Are you happy every day of the year? Do you feel depressed sometimes? If your answer is “Yes”, try to check whether the most depressive date is on Monday. There is a thought that the saddest date is the first working day in the week. That’s why some scientists tried to prove their theory through providing several researches. There is a belief that the saddest date of the year takes place in January. It has got a special name. When is National Blue Monday in 2020? How can you organize the occasion?


The tradition of the celebrating the occasion is rather young. People started observing the event only several years ago. It was observed at first in 2005. Scientists decided that Monday could be rather difficult day when every working person could feel depressed because of the start of the working week. C.Arnall stated that the most difficult and depressive date of the year if the 18th of January. That press release took place in 2005. People’s mood is influenced by the end of the New Year holidays, weather and other factors.

A special formula was presented to the public. According to the formula every person had a chance to feel depressed on that exact day. The next few years were devoted to the refutation of the theory. Scientists claimed that it was a real promotional act. The idea of that theory had to be a promotion of travel packages in the beginning of winter. Another date was also suggested in 2005. It became the 24th of January. That’s why there are several theories as to the exact date of the holiday.

Blue Monday

The next years some researches were held to define the exact time of depressed day. Scientists and psychologists made an analysis in which they read more than 2 mln posts in Twitter made by Great Britain. People had depressive thoughts during January. They had a real drop in their mood. The posts were devoted to their unsuccessful promises which they had made during the previous New Year’s Eve. The first occasion happened on the 24th of January. “What day Blue Monday in 2020?” It’s usually held on the third Monday in January. In 2020 the event is set on the 20th of January.

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What does Blue Monday mean? It’s not a secret that people pin their hopes on the start of a new year. They hope that the next year they will get everything they dream about. They are sure that they can achieve everything what they are worth of. The reality isn’t as great as the day of their hopes. Hopes usually stay just hopes.

Psychologists admit that there are several days in the year when people feel depressed. Their mental health isn’t very good on these days. Psychologists admit that a person always needs help when he is at depression. The need of support is very important, that’s why there’s the need to know the days of depression when the majority of people feel bad. If the necessity of psychological support was accepted on the governmental level, the situation would be better.

Many people commit a suicide and nobody helps them. It is very important to understand the possibility of a problem in order to help a person at the correct time. It is a chance to help more people. The event has got a great meaning due to the help of the social nets and mass media representatives. If you know the exact date of the depression state, you can help your friends to deal with their problems. You can also gather them for a party so that they could forget about their troubles.

Psychologists admit that there are many such depressed days during the whole year. Be with your friends. An hour of conversation can help better than any great medicine. When is International Blue Monday 2020? It’s on the 20th of January.


The definition of the event can be met in the internet, though its actuality doesn’t seem to be very persuasive. The idea of the occasion was accepted by many people in the world. The definition of the separate words is known exactly.

The event is described in many dictionaries. It is explained as the day when the majority of people feel depressed. It is claimed to be in January. The start of the event is set on 2005. The concept is considered pseudoscientific. The idea of the theory hasn’t got any scientific proof. The formula is described in dictionaries, though it wasn’t proved by scientists.

The word “blue” isn’t a very old word. It was at first met in the Middle English in the 13–14th centuries. The word derived from the Old Norse and the Old Frisian. At first the term had the meaning “discolored”. The term has got many definitions. The most common meaning stands for a certain color. The next definition relates to the American army in the Civil War.

The word also concerns the color of skin in the state of fear and confusion. The meaning concerns the state of mood when a person is depressed. Besides, sometimes the word is used for hope and break. What is the date of Blue Monday 2020? The day is set on the 20th of January.


You can’t find a special location where you may celebrate the occasion. The observance isn’t a compulsory event. It seems to be optative. Every person decides by himself whether to observe the day or not. It is a will of every individual. The formula wasn’t formally accepted, though the idea has gathered many people in the world into the observance group.

Blue Girl

The day is usually treated as an “anti-holiday”. This approach can be explained by psychologists. There is a great possibility that the day will become one of the funniest days if a person follows the tradition of relaxing and having fun on the day. This time of the year is always accompanied with some blue and sadness when Christmas and New Year have been already celebrated.Winter vacations are also finished. People have to start doing their duties. That’s why people feel depressed.

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Many friends decide to meet each other and have some entertainment to observe the day. They go to the bowling clubs, play games, visit karaoke clubs and spend some time in the cinema watching comedies. Some people completely follow the tradition of the day. They listen to sad music, watch sad movies and don’t go out on the day. They don’t want to meet friends or relatives, though, if a person understands the problem, he should try to follow anti-stressed way of loving on the day.

There is a great advice for such people. Try to follow the observance by making blue meals. It is better to make a blueberry pie than to stay alone with bottle of wine or a pack of ice-cream! You can also participate in the common events. Find them in the internet “When is Blue Monday in 2020, calendar of observances?” The occasion is set on the 20th of January.

National Blue Monday Facts

  1. The start of the idea began due to the conception of the travel company who insisted on the bad mood of people in January and the dependence of mental health and weather.
  2. The formula consists of post-Christmas time, debts and weather.
  3. The name was taken from the song which was recorded in 1950. It became very popular. In the 20s of the 20th century a jazz-opera of the same name was created.
  4. The idea is insisted to be a pseudoscience. Nobody managed to prove it using the scientific approach.


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