Day of environmental education

The Day of Environmental Education has been celebrated on October 14 since 1991. October 14 is the official date of this day, but in some organizations it is celebrated on January 26 and May 12.

The issue of environmental protection was considered back in 1972 at the Stockholm Conference. It was then that a recommendation was made to create an international program on environmental education within the framework of environmental protection. Another UN conference was also held in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. The participants reached the following decisions:

  • All natural resources must be preserved for future generations.
  • It is necessary to form an ecological culture in the younger generation.
  • Man is responsible for preserving the environment.

The held conferences determined the methods of implementing environmental education. The single-subject model involves the introduction of a separate subject – ecology. Multi-subject is when all subjects are integrated with ecology. A mixed teaching method combining the previous two is also offered.

Day of environmental education


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