When is National Tea Day in 2020? Well, we think that you don’t have any certain answer to this question. As a rule, people are going to become rather surprised, when they find out about the existence of the special occasion like that. The situation is very comical indeed. – A lot of men and women all around the planet have this drink every day, but they have never heard about the holiday devoted to it. It is really unfair. And this is the reason why we are going to investigate the matter today.


The talking about the matter what day World Tea Day in 2020 is would be incomplete without the demonstration the historical background and past of this event. As you perhaps understand the holiday appeared not occasionally. In accordance with some historians’ points of view, initially it was something like an ordinary marketing decision, which turned out to be successful.

We can’t give you any explanations why it is recommended to celebrate this date on April 21st in the USA. It looks really strange indeed as the international holiday devoted to this drink is usually held on December 15th every year.

Up to the present it has been believed that the south-western regions of China, as well as the adjacent territories of Vietnam and Burma, are considered to the original birthplace of the tea bushes. In these parts, the plant has been known since ancient times.


According to Chinese legends, its healing properties were discovered by Emperor Shen Nun in 2737 BC. For the first time the mention about in a written source was in the first Chinese dictionary. It happened in 770 BC.

This product was thought a healing drink that helped to get rid of many diseases, and the locals took it actively as a medicine. At first, the Chinese collected the leaves of wild-growing tea, but then gradually moved on to cultivating it in special places called plantations. The cultivation led to the fact that new teas were bred. Over time, the drink lost the value of medical procedures and turned into a cult, and later a traditional procedure.

As seafaring developed, this product came to Europe at the beginning of the 16th century. Portuguese were the first foreigners, who drank tea in Europe. In 1637, regular deliveries of this product to the Old World, which were carried out by the Dutch East India Company, were adjusted. Since that time, began an irrepressible increase in the popularity of the product. The volume of trade with China rapidly increased, and it became an ordinary and very popular drink not only in England, but also in other European countries.


What does National Tea Day mean? – It seems like you are the single person who can give the answer to this question.

In fact, it is an unofficial holiday, but it is considered to be very popular in the world. The idea of celebrating such a day appeared long ago. However, this date was first held after public forums in the Indian city of Mumbai and Porto Alegre in Brazilia. It happened in 2004 and 2005 correspondingly.

The main goal is to draw the huge public attention to the existing problems, appeared in the process of tea production, as well as to the difficulties of small enterprises working against the background of huge corporations that actually captured the market with their low-grade product.

The most widely the celebrations take place in India and Sri Lanka. But other leading makers celebrate it. Various amazing events are held in different corners of the planet, but usually, where the product is actively planted, for example, in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


We are not able to introduce the question “When is International Tea Day 2020?” without mentioning some details.

There are many classifications of this product: by type of plant, origin, oxidation, sort of leaves and its treatment facilities, harvest season, additional processing etc. We will tell you about the most popular sort, basing on color classification.

  • The most typical product in the world is black. Nowadays it is consumed in different countries. Some people prefer to have it with and without additives. Other can’t imagine it with sugar or vice versa adore the sweet. The slice of lemon or some cream is also rather popular. The choices are really endless. The main peculiarity is an ability to tolerate complete oxidation.
  • Oolong resembles the traditional black one. It is oxidized by 30 – 70%. In China, it is called blue-green or even blue.
  • Green sort does not undergo complete oxidation. Usually it is treated in such a way that strong fermentation never occurs. It is believed to be healthier than black one.
  • Yellow is similar to green. However, before the drying process, it undergoes a closed-weary procedure.
  • White has less fermentation level than green. In fact, white is represented by the buds, which are collected only at the beginning of spring.


When is Tea Day in 2020, calendar will certainly remind you every time you need it. However, if you are this drink fan, we recommend you to remember the date of April 21st. In fact, it won’t be difficult, as difficult as it may seem, as the holiday has a fixed date. Memorizing it, you will get a chance to be involved into something really amazing and relaxed.

As you perhaps understand, there is no need to wait for any special festivals, organized on the state level. However, you are really free to invent your own tradition. By the way, this year April 21st will be on Tuesday. What about a party then? – This is a perfect opportunity to meet your friends and relatives to have a cup of your favorite drink.

Iced Tea

International Tea Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of National Tea Day in 2020?” in details we have to represent our readers something really extraordinary and amazing. This drink is often associated with China, so today we have made a decision to introduce you the secrets of Chinese traditions.

China has been drinking it for several thousand years. During this time, the etiquette has not been changed much. However, one regulated procedure is really important. In China people have to have a special room to consume this drink. Besides it, there are some typical regulations and here is our list:

  1. A real ceremony takes place at a special low wooden table, sitting on the floor. An interesting Chinese feature is that there are slits in the tabletop so that you can drain the remaining tea, as well as in case something is spilled.
  2. Today, instead of the table, wooden supports with double bottom and with slots for draining water are more often used.
  3. In order to show the guests the high quality of the product, the etiquette prescribes putting a special container on the table. The locals spread some dry leaves.
  4. The kettle is rinsed with boiling water before heating. Pour tea and pour hot water (95 degrees) for 1 minute. After which the water is drained. This is done to wash the tea leaves and for a better disclosure of their taste in the future.
  5. The second brew is carried out for 1 minute and immediately poured into cups. If you overdo it, unnecessary bitterness and unnecessary taste nuances will appear in its taste.
  6. Kettle poured again. And they do it 6-10 times – this is how much it maintains truly high-quality tea.

Tea drink in China is drunk from small drinking bowls. As a rule, each is designed for 3-4 sips.


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