International Vlogging Day

August 10 is celebrated International Vlogging Day. Despite the fact that this term appeared recently, it is gaining popularity among supporters of “live” video.

What is a vlog?

Vlog is a recognized independent form of Internet art. It is characterized by a lack of patterns and preparation. Vloggers often show what they are doing or where they are moving. If they have interesting material and its extraordinary presentation, then the audience will forgive even a low-quality video.

Secrets of vlogging

On the holiday, famous vloggers share their secrets of success with newbies. Here are some of those rules:

  • Clearly decide on the topic and prepare the main theses in advance.
  • Come up with your own unique image.
  • Determine the shooting location.
  • Work out technical details.
  • Master the functions of the video editor.

International Vlogging Day


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