Don’t you find it strange – the fact that during our school life we oftentimes thought of our teachers as the second unpleasant part of it (the first one was homework, nash), but after graduation, we catch ourselves at missing them and feeling an urge to drop by and say hello?

Acknowledgment takes time. Yet there’s a day in the calendar when everyone can express their gratitude to the educators for their contribution that cultivated reason, kindness and eternal values in our minds. When is National Teachers Day in 2022? Scroll down the page!


We hardly ever can enumerate all the professions that the man created. However, there’s only one of them that our society can’t do without – it’s a teacher. The history of it has started with the history of the mankind. For every nation, the educator not only teaches reading and writing but also passes on the life experience, culture, and traditions to their charges. Just like the parents, they’ve connected generations since olden times.

National Teachers Day

There has always been the need of sharing the knowledge with the younger members of the community. They had to learn to hunt, gather fruits and plants, wield the tools. The elders – the most respected and honored persons – received the role of the educators with the duty of care for the spiritual growth of the future generation, their morality, and skills necessary in life. With time, the special category of people stood out for the excellent ability to communicate and train children. Yet, it was a long period before this occupation came to be considered as a profession.

By the time of the founding of the Roman and Greek Empires, the importance of education and teachers were obvious. The first lyceum was established in Athens more than two thousand years ago and, probably, that point might be accepted as the official start of the educator’s profession. Once introduced, the educational institutions got sprang up across the whole world.

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In the Middle Ages, the monks played the role of the teachers. They educated small groups of pupils to write and count, which later on, became the clerks at the abbeys. The monks were also invited for the private lessons, usually, to the houses of the rich citizens. Still, the education at the abbeys was not for free and the literacy came to be available only for the prosperous people. Interestingly, the right to learn was given to the males at first. Much later, the girls were welcomed at the convent schools.

In the course of the 19th century, the all-known public schools were founded that opened the road to knowledge to the grassroots, too. Therefore the importance of the teachers increased because the education was meant not only for several individuals but also for the numbers of children. With the issue of teaching many pupils at the same time, the need of regulation of the high-valued and demanded job appeared.

When is International Teachers Day 2022? The system of the teaching’s recognition on the international and national levels gradually evolved into the Recommendation created at the initiative of UNESCO in 1964. It consolidated and confirmed the rights of the teacher worldwide and the qualifications they need to become a skilled professional. In honor of the significant document, UNESCO proclaimed the day of its adoption as the holiday praising the educators in 1994. So, doing some math, it’s to be held for the 23rd time!


What does National Teachers Day mean? It means showing the appreciation and recognition of the work they do to keep the society constantly progressing.

Knowledge is the universal power that is able to develop the human, help them to “rise from the bottom” and is the only thing that can truly rule the world. From the earliest childhood, we get to know this planet with the help of our parents at first, and then, with the friendly hand of the teacher. They encourage us when we are not confident in our abilities and prove us that we actually can; they suggest us the right way when we are roaming among the choices; they give us a push forward and great inspiration to constantly become better and stronger person.

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Nowadays, during the Information Age, the teacher’s job gains in value and importance for the world and science development. They accompany us through the whole life. Even outside the walls of the school or college, we’re still being taught. Our fitness instructor hides the chocolates from us and urges to make one more repetition of these hateful sit-ups. The business coach shares their all-new keys to success with us and helps overcome our inner barriers and fears. Aren’t they the teachers, too?

Regardless of what day World Teachers Day in 2022 falls on, remember the impact they have had on your life. We can think of them as too strict, captious and exacting ones yet later understand that all their work is for our own good and improvement. The teachers have myriads of the pupils and students. Nevertheless, they are able to see something in each of their charges and light it up. For one, the mere praise is enough, or a good grade, while for other, the serious conversation with parents is necessary.


Educator’s job is not that easy because it requires the high level of self-control and puts under the tons of stress. Just ponder over these several points of every teacher’s way and see how difficult it is to be the one who gives the knowledge.

National Teachers Day

In the evenings, they are rarely seen at the table with the family around. Instead, they usually plan the learning programs for the next day, prepare the materials and check the homework. The school demands the great psychoanalytic abilities as they have to pattern their behavior properly and take decisions quickly. The educators should be competent in many other fields beside their specialty. In other words, they are the mathematician, the biologist, the economist and the like. On top of that, they must be fair evaluating the children’s knowledge on the basis of their work, not the behavior in the classroom.

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What is the date of National Teachers Day 2022? It occurs on May 5.


Over the world, there are various events being staged for our tutors. The official part of them offers numerous lectures and seminars helping improve the educating skills, training sessions and master class relating to the more effective ways to communicate with pupils.

The pleasant part shows the gratitude that flows from the students. Usually, on this day, the committee organizes the concerts in honor of the educators, special issues of the school newspaper, morning meetings with flowers and small gifts and, of course, the celebratory dinner.

Even if you graduated a long time ago, you can still be involved! Send the greeting card to your beloved teachers or write an e-mail full of the warm words.

Teachers Day Facts

  • Today millions of children are deprived of the right to get the education because of the socio-economical problems their countries face. Only knowledge can help fix that crucial problem and get those states out of the poverty and ill-being. Yet, to spread that knowledge, the world will need about 69 millions of the new teachers by 2030 which, unfortunately, seems unfeasible so far.

Mark in the calendar, when is Teachers Day in 2022, and say thanks to your educator!


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