Have you ever dreamed of England and London? Undoubtedly, you have. Nevertheless, today you gonna get acquainted with another famous and cultural center of Great Britain – Yorkshire county. So, what and when Yorkshire Day in 2022 is?

Yorkshire Day is celebrated annually on the 1st of August in order to honor and promote the cultural and historical roots of Yorkshire County. It’s told to be found in 1975 by the Yorkshire Ridings Society, which was against the reorganization of local government in 1974.

Many pretty things happened to this part of England and now let’s plunge into some details.


Well, before turning directly to what day Yorkshire Day in 2017 is, you will dive into the historical pride of such a lovely place.

Yorkshire is a historic county in northern England, the largest territory formation in the region. The area is about 15.712 km².

Yorkshire Day

The county’s surface is extremely diverse: in the northwest, there are the highest mountains in England, in other places bare marshes alternate with the fertile regions. All the rivers, except Tees and Ribble, belong to the basin of Uz and Gumbera. In the XX century, the county occupied the first place in agriculture and cattle breeding. The western part of the county is rich in minerals and factories. Yorkshire is divided into northern, western and eastern raidingas (from Old English þriding, which means “one-third”).

During the anthropological analysis of materials from the burial grounds of eastern Yorkshire, interesting information about the physical condition of the region population of the last centuries B.C. was obtained. The average height of men was approximately 1.71 m, women 1.58 m. Mostly,  men died at the age of 20, 30 or at the beginning of 40, for women this age was about  18-20 years. Many had diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but the teeth were not bad, especially male ones.

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It is assumed that the Arras culture in East Yorkshire was formed with the participation of immigrants from the continent, in particular, from eastern Gaul. It is no accident that the local population of the late Iron Age, known from written sources, was called “parisia”, as well as one of the Celtic tribes, which gave its name to the French capital. But this is only an assumption since there are many differences between British and French monuments.

The culture of Arras is known, mainly by burial grounds. The settlements discovered in recent years on its territory are only the beginning to be explored by archaeologists.

By the way, the northern part deserves special attention to be discovered. Northern Yorkshire is a ceremonial and non-metropolitan county in the north of England. It is a part of Humber and Northeast England regions. It occupies an area of ​​8,654 km², has an access to the North Sea, borders on the southeast with the ceremonial county East Riding of Yorkshire, in the south of the ceremonial county of South County, in the southwest with ceremonial counties of West Yorkshire and Lancashire, to the north with the ceremonial county of Cumbria. In the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire, 1,073,200 people live, with an average population density of 125 people / km². In the non-metropolitan county of North County, there are 569,660 people, with an average population density of 71 people / km² (2001). The capital of the non-metropolitan county is Northallerton; the largest city in the ceremonial county is York.

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If you have a chance getting to such a lovely place as Yorkshire there are some breathtakingly beautiful places to look at. So, being in North County, do not miss such sights as:

  • York District;
  • Herriot County;
  • County Coast;
  • Harrogate District;
  • North York Moors;
  • County Dales.


Knowing what Yorkshire Day means will help you to shed the light on the issue of a holiday. So, when Yorkshire Day in 2022 will take place, the main target is recalling the tradition and history roots of the County and visiting the main recommended places to honor the culture.

Whatever you decide to do, you will have a nice time with a cultural enlightenment.


What is the date of Yorkshire Day 2022? The calendar has clarified this issue and now we gonna turn to another part.

There is an amazing feature about the small well-known breed of dogs Yorkshire terrier which has a direct relation to Self-Titled County.

The real history of Yorkies begins in 1873 – the year of the English Kennel Club and the tribal book of Great Britain organization. Only from this moment, it is possible to speak seriously about the terrier, as an independent breed. In 1886, the English Kennel Club recognizes the breed and gives it the name “Yorkshire Terrier”, because according to experts of the time, most dogs of high quality were obtained in the county of Yorkshire. The official standard for the breed was adopted in 1898.

Yorkshire Day

Honor founder of the breed deservedly belongs to Peter Eden of Manchester, a true connoisseur of many dogs’ breeds. He was an expert at exhibitions where the first terriers were exhibited. Peter Eden belonged to the first Yorkshire terrier named Albert, registered in the Studbook of Great Britain, who gave his numerous children wonderful temperament, quality, and color of wool. It was he who became the “legislator” of the size and shape of the ears, cultivated in the breed until nowadays. At the age of four, Alberta was acquired by Mrs. Foster, the only woman who was an expert on dogs at that time. The result of Albert’s exhibition career is 74 prizes.

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The best way to celebrate any holiday is creating your own way and breaking those established stereotypes. In terms of this event, you can make a tour through the sights of 4 Yorkshire counties, looking some certain places and discover your own borders to cultural and historical enlightenment.

Furthermore, don’t forget to capture moments and to post it on social media with #YorkshireDay2022.

Yorkshire Day Facts

Generally speaking, the history of celebrating English events has provoked the creation of world-known facts. Here are some of them:

Scotland has the shortest flight in the world. It lasts 1 minute and 14 seconds from the island of Westray to the island of Papa Westray.

On any mark, Latin letters indicate the name of the country that issued it. Only the UK is exempt from this obligation because it was the first to use stamps.

There are many other interesting facts around us so do not miss an opportunity to discover them.


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