International Falafel Day

Every year on June 12, the world celebrates a delicious holiday – International Falafel Day.

Fried balls – falafel

What kind of dish is this – falafel? Balls containing legumes (most often from chickpeas) are fried in a deep fryer, sprinkled with various spices (curry, coriander, turmeric, cumin, etc.) on top.

Falafel is an ancient dish that originated in the Middle East, although there are also other theories of origin. Now delicious balls are a symbol of Israel and are no less popular in the countries of the East. Falafel is often considered a part of vegetarian and street cuisine, when bean balls are wrapped in pita bread and various vegetables, sauce, and herbs are added.

June 12 is a great opportunity to get to know this ancient dish by tasting it at a restaurant or even cooking it yourself.

International Falafel Day
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