World Stroke Week

From October 28 to November 3, World Stroke Week is held in various countries around the world, which is held to inform the world’s population about the seriousness of this disease. The World Health Organization declared a global epidemic of strokes back in 2004. And in 2006, she declared October 29 the Day of the fight against stroke. Events on this occasion take place within the framework of a whole autumn week.

  • A stroke occurs when the blood supply to a part of the brain stops, and without oxygen, the cells are damaged or die.

The consequences of a stroke can be very negative for a person. Therefore, it is important to provide the patient with qualified assistance in a timely manner, to ensure an effective course of treatment and post-stroke rehabilitation. Only purposeful joint measures can contribute to improving the situation with the disease.

According to statistical data, more than 12.7 million diseases are recorded in the world per year, including half of the cases ending in death due to the lack of preventive measures and untimely medical care. The most common causes of strokes are high blood pressure, diabetes, bad habits, and low physical activity.

World Stroke Week
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