit, there were only 17 Christians in Neocaesaria, and before the saint’s death, only 17 pagans remained.

There are many omens regarding this day. For example, good weather on November 30 indicates that the winter will be mild; similarly gloomy weather promises a cloudy winter. Also an interesting omen: dark ice on the river means a rich harvest for the next year.

Saint Gregory the Wonderworker
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